A legend returns or just a false hope? Official Dark~AleX website updated for Playstation 4!

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  1. dmaskell92 says:

    Come back DAX!!!

  2. anonanon says:

    I agree with Mathieulh, Alek was the webmaster of dark-alex.org Dark_alex never updated his website, alek did. Back when the content of the homepage was changed to fundraise for the Japanese earthquake, that was Alek. This is probably no different. Though it is a bit weird for the site to be updated to look like a PS4 teaser site, so I guess there is a little bit of hope there. But isn’t Console hacking completely different to handheld hacking? Would someone skilled in PSP hacking be skilled in PS3/PS4 hacking too?

  3. anonanon says:

    Spotted something interesting in the page source


  4. asdasd says:

    updated for Playstation 4 ? Why not for PS Vita ???

  5. herriemaker says:

    last time i checked dark-alex was from holland the city tilburg to be exact i knew a guy with that hacker nickname and he was the first to hack the psp and he was part of m33

  6. Mr. Shizzy says:

    As much as I wish DAX was returning, I have serious doubt that will happen.. DAX has mentioned in the past that Sony is known for sicking their lawyers onto hackers. Someone hacking the PS4 would certainly draw the wrath of the hardware giant… Anyway, for the sake of the PS4, I would prefer to see it left alone and see a native PS3 exploit instead. 🙂

  7. trrsmgl says:

    We will be in touch

  8. Ahmed360 says:

    DAX is a LEGEND! I still remember the time when he released the custom firmware, it was Amazing!

    I hope for his return, he’s still the BEST!

  9. Pirate Cat says:

    It would be nice to see him back but I don’t think it’ll be so.

  10. Mr. MaGoo says:

    Funny coincidence, I believe the first firmware to be hacked was the infamous 1.50 of which lead to many great things.

  11. Toshirou says:

    I remember reading an interview that was supposedly DaX saying he would come back after the ps4 launch and he was going to release his psp source code so we may just receive the freakn Ark of the covenant for Christmas dont know how true it is but the interview is out there

  12. Bullshiters says:

    -_- meh!!, this is nothing but some guy that updates his website to reflect the release of the PS4. He is probably a Sony fanboy

  13. Acid_Snake says:

    it is also interesting to note that Alek had made a return to daxhordes, the spanish equivalent of this site, so it kinda adds up that Alek is behind it, not DAX. BTW, there is an interview with Dark_Alex as late as when the Vita was announced (still called NGP), so he’s not dead, he’s not in jail, and I doubt he works for Sony, although that theory might still be true, but then again, that can apply to pretty much any other software company.

    • Toshirou says:

      well thats pretty much what i just said and he was going to school for software engineering are something like that so either or i guess

  14. Zix says:

    ^I dont know anything about html code, but is this line not telling us to revisit the site in 15 days, or maybe i just looked at it wrong.

  15. Zix says:

    woops sorry forgot to post the line.. duh!


    its the fourth line down

  16. Magichuddz says:

    Bringing you power from the dark side

  17. John says:

    With “Dramath”, it´s all about smokes and mirrors… right, Math? 😉

  18. shapeshifter says:

    I joined the psp scheme just before he left!!never really used his works directly but I did use a lot of other stuff based off it such as pro cfw etc etc
    Dax if u can read all this pls atleast show a sign that u are and hope to see u return I’m one of the believers who feels u will be the master of the ps vita just like psp in the past and will therefore force me to buy a vita (ps my bro had a psp with all ur firmwares and I got the psp 3000 as my personal 1st psp in the hope that m33 would have a 6.xx cfw for 3k series )

    • jake says:

      He isn’t coming back dude. By the way most cfw hacks was partly his work officially, as he was ALWAYS credited :). Most CFWs are based off HIS ORIGINALS as well, so every custom firmware has a bit of Dark~AleX inside of it 😀

      DAX won’t read that btw, but other hackers will try on the PS4

      • Shapeshifter says:

        Dude read my post again I said I never used his stuff directly have only used stuff based off it 😛
        There’s always hope for his return i guess

  19. CPU says:

    Can you shapeshift your grammar please?
    Maybe then people will take you seriously.

    Lastly, you really expect DAX to view your message… My friend you’re out luck by about 4 years.
    Good at least to see high sprit in the hope for his return.

  20. stOneskull says:

    i still think 5.00m33 is the best cfw for psp 1000
    pretty damn good for the later psps too

  21. zorksox says:

    PS4 hacking seems to be a tad over-ambitious. The PS4 firmware is probably way more complex than PSP and Vita firmware. The level of PSN connectedness would also make things difficult. You also have to imagine that Sony likely upped the ante in regards to hacking prevention, considering how much success hackers have had in the last 3 or 4 years. Seriously hacking the PS4 sounds like a massive undertaking.

