PS4 HDMI Issue is Self-Fixable. Flashing Red Line is Not a Console Failure.

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  1. rjwboys says:

    aww and i was hopeing for tn-v oh well at least the thats good news for hdmi port

  2. poec says:

    Well, that was a very fast solution, still i’ll wait to buy one lol

  3. Valhalla says:

    Has the PS4 been hacked yet?

    • hihihi says:

      yep, apparently you can access the dev menu of the console which allows you to install isos and stuff by going in the the driveclub main menu and pressing up,up,down,left,x,circle,triangle,share+select(twice),left,right,left,right

      thank me later 😉

    • The Z says:

      No, but the PS5 and PSP Vita Portable Station 2 got hacked.

      Those can no play 4DS games, Xbox 2 games and even PC² games!

  4. Jd8531 says:

    Considering it hasnt even been out yet for more than 24hrs in most places, no. A lot of respectable devs and hackers dont even have theirs yet.

  5. gunblade says:

    so cant fo remote play

  6. darkshin0b1 says:

    Glad this issue is resolved. I was skeptical about the HDMI port issue. But I got my on the launch day without pre-ordering,and must say it has no issues. I let it site and run in a ventilated area just to monitor performance (idle,etc) and found no issues. My only thing is now is whether to update to 1.50 since I don’t like playing by Sony rules. 😉

  7. StepS says:

    is that piece of metal what is pictured on the picture? :p

  8. The Z says:


    Which *** puts a percent sign in front of a number?

  9. Timber says:

    That’s great news, I hate it when theirs a risk of a faulty system, it’s a huge deterrent for me cos I usually void the warranty pretty fast. I’m sure we’ll see something else come up though, something like 360’s RROD.

    • Musouka says:

      Why would we see something like that?

      Unlike the original PS360 which had 90nm CPUs running at 3.2GHz in addition to separate GPUs running at around 500MHz generating enough heat to melt the glue holding things together, the new consoles are using a 28nm low-powered APUs where the CPU and GPU are more closely integrated together. The CPUs are running under 1.8GHz while the GPUs are running at around 800MHz.

      MS even went out of its way to make the XB1 console huge and fit a huge heatsink over its SOC because of their RRoD paranoia. In addition, the consoles now have low power modes. There is little reason to believe that an issue would arise from overheating. There might be other issues with other aspects but I doubt they will come from the heat generated by the systems.

      • Timber says:

        Well thanks for the info, I think I’ll sleep a little better tonight 🙂 Glad they fixed that issue it was a terrible flaw.

  10. Wrozen says:

    I thought they said the PS4 is built to never get hot?? Did you forget that? They said there will be be no overheating issues. It wouldn’t be hard to make it with fans to keep it cool.

  11. James Way says:

    Ehhh I’ll wait. I’m sorry a product that require some personal DIY or some, oh just let it cool, when another larger percentage of people are not getting it, makes me worry. I don’t ever hear iPhone 5 users complain the next day that their phones are faulty, because QA probably goes through the product six ways to sunday before releasing it. As far as news has come out, no such xbox one reports have surfaced from the units sent to the media and devs, whereas these sony issues started surfacing a week ago from said same sources. Sony may have pushed to hard to release it before the MS product. Anyone remember the red ring of death? Now it’s the red line of death. New products on a shelf should not be getting an overheat sign.

    • Musouka says:

      There were/are issues in the with Apple products including iPad screen issues, the accelerometer on the iPhone 5S not working properly, battery issues with iO7 (and the resulting overheating) and the famous antennagate with the iPhone 4. I n short, things break and no company is perfect. This beta culture of rushed products is sparing no one.

      • Charles Fasano says:

        I remember when the iPod Nano first came out. Screens were cracking for no reason and fault of the user. Thankfully Apple did a superb job in replacing them.

        These are complex pieces of electronic hardware where any number of things can go wrong. I once had a computer that was not plugged into spontaneously combust when I turned an adjacent computer on and the motherboard fried and I have no clue why.

      • James Way says:

        My bad was not aware such issues plagued Apple. I never heard of it till now.

    • Partner21 says:

      @James Way,

      Stop spreading FUD, there is no such thing as a red line of death. It’s a warning and not a sign of a dead console. The led/light turns red when the system shuts itself down to prevent overheating.

      Seeing as how the majority of the vents are on the back of the PS4, there are probably owners who position the console with it’s back to close to an obstruction. That prevents the hot air to escape properly causing the temperature inside to build up.

      As far as Sony rushing because of MS, it’s the other way around. Why else is the PS4 coming out in 32 countries this month and the Xbox One in only 13?

      • James Way says:

        I got the red ring with my xbox, but it wasn’t dead either. I could just shut it down and sometimes it would work fine, so even then it wasn’t really death for the system; although eventually it was, which would be the case here to in time. I understand venting quite fine, I also understand that the the front and rear are slanted, not just for aesthetics, but functionally to hide cables and allow airflow. As for the last paragraph, I’m not sure how a LIMITED release in 13 countries instead of 32 AFTER the ps4 launch is considered rushing it? If MS is rushing manufacturing to match Sony, I don’t see how that is proof of it.

  12. x-eye says:

    I’ve been saying from day one that the Vita is a giant leap forward for handhelds, while the ps4 is a millimeter at least. Yet the ps4 has been getting all the attention and work put into it. From a business perspective this is understandable from the perspective of a consumer who dropped nearly three grand on this toy it’s unforgivable. But for a few exceptions nearly every one of the Vita’s games were flawed in some majorly major way. If the Vita isn’t brand new technology it’s at least a new amalgam of several existing new technologies. So why the *** treatment from Sony? Because the console will make more money? Only time will tell if that is still so. Meanwhile here’s some food for thought: better graphics alone do not a next gen console make. There’s something to be said about stability too…

  13. xPreatorianx says:

    ROFLMAO! I *** called it! I knew the PS4 was going to have heating issues considering the way they implemented the damn heatsink. I can’t wait till more demanding games come out that really start utilizing the console’s potential.

