PS4 Flash memory dumped by developer Criscros


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23 Responses

  1. Shivox says:

    With it’s the x86-64 architecture, the PS4 surely is attracting a lot of veteran devs.

  2. Developer says:

    Step by step, just like the Vita.

  3. k3nn says:

    looking good! this is outright digging for clues…albeit a rally hard one.

  4. PlaGeRaN says:

    this guy has guts! makes me wonder what else he is gonna strip from the board…..

  5. senas8 says:

    This news is really something.. but can you check out this huge problem facing gaming on youtube:

  6. plagu says:

    ***, that’s just simple eeprom chip, surely it may contain some data, but that’s not a flash file or it’s dump. I call that just simply hoax.

    • squiggs says:

      EEPROM chips is what the bios is typically stored on and after you get to that every thing becomes easier to work with.

  7. Developer says:

    Whatever the case, the interest is there.

    Those who unite, will achieve.

  8. squiggs says:

    Where cani get that program for arduino that will let me rip memory off of chips. I got a mega think of the things I could get with one of those

  9. plagu says:

    You dont need any arduino *** those chips can be read with any eeprom programmer, search for ebay, for willem programmer. Still this has nothing to do with flash memory.

  10. raymond says:

    Ok did u not hear me LEAVE THE PS4 ALOOOOOONE your ruin a great piece of hardware. Wololo I recommend u go back to the ps3 and stay on it before I tell Jack Trenton and mark your messing with there system

  11. Timm says:

    Where can I download ps4 games (or backups for u hippies) so I am ready when they hack the system

  12. razor says:

    can’t wait to do this to my new PS4

  13. gotdamnthisvietnam says:

    they will try but they will fail

  14. imbapete says:
    is this for real????
    yifan was asking a bit of support to do hardware analysis??

  15. x-eye says:

    Wololo it seems I’ve been banned from /talk. When I try to login I get an error message. I haven’t been misbehaving there or done anything wrong. Can you shed some light on this?

  16. artyom says:

    when did spammers and idiots start coming to this site?

  17. This is why I gave up completely on waiting for ps vita hacks, a newer fw for ps3 and more so the ps4… (hacks/mods in general)