My VHBL Release: FAQ


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  1. kage says:

    Hi guys I am getting interested with vita after reading this. now I am planning to buy a psvita at least second hand unit, my question is what fw should the unit pre-loaded with? and what game should I buy?

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      When I bought my Vita it was on a really low firmware. It was new out of the box from best buy. I thought to set it up I had to update and ruined my chance of the last kernel exploit. If I were you I would update your vita to 2.02 (Using the process in an older post) and transfer UNO using a PS3. Then install TN-V.

  2. Yukon says:

    Will TN-V be released for 2.60?

    {What’s a good lie] My dog updated my vita when I had Urbanix… 🙂

  3. VictorWei says:

    Only one question, does it play N64 emulator?

  4. dsfgh says:

    Thanks Wololo, I’m looking forward to playing PSP ISOS

  5. yobib34 says:

    im on 2.12 with Gamocracy One…should I update to 2.60 to able to play iso?

    • vitalovesnintendo says:

      I am a new to this but if I am correct you can stay on Gamocracy (GOLOR) with your 2.12 firmware.

      And when total_noob releases the kernel exploit you will be able to run your backup psp iso’s.

  6. Jv says:

    Mr. Acid snake

    I switched back from my saudi psn to us psn account, then i cant download my download que games anymore got error np-9978-3. My concern is does the game is available at saudi psn account?

    Thank you for any response.

  7. TelcoLou says:

    So many new exploits coming out! And I was about to buy a PSP 3000; but will wait now 😀

  8. Myth.didi says:

    Feel shy, I don’t know what you mean. I want to ask, i have buy a new VITA has been upgraded to version 2.6, and I want to play the games ISO with VITA, but I know a user mode exploit games can run VHBL, can’t run TN, so look at the top of the problem, it seems can buy the user mode exploit games, until Total_Noob in the PS4 firmware update after the release of a new kernel exploit. Acid_Snake said it will be porting TN-V4 to the user mode exploit, whether it can run games ISO? There is the need to purchase a new game, after all the user mode exploit released after Soni will update the firmware, the 2.6 can not login to the PS store to download new game.Or should I wait until after the release of the PS4 to update the firmware download TN released a new game??

  9. CNmoosky says:

    Hi Acid,If I were in Hongkong server,I can get the game?
    I hope I can get your reply.Thanks~

  10. Jv says:

    Mr. Acid

    Does it have also at saudi psn server?

    Thank you

  11. ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

    Hi sir, this is gonna be interesting for me once this game exploit is released.

    But I have a question and sorry for being a newbie but, once I registered in the community /talk, will I be able to get a ninja release 100%? Because I just recently signed up..

    Sorry for my bad english though..

  12. Skorxx says:

    Slt tous le monde

  13. TRUTH says:

    Hey ill help by also giving away a $20 playstation card to the winner

  14. TRUTH says:

    i will Also contribute to the winner $20 playstation network card

  15. Tomasz says:

    This is the most lame thing ever. Every exploit apart from game specific exploits should be free. That’s how it has also been, with the PSP and even iPhones. The fact that this guy is charging money shows me how terrible the Vita community is, compared to how open the PSP community was. If you’re going to charge for something, do it for an actual Vita hack, and not some PSP emulator exploit. That’s worth paying for, perhaps. But for now, you’re no real hacker. Hackers share with the community what they have learned, so we may all be better equipped. Lame.

    • Jimmy says:

      I don’t really know what you’re talking about. If you’re talking about the $20 PSN contest, it’s just something to prevent the name of the game from leaking too soon. No one is asking you money, just that to get this exploit you need a game from the PSN which the exploit is based on, so you need to buy it, and that’s all. No one asked you to give money to someone else.

  16. Marcos Lemos says:

    Acid Snake,about the Amount of RAM being reduced in 2.60…does emulators like DaedalusX64 be affected by it?
    like running slower than previous firmwares? i was willing to play Smash Bros 64 with better framerates on Vita,but that will make it run exactly the same as in PSP?

    • Octos says:

      Marcos, in the VHBL topic someone said that daedalus x and PSP Filer doesnt work, but it has very good compatibility. but Adding to his question, if I updated to 2.60 is it going to be a major problem if I later try to use PSP Isos with the future TN-V4 port?

  17. phil87700 says:

    Somebody please tell me.
    Im on VHBL – GOLOR 2.12 Vita… Will i need a PS3 when this TN-V expolit is ported to GOLOR-VHBL.??????
    Please reply…coz im planning to sell my PS3…

  18. gooby tits says:

    what if some of the spies at sony have forum accounts here and pretend to be normal forum users who are happy to see new exploits…

  19. eugenio says:

    this exploit will cost less or more than $ 10? what do you think?
    sorry for my english, I dont speak very well

  20. exo_gurei says:

    It’s already been announced. It’s 2.99 euro. Other exploitable games have been announced too out of having no choice, maybe. That’s too bad. This shows hackers are not united.

  21. exo_gurei says:

    Too bad. By the time people wakes up, it would have been already too late. So much for excitements. I hope the Z’s is not yet publicized so they can have their plan B.

  22. Haze7 says:

    The name of the game is A………. and it costs $1.99 in the US.