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Release: PSP Usermode exploit (up to 2.61) for Half Minute Hero

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  1. Nice Guy says:

    Being available for all regions this is a great addition.

  2. Gable says:

    So this does work on firmware 3.00?

  3. Gibite says:

    The title said that “up to 2.61”

  4. theinfuser599 says:

    So to get the tn-v4 I have to get this expliot?

  5. Infam0us says:

    OMG i want the 3.00 exploit so bad lol. All this waiting is driving me nuts.

  6. mangosteam says:

    Will they port tnv 4 in this exploit aswell?

  7. kingknuts says:

    how we can grab this?? The charles dont work it says that i am up to date but when I try to logging it says to update the firmaware
    how we coul do??
    i am from EU (Europe)

    • Nnuma78 says:

      the file for charles work one day only, download it again and just folow step by step . It could work… (EU) ps; you shouldn’t do the connexion test before going to psn.

  8. hasu90 says:

    the Japan version is 勇者30 (Yuusha 30) right ? why the savedata folder id is different ? Tried transfer anyway and the save data didn’t show up in the game. Did i bought the wrong one ?

    • yosh says:

      Yes the Japan version should be 勇者30 with id ULJS00195.
      The exploit’s savedata is ULJS00195DATA00, however no one ported VHBL to the Japanese version yet.
      Wouldn’t be much complicated to adapt VHBL to other regions, but I have no time.
      Even my European VHBL port has to be updated to work with the new CMA 8.3 naming convention, that’s why I only provided code + info + exploit savefiles.

      • hasu90 says:

        i’m pretty sure i got the right game but the savegame folder was NPJH50104DATA00, unless of course i got the wrong one haha

        • yosh says:

          hm maybe the ULJS00195 savedata exploit Coldbird crafted is for an umd game and NPJH50104 is the true psn version .. I can’t tell, but then the NPJH50104 savedata should be kinda identical and easily adaptable since I doubt they’d change more than the id for a psn version in the same country.
          Maybe just reencrypting the Japan save for your NPJH50104 version and changing the loader path could work, anyway the exploit certainly works on NPJH50104 too ^^

        • Samson says:

          Did you figure this out yet? I’m tempting to buy since I’m on Japanese PSN but I don’t know how to modify from US savefile to Japanese savefile

          • yosh says:

            There is already a Japanese savefile but for ULJS00195, apparently the umd pass version. Seems the psn one is NPJH50104 though.
            Don’t have time to help on this, just don’t buy it unless someone fixes this imho

  9. kingknuts says:

    How I can grab this?? charles proxy seems to dont work anymore… Region EU and FW 2.61

  10. aragorn46 says:

    Hi Wolo. Is it possible to use as an exploit the previous free games of PSN? like Patapon and Patchwork Heroes? I’m on 2.12 version.. Dont know waht to do…

  11. Pirulo says:

    So, can we load eCFW with this exploit?

  12. kingknuts says:

    the chareles proxy seems to dont work:
    the ps vita reports that it isnt necesary to update the firmware, but when I try to log in in PS Store it promts to update. Im on 2.61 EU.

  13. wololo says:

    Sorry, I *did* see your email and haven’t taken any action yet. Apologies for the delay

  14. Levepedro says:

    What do u recommend me if im in 1.41?

  15. Szam says:

    can this exploit possible to use by uno game in future?

  16. Szam says:

    few month didn follow wololo because of work…
    is there any new exploit for uno?
    i mean latest exploit can be used by uno game
    thx for reading XD

  17. Mini_Norris says:

    Will I be able to run PSP ISO(Monster Hunter Portable 3rd) on my Vita 2.61 with this exploit??

  18. Mocchi says:

    I can confirm this exploit no longer works on 2.61 the game has been patched