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Release: V3 patch for the ‘Arcade’ VHBL on PS Vita 2.60 fixes Snes9xTYL and other homebrews


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41 Responses

  1. Max7731 says:

    GOOD JOB! “Qwikrazor87 and “Acid_Snake”. Thank you.

  2. Hellbelial says:

    I was testing mame yesteday and i cant make it run normal in speed,i think the emulator is mame 4 all or something,it shows a Dreamcast in the backround,in neo geo there is a bit of slowdown but just a bit,nes runs perfect,genesis there is some errors in sprites but i think it might be the rom that could be the problem,gba runs great and i dont see any bugs

  3. donkey punch says:

    so now seeing the 8 year old killing someone, it looks like Grand Theft Auto 5 might get pushed back again…
    random *** for real.

  4. compccs says:

    Maybe I will actually jump in on this exploit round completely just left the gamocracy one on the back burner and never even installed it. .. do like some Mario after killzone lol

    • xlovenuggetx says:

      you might want to consider remaining at the 2.12 fw. updating to 2.60 disables 32mb memory for future releases. fws 2.12 and below will have a high-memory support. think about it. i personally voluntarily updated because i’m optimistic about future releases and the ability to find a work-around. we shall see.

  5. lilmikey20 says:

    Nicee thanks. Finally gameboy amd snes on airhockey and bowling now just need n64

  6. xlovenuggetx says:

    I can confirm improvements with gpsp. GS 2 is running much smoother than before, but still no solid turbo feature. it’s definitely an upgrade from where i was with GOLOR. also, i was able to get SNES9XTYL working on AAH&B this morning. thanks to all the testers and programmers out there! this is my second VHBL release with wololo. waiting patiently for TN kexploit.

  7. Haze7 says:

    Now I know why it wasn’t working. I wasn’t putting the roms on Store when I was put those in the ZIP file. *Facepalm*

  8. me says:

    beautiful! now a fix for the soundcrashing in picodrive.

  9. Joek says:

    Hello Guys,
    Subscribe and share our petition to get better games on Vita. Read more about the petition at:

    We can do it. Vita La Revolution!

    • Shinyoite says:

      You sound so disgustingly optimistic about this actually making a difference.

    • Hellbelial says:

      Why dont you go to Facebook? why bother creating that website?.Ask sony about it but still dont think that they will listen to us,they will get *** hard anyway.

  10. lilmikey20 says:

    i got the patch for US arihockey and i start it up modify player it said
    Firmware 6.6X detected
    froze and error came up C1-2858-3

  11. Frank says:

    All my homebrew apps are still chrashing with this new release.

  12. gabox says:

    hello that such still are some bugs but wanted to ask if these are normal …. one of them is that I install snes emulator and excellent .. but ok install gpsp emulator. snes emulator that is damaged will? ??

  13. wtfface says:

    hi can someone help me put cps2 on ps vita 2.60

  14. lilmikey20 says:

    i have AA&B
    WHEN i go to change my player it freezes and i get an error
    pretty much just broke my VHBL cus i went back to the previous version and i get an error still

  15. DeadMan Wonderland says:

    Snes9xTYL won’t show up when i put the game in my savedata. It’s in a INSTALL.ZIP format. What should i do?

    Maybe I’m using the wrong emulator or something. I don’t know. Please help!

  16. Digmac says:

    Great update for VHBL… Fixes everything that was wonky the first time round! Thanks to Qwik & Acid! Also thanks Wololo for posting!

  17. Hellbelial says:

    It runs great until some part of the games,then i have slowdowns fps like from 60 to 19 or 23 fps in Snes.

  18. Rafael says:

    I have a small problem, I downloaded Arcade Air Hockey and Bowling onto my PS3, I still have it in the bubble but I can’t transfer it to my Vita. Does anyone know what I have to do?

    • xlovenuggetx says:

      from what i understand you cannot leave it in ‘the bubble’. if you did not transfer the game before it was pulled, you’re probably out of luck.

  19. Bronson says:

    Thank You

  20. berrios30 says:

    is their a working psp filer for arcade darts

  21. yoon says:

    gpsp wont save the game i been losing saves like 10 times now,,on arcade darts when i load the save the game boy screen pops out instead of loading pokemon save and then gives me black screen + C1-2858-3 after while

    • nine1 says:

      Same here have tried every version will save while in game but if exit VHBL it won’t load the save state maybe sum thing to do with the emulators being in the VHBL folder because it is making a save file every time just won’t load it

      • MKombat94 says:

        I have the solution download gPSP_HBL_2.12 (use google) then install it with the INSTALL.ZIP method. After that once you installed the emulator, load a rom then click the triangle button. Then click on misc, then change update SRAM to automatic. Make sure u save the file in game i.e. in pokemon click start then save. When finished click triangle and exit gpsp it will crash but next time in vhbl it will have your saved file.

        Hope this helped.

  22. Adams Myth says:

    Just want to say thanks for the time and effort!

  23. Hellbelial says:

    Weird those saying that some homebrews emulators crash or something mine is working well except for a few errors like fps drops to 19 or 20 in snes,cache files error in cps2 version 22 or 23 needed and mame4all runs slow.

  24. kelso says:

    2.60 got rapped with exploits hahaha

  25. Jimjim says:

    The VHBL still doesn’t work for AAB EU for me!

  26. Alex says:

    Got Arcade Darts. Removed WiFi. Maybe my question stupid but.. I know that game removed from my download list. What happens if i turn wifi and connect to Store now?
    Tryed OpenCMA(which i’m not trust for 100%). And Yifanlu linux opencma tool (which is not supported 0160010 protocol yet). Backup in both places.
    Like to get that Limbo game from store… but…
    If they block me to upload Darts from backup…

    • italkgame says:

      If i am correct, you can connect to the psn store without losing the exploit untill Sony has a new firmware that blocks the exploit.

      you can easily test if oCMA works by turning both wifi of on your PSVita and als by disconnecting your computer from the internet.
      Then connect your PSVita to your computer and open the content manager app on your Vita. If it connects oCMA works correctly.

      But come inside and check the forums there are plenty helpfull people around who know far more then me on this all things Vita related

  27. Rogerio says:

    psn games is off ?

  28. stef says:

    merci à MKombat94 pour la solution des sauvegardes sur gpsp j’aurai voulu savoir 2 choses
    1.est-ce que daedalus fonctionne sur ps vita 2.60?
    2.j’ai essayé 6 versions de daedalus et à chasue fois ecran noir j’ai donc supprimer ces 6 versions mais lorsuqe je suis sur l’écran vhbl daedalus apparait toujours alors qque je l’ai supprimer

  29. Juliana says:

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