    The “red line of death” will only get worse. As launch titles of course NEVER EVER take anywhere near the full potential of the console when they are released. So most likely heat related hardware FAILURES won’t start cropping up for awhile. Or we may actually see hardware failures crop up in the next few months because even with launch titles that design is horrible. So of course even launch titles will eventually do real harm to the machine.

    I mean seriously, the heatsink design is *** poor. Standard screws to hold it down AND the copper bottom doesn’t rest firmly on the CPU-GPU itself but on top of an aluminum plate? (at least it looks like aluminum.) But even if it’s straight metal that design is horrid! Considering the 360 and PS3 used direct contact they still had heating related issues and failures.

    So I’m waiting for those overheating issues to cause a new permanent hardware failure that we can code name.

    I mean I’m no expert in thermal dynamics but I know damn well that you should ALWAYS have the copper bottom of a heatsink sit firmly on the actual component itself. Plus it should be as tight as bloody possible. So standard screws don’t provide anywhere near the amount of pressure required.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      please don’t. DO NOT compare the 90nm Cell CPU and 90nm RSX GPU with what the PS4 has. These two chips are heat monsters, consume much more energy, and use thermal paste that gets dry and stops doing its job after a while. IMO the PS4 has a good-enough setup, and graphically intense games won’t affect it. From my experience, the issue here is with users not correctly placing their PS4s in well ventilated areas. People simply don’t take care of their consoles, they expect them to last forever however they use them. I have a 60GB PS3, I clean it every year and change the thermal paste when it gets dry, clean the laser, and even made a mod to allow for more air to enter the system. I also have it in a well ventilated environment. Where’s the YLoD? I donno, I haven’t seen it, and I’ve play many graphically intense games on it for long periods of time.

    • Alex says:

      ok…first off the new APU uses about 1/3rd of the power that the cpu/gpu in the last gen consoles used COMBINED what does that mean…1/3rd of pure heat.. now i havent looked at the heat cooling set up the ps4 has but i will say this…alot of consumers are stupid and ignorant and put the console in an enclosed shelf usually close to the back…which blocks the vents..i believe that was said by another poster earlier..might i ad this aluminum/straight metal your claiming is setting ontop of the APU could also have copper FILLER did you every think about that? and another thing MOST PC CPU HEATSINKS ARE HELD DOWN WITH SCREWS IN SOME WAYS SOME ARE EVEN HELD DOWN BY PLASTIC ATTACHED TO THE HEATSINK that uses pressure to hold it…PLASTIC! I GURANTEE that microsofts console is a hunk of dog *** compared to this..and no im not a sony/microsoft/nintendo fan boy im just sick of reading posts that people put out where they obviously dont know what they are talking about i see it MORE AND MORE… ive looked at every hardware build that sony and microsoft did on their previous gen….sony had a godly set up…while microsoft…even the slim console has issues

  14. xPreatorianx says:

    Now keep in mind I still plan on buying into the next gen(both platforms) but for the PS4, I think I’m going to wait for either a revision or at least a year before I get one.

  15. Adam says:

    Do you guys think this will be solved for the EU Consoles?

  16. Colonel Wilhelm Klink says:

    I’m one of the lucky ones who didn’t received a faulty console.

  17. canelodirecto says:

    Is funny how Sony is playing dumb by saying is only .4 percent, if that was the case we would not be talking about it. It sound also amusing to pay 400 dollars for a piece of hardware that you might have to modify to make it work properly which stands against Sony’s believes that you should not modify their console, that why they took geohot to curt.

    • kris says:

      @canelodirecto I paid a thousand bucks for a 360 that was destined to fail so what is your point?
      Believe it or not people are so worried that 0.4 percent can make as much noise as 5 percent. Fanboy fear mongers don’t help.
      Anyone who keeps an electronic device is correct in assuming there will be more issues as the system ages just like everything else. That obviously includes bogus software updates. So yes after 3 years there might be some issues still better than 1000 dollars for a destined for RROD xbox 360.

  18. mangosteam says:

    Had any one tried the remote play ? Is it cool or with bugs?

  19. lightbulb010 says:

    @xPreatorianx The heatsink design is fine. We aren’t talking about some kind of monster chip that hogs power an cranks out the heat. Have you ever seen the heatsink setup in something like an old pIII computer(hp, dell ,etc..). The PIII wasn’t exactly an efficient CPU and some of the stuff they were using back then wasn’t exactly ideal. I.E. solid STEEL heatsinks with ,thats right, no grease just a “thermal tranfer pad”. The shielding plate which appears to be in between the heatsink and CPU is most likely a nickel plated copper alloy or just steel (aluminum wouldn’t stay that shiny for long). A much better conductor than a pad or nothing in between. Even if it were “straight metal” I’m assuming you mean steel btw It would still work just fine. I bet you wouldn’t even need the fan if the case wasn’t jam packed full. just for future reference aluminum is a much better conductor than steel.

  20. Thrawn says:

    Ok so lets wait another 24hrs for the first devices to fail XD.

  21. psycho-billy_yeehaw-yeehaw says:

    soo, wen iz da PS4 hack cuming to woolooloo? i reads on da uther syte frum a dood called Light_Xander he made it a hack systim!!!

    pleez relese it via Karate! or is it Jujitsu-releese?

  22. christian stokes says:

    here is the issue….they want me to pay for my red screen of death when its their *** up…