    Someone needs to be willing to devote the next few years of there life to it. And with the crazy amount of stuff the PS4 is capable of, what benefit would a CFW have? This is the first time in the console hacking scene that I really don’t see the benefit.

    I guess if you really enjoy it, hacking a console is a self-gratifying hobby.

    • Zix says:

      Sure it would be difficult but it won’t be impossible, every console has its loop holes, its just whether or not someone has the dedication DA had to find them, and then spend months coding an cfw/hen or eloader

  22. K4zuma says:

    Reading about DAX, brings back memories.. I remember when hacking the psp was a little bit dangerous.. You could end up with a 250$ paper weight.. Then DAX brought the Custom firmware… Then the pandora battery made everything easier.. you could even bring back to life your bricked psp..
    Good old days..

    • K4zuma says:

      well, not actually hacking the psp, but to downgrade the firmware to 1.50.

      • lowsnamebrand says:

        My first downgrade to 1.50(prepandora mind you) was a very scarey and amazing time in my life when it finally booted up and worked I jump around for joy for like 10 minutes strait

        • K4zuma says:

          haha yeah, i know that feeling.
          I did the same when I downgrade mine.. i think i was on firmware 2.80 and the downgrade was released on christmas. best christmas gift ever.

  23. kelso says:

    Geezus man, Dark Alex back, its great news, I love his work, from OE firmwares to M33 and succesfully downgrading a psp 1001 to 1.50 is the best, I also like nureons work for the psp ME series, but I remember staying on 5.00 M33-6 for the longest time because no one could hack 6.xx firmwares until pro and ME firmwares, not a huge fan of hbl exploits or hen cause they arent that great…just my opinion and my experience 🙂

  24. DarkALKOHALL says:

    He’s always been around fact is hes just behind the scenes not taking any credit for anything.Who has he been helping?
    Well im sure many in the scene of gaming hes helped in return he asks not to be mentioned.

    I myself am this way i help you but don’t give me any credit for it as long as i see i did a good thing thats all that matters.

  25. EnTiTy says:

    no it’s not alex he’s done.

  26. MadZiontist says:

    A DaX return to the PS hacking scene makes my Christmas wishlist…every year!

  27. Christos says:

    THE MAN that single handedly destroyed the PSP.

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      Where do you get your logic? The Vita sales are horrible compared to PSP. Not to mention the DS! Piracy prone, and they still sell incredibly. Outdated hardware killed the PSP.

    • 110706 says:

      i think this guy is either trolling or simply has no idea what he’s talking about.

  28. Cmon says:

    he also bricked my psp in a feud with that lame ps2 site i forgot the name of

    • Chaosruler says:

      No, you did
      you clearly know that you are risking your PSP when you are trying to flash a firmware to it

  29. lol says:

    Don’t listen to him. He really is deleting comments that are ‘controversial’ to the hacking scene or anything that goes against it.

    I’m glad there are still people that are reporting the hacker’s activities to Sony. I’m doing my part too.

    It’s definitely impossible to catch all the hackers, but we can start with the ‘big name’ hackers to send a message.

    • wololo says:

      Just to clarify one thing: I am not deleting any comments unless their are downright offensive, racist, or illegal. this is against my “principles” as I value freedom of speech. You will regularly see in these comments people who directly insult me in colorful manners, and I am really permissive. I go as far as “un-spamming” some comments even if I disagree 100% with the poster. This is also why I am not asking you to “log in” or provide any actual information before you can post in this comments section. Of course, you can only take my word for it.

      For example, the comment from FuckUMOD, that he incorrectly thinks was deleted, can be found here:

      We however do have a spam filter: blatant advertising, etc.. goes directly to trash.

  30. Overdrive says:

    DAX was involucrated in some stuff of ps3´s CFW but with other name ( but i will not say that name ) and yes,he/she is Spanish…

  31. loveme says:

    Best of the best hacker DAX!! God of many many modders incluiding my dude wololo, right ? 😛

  32. 110706 says:

    Anyone notices how now it’s all about hack Xone, hack PS4 news. PS Vita might actually be the first device which will never be hacked. Not becase it cannot be, but because people stopped giving two shts about it….

  33. Owanef says:

    The hackers may become extinct 🙁 THIS CANT HAPPEN!! I wish I had their skills, how unfortunate!!

  34. fidelcastro says:

    Surprise, surprise lords

  35. sikey says:

    why did i buy a ps vita?.Great Dax please come back.without you ps vita is usless.

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