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Frostegater’s Firmware 2.61 VHBL Exploit revealed ! – Get is as soon as possible !

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  1. wy301 says:

    I am now have the VHBL for FR installed can it support TN-V1,2,3?

  2. MIKE says:

    hey dudes, i need some help on how to install the homebrews onto my vita, i already have the fieldrunners vhbl installed on my vita so all i need are the homebrews to play, for example any emulators that work on the exploit, any help, or a link to a detailed tutorial would be greatly appreciated.

  3. xperimental says:

    Hey guys, I Downloaded fieldrunners to my PS3 but can’t get it copied to the PS-vita, as of NOV.16,2013 charles proxy no longer works also the Open CMA unplug form pc trick no longer works. IS there some other way to get fieldrunners on the PS-vita.


    • D3V6677 says:

      I need the same help. Well I did have Fieldrunners but I accidentally deleted it off my Vita. Now I can’t get it.

  4. Emil says:

    Im on 2.61 too but i have no PS3. No Chance?!

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