Best PSP/Vita homebrews for November 2013


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15 Responses

  1. BurritoSaw says:

    The title says psp/PSV homebrews, but half of them aren’t homebrew, and one is for the ps2

  2. The Z says:

    Ahh, those good ME/LME CFWs.

    That is the “master race” of CFWs 😀

    • SSJ-Vita says:

      It started as a past time when I wanted pokemon on my psp, which lead me to discover your hardware needed modded firmware and so on etc. I apply hack the system, EVERYWHERE

  3. AlexTOUGE says:

    How come the Pro CFW isn’t on the list? I mean, sure the ME firmware is good and all, but where’s one of the best firmwares ever, aka the ProCFW? 😀

  4. DGryphon says:

    So would care to explain how 6.60 ME or Pro is better?

  5. Ivo says:

    What about xbmc for psp? Or an external client?

  6. vali says:

    CEF 6.60 TN work on arcade darts exploit?
    i have arcade darts vhbl and i want CEF 6.60 TN on it some one can give me a litle help pls?

  7. toBsucht says:

    Is it possible to have a ranking list idk to which number, i´m thinking about this for a longer time.

    It´s often ~top3 of talk/downloads.
    “Best” of nov. that´s kind of funny 😛 sure they are good maybe excellent… i do not vote 2 times^^

  8. megaman781 says:

    Hopefully TN CEF will make it to the FR exploit

  9. A Vita With cheese says:

    ^ Needs Tn-v4 on the top.#1 Thx Dev’s keep up the good work.