Total_Noob releases the 5th revision of his TN-V eCFW!

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  1. Hazer7 says:

    Nice tweaks, but I don’t see as much stability on 3.01 though.

  2. od says:

    yes. was surprised to see tnv5 when i checked the update today!
    great work. thanks.

    it’s unfortunate about the ninja release being leaked.
    i hope there are more exploits in the near future.

    tnv4/5 is a killer app for the vita for sure.
    it’s just simply amazing.
    and if many people gets to use it. they will appreciate developers work all the more

    • jonny2jo says:

      Hi i was wondering if it’s just me having TN all pixelled up compaired to an actual psp just wondering 🙂

      • paragonx9 says:

        No, it’s not only you. But that’s not an issue, since it’s due to the Vita’s larger screen size. As of now there really is now way to change the PSP (emulator?)’s resolution size, resulting in it being stretched out. Hopefully somebody will find a fix for this, since it makes some games look ugly (although a few better). LOL you guys should see how dissidia looks on the Vita!

  3. ylyhome says:

    how to open 64m ram ?my fw is 2.12 tnv4

  4. luck says:

    it is already “opened”

  5. FishSticks says:

    Why won’t Jikkyou Poweful Pro Yakyu 2012 Ketteiban be returning to the Playstation store?

  6. honey says:

    is this update support sound ps1 if not pls fix the problem so every 1 happily ever after… but tnx tn ur amazing

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      It’s not possible. TN would already have it working if it was.

    • Martin says:

      if the sound problem on ps1 is fixed..that means coldbird is back on the scene because it’s his unfinished work. that’s why I really hate Sam Jordan who ruin the hacking big leap for the vita.

  7. ewok says:

    exploit in 101 megagames still can not start when Vita is set to other language then English. Can you please look into this matter?

  8. Cheater says:


    with TN-V5 ist the Language Bug still there. If i have my System in German so i get error (C1-2858-3) … if i make the system in english so i have no problems.

  9. yangjiacheng says:

    is well!

  10. froggerfrosch says:


    I have a question?I buy and download gravity crash and mad blocker to my Ps3 at the time before psn fix the games.the game install bubbles are long time in the ps3 game list,now i have buy me a ps Vita, can i install the games from the ps3 to the vita and they work for the exploit?

    2 question the picture on the top, back at PSN? yes yes yes , now when i buy Urbanix or World of pool or King of Pool it is exploit able?

    Thanks for Answer

  11. Hazer7 says:

    Hurry up and buy King of Pool. Its still exploitable on 3.01

  12. Eddie says:

    Anyone else having issues with cxmb on v5?

  13. vijr says:

    With TN-V5 I have Language Bug to. If i have my System in Russian so i get error (C1-2858-3) … if i make the system in english so i have no problems.

  14. Hellbelial says:

    Hello guys,thank you for the exploit im enjoying megaman powered up now,since ***-com says that the game has some trouble to be on the store.Now i have a question,when we are playing psp isos and cso,how do we exit the game without using the PS button to exit the exploit?,i mean,i dont want to exit the exploit and enter agaaaain to the exploit and then select a new game,is that possible?.

    • Mathew_T says:

      Press and hold the PS button, then exit the Vita settings screen and you can exit the game

    • Iris Heart says:

      In addition to what Mathew_T said, you can go into the recovery menu and set two buttons to mimic the PSP Home button. (It’ll only activate when both are pushed at the same time.)

      I personally have it set so hitting both Left and Right mimics the home button, but in order to do that, you need to change the exploitable game’s settings so the right analog stick is the d-pad.

  15. Dmaskell92 says:

    TN is already speaking of a V6 release! What a animal lol.

  16. meiersas says:

    V5 also supported the king of pool for 3.01 ?

  17. Charles Fasano says:

    Gamocracy is STILL not back in the US Store. At least I can’t find it.

  18. LBattle says:

    I just love the irony in his name, Total_noob. Yet he’s the one that hook us up with Awesome Vita V5 XD

  19. jeje says:

    ty total noob….and to our dedicated hard work programmer ty ty very much im done updating 😀

  20. ickn28 says:

    what happen to my update 6.60 TN-V6 i thought its TN-V5 ??

