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Mathieulh shows TN-V4 running on the PS VitaTV

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  1. Angel says:

    “(Between November 2013 and January 2014)”
    Ah, that’s not so bad.
    Hopefully before x-mas though, haha.

  2. jiajia says:

    Hi,I always pay attention to wololo, because of TN, even completely hacked in the long future.

  3. mlc says:

    So there might not be a US or EU release of TN-V4 for the current OFW? Or there probably won’t be?

    It doesn’t harm me, since I’m not upgrading, but plenty of people updated because it was implied that TN-V4 would be released with a usermode exploit. If that isn’t the case, you should have encouraged people not to update past 2.61. If it will be released with exploits in every region, I don’t see the benefit in “hinting” that it won’t.

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      Where does this article hint at a JP, release only? The Vita TV was released in JP only, not TN-V4.

    • anonanon says:

      “A little reminder: The VitaTV can just connect to the japanese PSN store, so you might want to take this as a little hint.”
      Think about this for a second. All this means is that for Mathieulh to have been able to run TN-V4, he must have had access to a usermode exploit for a game that was available in the Japanese PSN store. That’s what the z is hinting at. in other words – there will definitely be a usermode exploit for the Japanese PSN store. He wrote afterwards that he’s sure other regions wont be forgotten – he just does not know what exploits will be released.

      • anonanon says:

        I’m sure a release as big as this will be outed with usermode exploits for as many regions as possible – this video just tells us that there is definitely a japanese usermode exploit.

      • The Z says:

        This guy gets 100 points for accurate reading and intelligent thinking.

        • mlc says:

          lol ok, I guess I was too pessimistic or – possibly – bitchy. ;P

          I’m glad to know that it was hinting at proof of a JP user exploit, rather than hinting that a JP exploit is assured and US/EU exploits are possible. Sorrryyy

        • mlc says:

          ahh, I hate awaiting moderation.

  4. HigaChi says:

    Hi all … Is feta Hacked in the New Year? ( 2014) plz i Need InsWer

  5. gm says:

    In fact, someone, not knowingly (or lacked skills) leaked two games both with exploits. One is a mini and the other is a psp game. The psp game is available in all regions and the mini has actually already been released, The Arcade Darts. Maybe this was the reason why many person knows the game and raced for releasing a vhbl port, making Acid_snake ego-burstingly mad. Poor snake. That game by Mathieulh right now might be the psp game I’m talking about. might be… A little hint to Whoever Is Concerned.

  6. mklog says:

    It seems like HongKong was forgotten.

  7. gh says:

    i wonder if the console is account locked like the vita or can we pop in cards with multiple accounts without the fuss of formating?

    • gh says:

      also maybe i missed it not much luck on google whats the intial firmware version for he vita tv

      • gh says:

        nvrm its shipped with 2.60. so can anyone with suitable exploits can just install vita stick and not update to use at vbhl on a user exploit ?

  8. Mox says:

    Can i play psp games iso or pirated with TNV-4?

    thanks alot

  9. far says:

    What fun u can do with TNV-4 ?? i want to know why everyone need it that bad !!

    Thanks 😀

  10. Charles Fasano says:

    TN-V4 will most likely be release for all currently known exploited games since many people already have a Vita with an exploited game if they are already running VHBL or TN-V.

    TotalNoob said that he has access to a few undisclosed kernel exploits for the Vita.

    For those of us, like me, who are on 2.02 or lower will easily be able to update to TN-V4 as we are already running a version of TN-V.

    For those who have a Vita that can’t access PSN and have a PS3 that can go on PSN, there are ways to install the known exploited games that have returned to PSN via a proxy. The games themselves were never patched as Sony simply blocked them in the newer firmware.

    BTW, I may be really smart, but I was dumb not to realize that TN-V stood for TotalNoob. LOL.

  11. gh says:

    so if i have a vita under 2.02 and go on psn and buy uno and install it i can run vhbl or tnv cuz the actual game is not patched?

  12. jianghp says:

    From the recently article of wololo, i can judge that it will cost one more month for TN-V4 to be release, because all the article about TN in wololo is only referred to introduce VITA-TV, that means give us hope for release, but we should wait until 2014.

  13. mangosteam says:

    I wish tn-v can run ps2 someday.

  14. PS4orXBOX1 says:

    I know Mathieulh he stole geohots work and claimed it as his own.

    • mathieulh says:

      And what work would that be ?
      I am tried of people who have no clue about anything making false claims all the time.
      Tell me one work I have stolen from geohot, or anyone for that matter. If you can’t find any you’d rather be quiet instead of embarrassing yourself.

      • GodsHand says:

        correct me if im wrong but all this geohot kid really did was just use failoverflows work to make sign the 3.55 package and then ignorantly wanted credit for it instead of being anon thinking sony wouldnt seek justice cant really remember since my launch 3.55 console been up in the attic for parts for years

    • PSP Nostalgia says:

      Matieulh released tje first open source PS3 hack called PSGroove. So please kindly plugged out your internet connection, you’re not mature enough to use it.

  15. ivo says:

    with all this vitatv. Is there a ps3 cfw exploit coming or not ? i mean an OFW upgrade/exploit hack that softmods/installs over ofw instead of cfw only patches ?
    thanks cheers

  16. Techni Myoko says:

    “and be sure to prepare your PSN wallet”

    How much should we get?

  17. Norman says:

    I wonder that too how much is that game? Because i have the Vita TV so do i have to buy it from the JPN Store?
    If yes then i have to buy a PSN Card.
    And i have updated the Vita TV to FW3.00 does this mean TN-V runs on FW 3.00??

