TN-V4: Frequently asked Questions

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  1. salsacumbiambero says:

    Gracias por la info.

  2. Kevvers says:

    So, I’m on 1.81, mad blocker, so all I need to do is install TNv4, and then update to newest OFW? Is it really that easy? Should I backup my memory card before updating to newest firmware?

  3. Marcins94 says:

    1. Will I be able to remote play on my hacked PS vita on non hacked PS 4?
    2. Psp games on vita runs all correct with sound, without lags and without similar problems?
    3. Can I play my psp games on non hacked vita?

    • GotYourSix says:

      Answering your questions

      1 Most likely unless Sony makes you have the latest firmware to remote play.
      2 depends on the game you have (how stable it is) and what exploit your running Ex. TN-V4 or TN-V v3.
      3 if your psp game is on psn then yes but if it is not then your out of luck.

      Hope I helped you out.

      • Sky Yuki says:

        To be honest tekken 6 psp on legit vita (NOT TN-V)
        Is lag when you go to live area then come back
        Most game does lag when you go to live area then continue play in ps vita
        So sony already have it own problem

  4. v1d4 L0k4 says:

    Does it play xbox isos?

  5. Sky Yuki says:

    ER MAH GERD i7 wORK3d
    1 haVE mAde a ExpL017 ph0R U 9uy

  6. PlaGeRaN says:

    I want to get the ps4 still, looks like I need to backup my vitaand upgrade to version 3.00

  7. shiro says:

    Whew i should have known user exploits can suddenly become kernel exploits. Should have updated a long time ago luckyly there would be for 3.00 i can now buy the new vita games.

    • I'm sure says:

      I’m sure the scene is going to explain all this after the release. It should be very detailed that you won’t even understand it.

  8. jonny2jo says:

    Hi i’m not sure if i should say this but i just read something about another VHBL exploit called pipe madness for 2.61 apparently Frotegater released the source code for it.

  9. Hellbelial says:

    Hahahaha yeah right,mario on ps device.

  10. mart says:

    hey just a quick question. does former versions of the TN_V’s work on the field runners exploit running on 2.61 fw??

  11. PlaGeRaN says:

    Updated to 3.00 and waiting for TN to release XD!

  12. no1cares says:

    I’m new here. How do I register account?

  13. sai says:

    I’m new here too. How do I register account?

  14. no1cares says:

    Okey, I clicked on the “/Talk Forums” and I magically went to a vboard like place. There I registered.

  15. Caleb says:

    Ok help please cause i dont quite get it.. im on 2.12 without any exploit yet, im getting a ps4 so i want to be able to remote play with my vita. my questions are:
    -i should use the gamocracy exploit right away?
    -once exploited with gamocracy i will be able to use tn-v4 exploit without buying any other game?
    -and last question, once exploited i will be able to update to OFW 3.00 from within tn-v4 so i can get remote play without losing the exploit?

    in short, i want to use remote play, but also want to have the 64mb ram lol. so is one or the another? i know tn-v4 will support OFW 3.00, but trying to figure out if theres a way to keep the extra ram from 2.12 and still being able to remote play. thanks!

  16. Mini_Norris says:

    Hoiw do I download now Field Runners if I am on 2.61 and don’t have access to the PS Store because update to 3.00.

    I know I can download it via PS3 but how to copy on my Vita after that without updating firmware on Vita?


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