  21. maou says:

    Is it okay for me to turn on the wifi, and flight mode off to go to utube, internet, and fb in my vita if I have install tnv?

  22. newtotnv says:

    Hey, Just wondering when you install TN-V for the first time where is the installed CFW saved? Is it on the Vita itself or memory card?

  23. exequiel says:

    TN-V6 CAN PLay tekken6 tnx total noob and wololo

  24. b3l0kk says:

    tekken 6 works !! thanks guys 😀

  25. Bobo says:

    One question, very seriously. When I go on the tn-v6 ecfw into psn, can the games bought there are also normally used with the vita?

    • levy says:

      Since it should save those bought games to your psn account, they should work. But I’m not so sure if downloaded games inside tn-v6 are also shown on your vita, or if you have to redownload them

  26. Awesome work guys! Just to kind of update anyone that hasn’t seen it yet, it now updates you via network to TN – V6!
    Also, it’s a major bummer about the ninja release leak. It kills me how the devs take so much time out of their lives to bring us something like this and to think that all they ask in return is to keep a little secret so that everyone may benefit from their work… Yet, people can not. It’s a shame.
    anyhow, thanks again guys. this update was wicked fast and i’m testing now.

  27. AliFOJ says:

    But I just updated to TN-V6. O_o

  28. Marlon says:

    PS1 games without sound? Why?? Why withound sound?

    • Martin says:

      if the sound problem on ps1 is fixed..that means coldbird is back on the scene because it’s his unfinished work. that’s why I really hate Sam Jordan who ruin the hacking big leap for the vita.

  29. Teenager says:

    Hi mate, is this new update of TN-V6 corrects the error of the language of the TN-V4, I mean that I have the console and run the exploits Spanish without any problems?

  30. JhormanC says:

    still the error (C1-2858-3) with the ps vita is presented in Spanish … Ships sometime the solution to this problem?

  31. jake says:

    When games r taken off the psn store are they being fixed or are ps quarantining t until the next firmware? So if you didnt get the game and a 3.02 pops up fixing the exploit nd puting the game up, could u use that tricktoget on psn store to get the xploite?

    • Memento says:

      Yes it will work. I’ve done it with a couple games from the past. They seem to just take them down and not patch the actual game until they block it with new firmware, then put it back up on PSN.

  32. sayid says:

    sorry any one can help me?

    I have two folders NPUH10053 and NPUH10053_GameData0 I paste the content of “release_tnv6″ & 660.PBP to NPUH10053_GameData0 this folder has 32MB and NPUH10053 has 117KB and then synchronize with CMA and I saw two save data on my Psvita, those files to sync correctly but after opening the game nothing happens or I have to press a button to boot the exploit? or I missed something?

    Documents\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\53bab77bd0747f0a\NPUH10053 and NPUH10053_GameData0

    I try to run in King of Pool on 3.01 FW

  33. Stef says:

    bonjour et merci je suis en 3.01 avec l’exploit king of pool j’ai bien fait la mise a jour pour tnv6.
    j’ai réussi à installer l’iso psp du jeu riviera mais depuis j’arrive pas à installer d’autres iso psp ça me met fichier corrompu.
    Pourtant j’ai bien renommer “GAME.ISO”

  34. TRJO says:

    So, the latest OFW is 3.01 and the chart says King of Pool, 3.01 and below, back at the PSN. Assuming someone buys a Vita today which has or dumbly updates to the latest OFW, said person could instantly get eCFW (which I know it’s different of VHBL, don’t know to which extent, researching right now)?

    (I’m a noob to the PS Vita scene as I do not actually have a Vita, but I’m following the scene since PRO-B3 I think, so no a total noob)

  35. KnoRke says:

    All of the games that could be used for an exploit seem to be deleted from the psn store. 🙁 Is there any chance to install the tn-v v5 with other games than the ones that are not available any more?

  36. Lionhearttal says:

    Hello does anyone know any info on when the latest exploitable game will be out for the 3.0.1 ?

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