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[Video] One more PSP Hello world on the Vita 2.60


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25 Responses

  1. Haze7 says:

    well, that’s always good news. I would recommend waiting till 3.00 comes out.

  2. TelcoLou says:

    I’m holding out for TN-4; but I need to play Minecraft on the Vita .. so, I may have to go Legit by that time 😉

  3. mud says:

    Thank god! Just lost my Monster Hunter exploit on the last VHBL release. Didnt update and make it to the ps store in time. :/

  4. jake says:

    Just going to wait for Total Noobs exploit. (Hope he releases it sometime around Mid/Late November though… PS4!!)

  5. Syme says:

    Hoping this game is available on the NZ/AU stores, I’ve missed out on the most recent exploits.

    Also, is it possible to have legit games stored on a separate memory card? I still want to get hold of Disgaea 4 Return and maybe even Minecraft..

  6. xXShinkirouXx i live you says:

    Yes I missed the latest VHBL
    I sad and i want new vhbl

    xXShinkirouXx i love you
    I want you release plese

  7. brunoso says:

    Im just begun to work on my especific way to run emulators on vita without an exploit. When i get some result i will put the technic here. Some way than sony cannot block… im tired to buy stupid games to runs snes or genesis.

    • wololo says:

      Not to break your spirit (you won’t succeed if you don’t try) but it’s not as easy as 1-2-3. But when you make progress, yes, please do post your results!

    • Hellbelial says:

      Even if we get awesome games over that i agree with you,paying to buy oldest games is not cool but hey those exploits are expensive but most people need to save money to buy Psv Games.I hope someday i can play psx and psp games without paying….AGAIN for them.

  8. Obama says:

    I want to play PSP ISO Backups ! :/

    • Hellbelial says:

      If he want that its because he dont want to pay silly ***.I can play psp on my pc but is not the same on psv dude.I have an exploit and i wish that happen soon and i let you know that i have at least 10 games of ps vita like Guilty gears,uncharted,dj max,gravity rush,dead or alive,blazblue,mk9,lumines,umvc3,atelier totori,Silent hill bom,little big planet but still want psp games for free not to mention that i have 6 or 7 games but i dont like some of them like gods eater nah i want god of war of kingdom hearts.

    • Casavult says:

      So, I want to play PSP backups on my Vita. Does that mean I’m an pirate? No, I own all my games and I rip them using my PSP and transfer them to my Vita. Just because he wants to play ISO backups doesn’t mean he’s a pirate, he could mean he wants to play ISO backups he made himself.

  9. mangosteam says:

    hmmmm i sure wish tn-v 4 would be release earlier because i cant wait for new features and so i can decide if ill update later or not because maybe ds emulators can run there but i also need to update because of games on vita that i cant buy and video streams its hard to decide atm haha

  10. Max7731 says:

    I’ll see the test before making a decision…

  11. .. says:

    damn, they announced football manager 2014 classic for ps vita, I will have to update when that comes out, after all it’s my favourite series of games.

  12. owanef says:

    please i beg you do nkt release this with it haveing psp iso support. alli need to do is play just one game that sony wont put in the store, JUST ONE DAM GAME!!!! Naruto Heores 3 i need it or ill di…..

  13. agent058 says:

    Speaking of psp iso support, I noticed that playing psp games with lots of 3-d jaggy textures look nasty on the vita screen vs my psp 3000’s but 2d images suffer less. If only they would allow us to crop the screen in game via touch D: >.<

  14. ydsurla48 says:

    PS VITA 2.61 is now available..check it out through your PS VITA.,when i was about to check in PSN few minutes ago..

  15. ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

    hope this wont be released until killzone mercenary and one piece 2 comes out.. I wanna buy that two games.. 🙂

    • ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

      will this exploit be ported to Total_N00b’s TN-v4?? I just hope so because I read last time that a kernel exploit requires a user mode exploit to be able to run it.. Just correct me if I am wrong..

  16. pottsork21 says:

    the only reason I want ISO is because of NFS and test drive unlimited PSP games that are not in the EU PSN

  17. Beware says:

    I swap 32 gb memory card between two vitas 2.02 and 2.60 on same user account. My memory card got lock. Sony message error, need to format memory stick!!! Lucky had backup UNO game! Reuploading the emulators to memory card taking hrs. DO NOT SWAP YOUR MEMORY CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!