Release: SKFU’s Pr0xy


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34 Responses

  1. fluffychacham says:

    FIRST! JK! Is there a linux version for this since Charles Proxy had one? But thanks for the release anyways. Good job! 😀

  2. BigTony says:

    wil we ever play vita backup games?

    • Lai says:

      its either you buy the vita games in order to play it…. its not possible for now

    • pcpformypsp says:

      There aren’t enough Vita games. If someone has figured out a way, I hope they hang onto it for a little while. Hopefully with the PS4 coming out and the integration with the Vita and the recent price drops things will start rolling for this poor little handheld.

  3. bopz says:

    i’m with UNO on 2.02, can this tool help me get the vita games on psn+ ?

    • RLP says:

      Not that I’ve been able to get working. Sony changed the Store itself earlier this year to close off the Charles exploit and that appears to have carried over to SKFU’s PSN plugin.

      It might work with 2.12 or 2.61. I haven’t tried because I can’t get Fieldrunners to to transfer from my PS3. It doesn’t show up on my Vita at all no matter how many times I download it. I’m not updating the firmware until I get a good copy of Fieldrunners transferred over.

  4. Pcpformypsp says:

    Will this allow 2.02vita to connect to psn?

  5. bopz says:

    good video mate, so this skfu tool is “better” than charles proxy? anyway waiting for your new video 😉

  6. afabledhero says:

    Any tutorial on how to use this?

  7. JohnnyC says:

    It is possible to connect to psn and download an exploit game?
    Because if it is, I would like to update to 2.12 manually (I am in 2.05) to get the best exploit for TN-v4.

  8. arthanis says:

    Is it possible to use this or charlie proxy to play with a banned ps3 online?

  9. rjwboys says:

    cool, now all we need is TN-V4 come on Total-Noob

  10. simpson1991 says:

    yes pleas my vita says i have to update my firmware all the time, i dont know how to get the proxy working

    • Freakler says:

      It’s enough to go to HTTP(S)Rules+ and select Raw Data Modification. There you ste up the 03.000.000 string to use 02.610.000! With this, there is no need of any custom xml and it’s way faster. Greets

      • dLeTe says:

        I added the rule you mentioned and when I check for an update it does say that I have the latest version.
        But when I try to sign into the PS Store it will prompt me to update to 3.00.
        Is there another rule I should add to this?

  11. Tyler Tizard says:

    This makes me thing, wouldn’t it be possible to create a program that tricks the vita into thinking it’s on the PS store but it’s actually on something else that provides old versions of the PSP games that were exploited? You know what I mean?

    • Thekornerkids says:

      I think this would fall into the piracy category, which is illegal
      But if you get access to psn you can get the exploited games and then install ark or vhbl because the games arent patched, but rather the firmware

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      Old versions of the PSP game? They don’t patch the game, only the firmware.

    • mlc says:

      If we were able to sign games for the Vita, a kernel exploit wouldn’t be necessary to play PSP backups/out of region games.

  12. wilili says:

    any vhbl to order big mac and fries??

  13. SebasTorron says:

    I’ll too but in spanish! / Yo hare un video explicando eso tambien.

  14. 2k3noob says:

    dude just a heads up, skfu released an updated version refering your blog

  15. lol says:

    ms and sony, exclude old gen nintendo LOL

  16. ApeX says:

    :/ this doesnt work for firmware 2.60,same problem as in charles.

  17. LuKe_AA says:

    This one is not working for me;
    when running the installer I get a “SKFU’s pr0xy requires an active internet connection. Please check your internet connection and proxy” error.

    Would it happen because I used Charles as well?

    Oddly enough this morning I wouldn’t be able to navigate without having Charles opened, tho I did not change any setting whatsoever. Not sure about what to do.

  18. stenkanah says:

    Hi guys!
    Can you tell me how use this proxy?

  19. repapermunky says:

    I got charles proxy and connect and everything works except I cannot connect to the internet with my Vita. I am connected to the network, but when I try to “update using wifi” I get errors, and I can’t use the vita browser either. What’s the problem here? I put in all the valid proxy settings as well, to no avail. I hit help on Charles and used the local ip it gave there, and used port 8888; what’s my issue?

  20. hiddenmask1 says:

    None of the download links are working.

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