    • tangra87 says:

      the tnv4 will be for the leatest (and below) firmware, wichever it will be ,it perfectly can be newer,knowing that in a few days ps4 comes to europe,so there probobly will be an sorftware update, for better performance or anoher app, Im not quite sure,but every time whe there was something big like that ,there was an update.

  18. pcb_revival says:

    Should I leave Vita TV on 2.60 or update?

    mathieulh twitter states the particular jpn game he used is expensive.

    • The Z says:

      It might be expensive, I dont know japanese PSN stores prices, but I am 99% sure that it will not cost 50$ (like the 2.61 exploit game).

  19. Draven says:

    Uhhhh… thanks for the uhhhh… review. Uhhhh… I think I will uhhhh… be buying a VitaTV uhhhh… because it would be uhhhh… nice to play some of my uhhhh… PSP games and homebrew uhhhh… on my 52″ TV.

    I look forward to the uhhhh… release of TN-V uhhh… 4.

  20. Josuke says:

    Did Mathieulh make a mistake in saying that the Vita firmware 2.12 and higher have the 64mb of memory? I all firmware updates after 2.12 bumped back down to 32mb.

  21. jonny2jo says:

    Would it be wise to update to fw3.00 just for the remote play on the ps4 and a pontential exploit that i might miss knowing i have the fieldrunner exploit on 2.61

  22. stOneskull says:

    the 64meg memory seems important for some homebrew.. is there a list of specific ones? i guess some emus might run better? what else?

  23. yes says:

    “This will lead us to the conclusion, that the VitaTV is actually just a PS Vita, like the 1st or 2nd model, except that it lacks the screen and other parts. We could think of it, but this kinda confirms it.”

    Hm, wasnt this always known? The VitaTV does play Vita game afterall, so why would it be any different from a standard Vita when it comes to the internal hardware? Sorry, i’m not trying to sound rude, i’m just wondering 🙂

  24. BaTmAn says:

    Hi all … Is ViTa Hacked in the New Year? ( 2014) plz i Need InsWer

  25. 1998adam8991 says:

    Anyone know exactly when 3.00’s exploitable game will be released for us to know about?

  26. PS4orXBOX1 says:

    kakaroto proved that Mathieulh is a fake read is blog.

    • mathieulh says:

      He proved nothing, there was no actual line of code in his whole blog, you just blindly took his word for it.
      But he has a blog so he must be “l33t” right ?

      Here is my reply about it:


      Be entitled to your own opinion, don’t blindly believe what anyone, even a so called “reputable dev” posts on the internet.

    • wololo says:

      Mathieulh is not a fake, he is just not always super friendly or cooperative with other people from the ps3 scene. He was one of the core members of the group that created the pandora batteries on the psp, among many other things.

      • PSP Nostalgia says:

        He also helped make the first PS3 hack open source so people could run it on custom USB chip devices.

  27. SonyIsDeadForMeNow says:

    Thanks to Sony’s password reset i’m going to miss my only chance of getting the kexploit. I sincerely wish that they pay for it.

    • Techni Myoko says:

      You’re on a site that loves to complain about Sony sc*** up their security, and now you’re complaining they’re taking security more seriously? No. It doesn’t work that way. Nor is Sony obliged to pay for you not being able to pirate games. Plus you can update your password in minutes.

  28. AliFOJ says:

    Is TN-V4 gonna cost us?? Even though we have VHBL already on our Vita?? I thought we were done buying stuff and just needed to get TN-V4 files installed in our VHBL.

    • Mr Rab says:

      No, it won’t.
      VHBL and TN-V are free. However I’m sure they accept donations (The Devs I mean, correct me if I’m wrong)

  29. xperimental says:

    Hi guys,

    If you are on 2.61 would’nt you have to download the game with the PS3 on the lates FW?
    In the case you won’t be able to copy it to the Vita.
    You cannot use the PS3 to CMA trick it no longer works.
    The Charles Proxy method also no longer works.
    that’s why many of us still can’t transfer fieldrunners.
    It does not show up as downloadable content for Vita.

    Will there be a Open CMA for the PS3?
    How will we get the exploit game form the psn store to our Vita?

  30. itsover9000 says:

    TN-V4 Will Be So Epic! I Hope It Reaches The Hands Of Thousands!

  31. Smity says:

    Oh god not this guy again

  32. BahamutBBob says:

    Dat wink!

    I do want a Vita TV when they get released in the US. If there is a fully working version of TN on a FW that I can install on it, I definitely will get a VTV and thank everyone keeping the Vita scene alive as I play PSP and SNES games on my TV 😛
    (I will keep my Vita updated because of PS+, but the VTV would stay with TN :P)

  33. Shiki says:

    This basically means that one of the current exploit games is on the japanese psn store.

    Thats going to hurt a lot of people, unless they release multiple exploits. If its just one game and the japanese one, then damn.

  34. itsover9000 says:

    not really anyone’s fault Sony patched so many games at once. undisclosed I might add I hope that never happens again

  35. isnizal says:

    hye..i still confuse how to install tnv ..

  36. PSP Nostalgia says:

    So beautiful. For me it won’t be a Vita TV. It’ll be a PSP TV.

    Seeing the XMB took me back to the early days of the PSP Scene and how far it’s come. 8 years went by quick!

  37. PSP Nostalgia says:

    Just noticed the Vita TV PS4 teaser! Would buy one of those in an instant if you guys get it working lol.

  38. russo says:

    todabia no esta el exploit para el fireware 3.12????