VHBL on Vita 2.61: exploited game name announced


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  1. Jonny says:

    Thanks Wololo and 173210 for All your Work. This game in only in the Japan Store, you have a tutorial for i get this title. Thanks and best regards

  2. Darkova says:


  3. jonny2jo says:

    Too bad it’s only Jap 🙁

  4. Sheldon cooper says:

    Your price is ¥4780 (50$) FAIL!!

  5. nindtendo says:

    I hope there will be anexploit game for eu store

  6. Patrick says:

    Dropping 50 bucks, and losing all my settings to switch to JPN PSN. Ah, I’ll just wait until the next US release. Thanks for the update, though. Cheers.

    I’m also liking the compatibility we’re getting here. It’s some nice stuff. The day that the Vita can read .cbr files is the day I become much happier with my purchase. We’re already at .pdf compatibility, so it’s only a matter of time.

  7. Chie says:

    Spend $50 to play VHBL games & sooner or later sony announce new patch OMG what a waste


    Holy ***, $50 is ridiculous. Thanks but I will use my psp1001 and wait for Total_Noob to release his CFW for Vita.

  9. t-marius says:

    it’s too much according to me buying that game,will there be furtherly another exploit or that japanese game is the unique game that permits the function of the exploit ? and for european users ?

  10. sephisel says:

    good for a new VHBL port, however, you are better off buying a good ps vita game and waiting for another release. out of curiosity? Why in the world is this game 50 bucks? I mean the most that a psp game can reach now is like 30 – 20 bucks max.

  11. Leires says:

    As already said, a bit pricy for just VHBL, not to mention the mild headache that comes with making a JP account, but for those who already own the game, there you go. Thanks, at any rate, for the flow of exploits~

  12. jonny2jo says:

    I’m soooo tempted to buy it cause sony has not yet done anything after all….50$ for a psp game 😀

  13. booler says:

    VITA is dead for western market.
    90% of vita games are japan oriented, remakes, minis or from other mobile platforms.

    There is still no solid game library

    No games for a game console = no interest from customers = no interest from hackers = no cfw

    Vita is a shame comparing to psp

    • you're an idiot says:

      What’s a “solid game library”? Vita is a slow starter like the PSP. Plus, we just got Killzone and Dragon’s Crown. There are also future releases like Ragnarok Ace, YS, and some other gems too.

      And there is no CFW since people can’t just pull exploits out of their as*holes or they just don’t want to share it. Just be patient and wait.

      I don’t want accuse people of wanting CFW just to play pirated ISOs (because there are some ppl with legitimate excuses), but I’m going to throw that out there anyways.

      Buy the game. Support the developers. I’ve been buying most XSEED games that come out on the Vita. I hope they keep spoiling us with translated games. 🙂

  14. Devin Smith says:

    Lol..can’t believe no one said this yet…But there may be another reason for that game being $50…I mean you have said maybe its a hit..But maybe someone purposefully made an exploitable game just so they could make bucks from it when people found out it was exploitable…It would make sense…Look at how many people desperately want to run homebrews…And the past sales of exploitable games…

    • Musouka says:

      Not really. There are more expensive PSP games in the Japanese PSN store. I have even seen one game retailing for ¥6280. This is Japan, after all, so games are rather expensive. You can pre-order the new Yakuza for PS4 for ¥8600 only.

      • jonny2jo says:

        are you kidding me!?

        • Musouka says:

          I kid you not. Here are some examples of more expensive PSP games in the Japanese PSN store:

          最後の約束の物語 ¥5600
          ワンピース ROMANCE DAWN 冒険の夜明け ¥5980
          TIGER & BUNNY オンエアジャック ¥6280

          Of course, there are many games that are less expansive. You can find games as cheap as ¥300 and there are many games in the ¥1500-3000 price range but the newer games from 2012 and 2013 are usually priced higher. The system still has a market in Japan and you would see more people playing it than people playing the Vita.

          • wololo says:

            Video games and movies are extremely expensive in Japan. $50 for a game out last year is, unfortunately, not so surprising here.
            They also still sell most of their digital music with DRMs, and a seat at the movies costs between $15 and $25. That’s how late this country is in terms of digital entertainment.

  15. Julien says:

    the vhbl vita 2.61 wil in english or japan language ? thank you in advence)

  16. drpepper says:

    i smell sony tricks of selling their games. anyway its business. respect to wololo and all the hackers.

  17. Hellbelial says:

    And who the *** is going to grab this if its only for japan accounts and the price is too high.Another waste of time.

    • wololo says:

      Yes, it is too expensive, but the hacker did not choose the price of the game, show a bit of respect for people who dedicate their time to the community.

      People like you are the same who whine when they miss a kernel exploit and realize they could have grabbed one of the 10 usermode exploits throughout the year to be guaranteed an access to the kernel exploit later on.

  18. liquidmagic says:

    somewhere in japan sony laughs at us and our pathetic attempts to play emulators i mean 50 bucks,c’mon its a trap >:T….

  19. Potnestmonster says:

    i download the game last night for free in the 0Yen section 😛

  20. Sub1 says:

    @ Potnestmonster;

    Where you download it??….Do you habe a link or something?

  21. drpepper says:

    this website is kool

  22. bobo says:

    Hello world !

    some can tell me if the game is still in the PSN jap ?

  23. bobo says:

    I can not buy the game it always gives me an ERROR NP 2244-2 when billing !! 🙁

    help me, I want to be able to exploit VHBL on 2.61

    I Presice the game dont have yet been removed from the PSP version !!

  24. bobo says:

    I bought the game exploit 🙂 , I wait for the link of the download of VHBL 😀

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