Release: VHBL for Vita 2.61


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44 Responses

  1. pejman1998 says:

    so honey what about us store we are waiting

    • Acid_Snake says:

      either you find your own exploit or you *** and wait

      • AMD says:

        Acid_Snake is right.
        Got to love that condescending tone, pejman1998.

        You have to realise that VHBL is a privellege and not a right.

        Can’t wait for one? Well, good luck, make your own.

      • dafuqu says:

        lol calm ur *** sir, im pretty sure he was just joking ;p

      • pejman1998 says:

        wo wo wo take a deep breath! i just find out why we are still waiting for a stable and useful hack instead of some retro emulator of course it is wonderful to see trying to hack device but why should we spend money for emulators of nintendo’s ancient games and i believe if you weren’t this much angry you could concentrate and probably solved this puzzle long times ago i don’t take it as offense but i expect more respect to each other !

      • BATMAN says:

        lol, you really made my laugh there, I hope these kids understand one day the hard work it takes to find a playable port to begin with. Thanks Acid_Snake, Wololo, 173210, and all the other vita developers. Your work is appreciated

    • Ghack says:

      hey i know is not related but look what i found

  2. Anonym! says:

    Where’s the how-to-trigger-the-exploit part?

  3. killome says:

    Freakler : ‘MainMenu/Success/4th Option/press O twice’

    Thank you Freakler !! VHBL work in exploit !!! 😀

    I did not know how launched VHBL but with your message Freakler I have pus the launched !!

  4. smashing says:

    why dont hackers mod the cma in order tu use the vita as a usb like the psp? wish i knew how to code

  5. majdex says:

    so its just pretty much a leap frog game with sony..they update we release a “exploit” they patch. we wait for a new update.. lol i remember the ol psp days when every big “hacker” or “decoder” was all about killing consoles lol. but this is fine too , just wish i knew more about decoding.

  6. newrcc says:

    All hard work it is wellcome… I love all this guys for everything!!! O_O”

  7. zakaiya says:

    I absolutely LOVE vhbl and the psp sandboxed exploits but im gunna stick to official firmwares. I severely hope that if a native vita hack does surface it stays private because the US library for the vita is sickening. When you look at JP they have games for days. I’m sick of these horrible english dubs, just give us the game faster, translate the menus, english subs i’m good to go. heck id even pay 50 if it came to it, wish they would start a service like this so bad. You can pay 40 when the fully localized version comes out and 50 for the undubbed. Simple and Clean.

  8. Ghack says:

    hey i know is not related but look what i found

  9. 110706 says:

    of course it’s a fake. That stupid “product” has been available since last year if i remember correctly. There is also no support for it at all in any PS Vita firmware. No options for TV-Out. I heard it’s a cable for some iPhone model.

  10. rainof89 says:

    I see VHBL is on EmuCR now but they are using the patapon tutorial that doesn’t work on the Vita. Someone needs to inform them before ppl start buying the wrong game

  11. nntb says:

    been waiting for VHBL for the japanese store for a while now. kind of lost all hope for a while. and probably will have to buy a 2nd vita… i want to play final fantasy x when it comes out and ect ect. for those whining about it being a jpn store game. remember the last many releases where all us store games. and i sat and waited and waited.

    thank you for the exploit.

  12. nomuguy says:

    quick question: is it possible to switch back to the US store after the exploit, or will that erase the jailbreak?

    i have two memory cards, so i use both stores. but if i can’t use my memory card with my US downloaded games on it after i install the jailbreak, i don’t know if this is worth it for me…


  13. not correct says:

    the spelling for 実況 is actually jikkyou as the only on reading for
    況 is actually kyou. Your reading for the rest of the name is correct.

  14. Dolanna says:

    The game (実況パワフルプロ野球2012) can’t find it on Sony Media go. Is it shutdown on sale?

  15. suyoheros says:

    This game comes in a ISO file from PSN?
    Any chances to download the ISO from other source?

  16. Dolanna says:

    Dear All,

    My PSV rom version is 2.12, could anyone get a suggestion for me.
    Weather need to upgrade to 2.61 and to buy (実況パワフルプロ野球2012) this game?

    • suyoheros says:

      I guess you can use VHBL earlier versions.

      • Dolanna says:

        Thanks, your suggestion.
        but my question is which of the game that I could buy it?
        because I can’t using PS store on my PSV.

        if you have any detail ideal, could you let me know.

  17. warllison says:

    unfortunately as we all already know here in Brazil the ps4 cost 1800 usd, and the scenario for the vita here also is not any good, I say farewell to my vita to be able to get a 3ds with 3d gateway

  18. Isaac says:

    is Jikkyu Powerful Pro Yakyu 2012 Ketteiban for free?

  19. Sky Yuki says:

    Funny thing is
    Still not patched
    I believe arcade vhbl took like 2 days and it got patched