King of Pool still exploitable on firmware 3.01, hurry up and get it


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  1. Mad_MAX says:

    Is it still working ?? Because i can`t find this game King of Pool in PSN 🙁

  2. Bobo says:

    It is still available, trust me.

  3. Blainizzle says:

    This is still on the u.s market surprisingly.

  4. Yuuno-Misaki says:

    King of Pool is no longer available.
    Just letting you all know–

  5. raj says:

    im trying to use king of pool and 101 megamix, everything i click on copy to my psvita, nothing comes up, its like i never did anything. please help someone

  6. raj says:

    same with ben 10 alien force, i copy the contents to psv but it doesnt show up on my screen, please help me!!!

  7. rygrass says:

    I don’t think its available in Aus/Nz or even was?

  8. Kostya says:

    please help, I downloaded the King of the floor for ps vita, Russian version.
    and saves on the King of pool does not have a russian
    What to do?
    release files on the King of the floor for Russia?

  9. Norrin says:

    KoP is still availible in EU playstore.
    U may have to start KoP and start a game.then save ur game manually.
    Prepare ur exploit savegame on ur pc, connect ur psvita and copy both folders to ur psvita.then close CM an everything.start KoP, on main menu go down to LOAD and select ur (copied) savegame. while loding the savegame hold R-trigger. u will see then the recovery menu of 6.60 tn-v. select ADVANCED and then install 6.60 files.the go back and exit recovery menu. the psp xmb will start now. once u hve installled the 6.60 files, u dont need to hold R-trigger while loading the exploit. psp xmb will start automaticly.

  10. Edo says:

    Hello. I updated the FW to 3.1 and bought the game.
    Everything works fine with the exploit.

    One question though: I have PS Plus. Is there a way to keep the PSN Store at FW 3.1 even when 3.2 will be released?

  11. Fithry12 says:

    Noob and user friendly video guide to TN V-4 Instalsttion using King of Pool

    • raj says:

      thanks for the video but still same problem. as i copy kings of pool from computer to ps vita it does not show up on the home screen

  12. Jensma says:

    Damn, the game isn’t on EU psn anymore

  13. chris says:

    hey please give the reason why doesn’t show up on my home screen after i follow the instructions and copy to my file on psv please give tutorial how to show up 101-1 megamix on psv……….

    respond please …..


  1. August 11, 2014

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