Announcement: I will release a new usermode exploit soon


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  1. User1 says:

    Thanks for the hard work Wololo. Will i be able to play pirated PSP games with this native Vita hack? I am really keen to play Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.

  2. User1 says:

    Thanks for the hard work Wololo. Will i be able to play pirated XBOX games with this native Vita hack? I am really keen to play Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.

  3. VictorWei says:

    I have questions that should I update to 2.60 or just keep my Gamocracy? If a kernel exploit is released , can Gamocracy exploit play the ISOs as fluently as the 2.60 exploit ?

  4. LennyVita says:

    This is good news for people that don’t have an exploit. As for updating with Vhbl already, for me there is no need. it plays emulators on apache. I am waiting for a Kexploit, that will allow more features of the Vita.

    if you already have a usermode exploit it will do 99% of what the last one did. so don’t waste your money updating every month making $ony rich.

    i know the developers here working hard to bring us new exploits, its great in any form. Keep up the good work.

  5. jwd says:

    Thanks for your hard work! As someone who worked on a few projects in the 3.6-5.x psp days I know how much work this implies. Just getting a vita I’m realizing how much i loved this scene. I have a question though is vita programing close to psp? Have the syscalls or much changed?

  6. Leires says:

    It’s kinda sad that vhbl is ‘all we got’, it makes it sound like it’s not good enough. People gotta ask themselves, has -anyone- else so far publicly released ANYTHING remotely close to such a thing on vita? No? Nobody? Now ask yourself, can i (as in yourself) do these things with my vita, without the shared knowledge that this site and it’s admins and such provide? Possibly, but it’s doubtful. Stop being so damn entitled, these people have done something that you can’t do yourself and on top of that they’re risking legalities (minor or otherwise, i’m sure sony is upset about this stuff) to publicly provide something nobody else can do.

    Lets be honest, most of the people who come asking if it plays ISOs are probably pirates, since ripping the ISO requires a PSP, in which case most of them would be fine just using said PSP until a ksploit was released, not asking every damn time something is released relating to VHBL. If you’re after piracy, go shell out like 80$ for a PSP and go to town.
    It’s easier on the hard working people who take time out of their schedule to appease the beggars if they don’t need to spend said time taken out on people asking DOES VHBL PLAY ISOS? CAN I ISO?

    Yes, TN-CEF is amazing. Yes, playing ‘backed up’ ISOs are nice. But for the love of god consider what you’re doing before you rush in asking every damn time if something does what -none- of the prior VHBLs have. Do some research. If you find an exploit yourself, don’t be pestering the ones who can.

    Ask yourself just how much manpower is wasted and stress is added on users who complain and beg and don’t do any research at all. If everyone just shut the heck up and was patient, we’d probably have even more exploits than we do now because said people finding them wouldn’t have to stop and address the single-minded horde that doesn’t think for themselves or read things.

    Sorry for the rant but good god people, come on. If one of the admins here has to put it in the blog post that VHBL ‘is all you got’..there’s something -seriously- wrong here..

    Thank you all of you guys for the hard work you do, i know you got people defending you like this and i’m sorry that the human race is so damn greedy that it can’t figure out even a modicum of patience. ;_;

  7. Leires says:

    if you can’t find an exploit yourself*

  8. schmief says:

    Ok. i saw that 2.12 vhbl has more memory to use, but vhbl 2.60 has better homebrew compatibility. would you think that DaedalusX64 would be able to run on this 2.60 exploit with fast speeds and non-lagging sound? please reply man, just wondering. BTW im on vhbl 2.12 and i have to say that DaedalusR13 isn’t that good. I would hope to see some DaedalusX64 in the future.

    • DarkenLX says:

      snes9x had lag issues so its maybe more a hardware limit then the memory could poor code or bugs but fact is if snes9x lagged in 2.12 with more mem and n64 emulator did too memory is unlikely the cause

  9. Logan says:

    Kinda of sad, considering I don’t remember exactly when I updated my firmware from 2.02 to 2.12…

    Boy do I regret that now. Now I am stuck on 2.12, having no way to get VHBL exploited cuz 2.60 was just made available on the 5th. I haven’t touched my Vita in awhile and now I know if I was to go onto PSN, I would have to update to 2.60.

    Sony wasn’t *** around they just jumped the shark from skipping 2.20 and going to 2.60 XD So what should I do in this situation, wait it out?

  10. DarkenLX says:

    when vhbl exploits are made is there any effort to try to make sure the game used does not cost alot?. not everyone is able to buy stuff off ps store for various reasons.

  11. sdf says:

    will these make vita read vita/psp backups?

    • avasdv says:

      o.m.g. read..

    • Casavult says:

      Read the damn post!

      “Now, let me make this clear: THE EXPLOIT WILL BE RELEASED WITH VHBL UNTIL TN CONFIRMS A NEW KERNEL EXPLOIT, so I don’t want anyone asking “d0es it pl4y 1S0s?” cause I’ll directly ignore you. If TN decides to release a kernel exploit, YOU WILL SEE THE NEWS HERE, until then: VHBL IS ALL YOU GOT.”

  12. luis says:

    why not announce three sets exploitable (or more), two are lying and only one is the exploitable to have if sony so takes longer to withdraw the game.

    • Alexander says:

      It would be the same, we would have to buy a few games, that cost us a lot more money, and sony would remove all the suspicous games for a couple of days, until they get the real. So, the sadly truth is that Ninja Release is the best way to do it… PS: sorry for the bad english

  13. internally-blazed says:

    Thanks Acid_Snake!

    I’ll update my vita to 2.60 and await this!

  14. Gyugyu says:

    Usually how much time do we have before they remove the vhbl? Hours, days?

    • Lennyvita says:

      VHBL will stay for ever and is available here. If you mean the exploited game it is usually a day or two at the most. If you wait a week it is too late. exploits are provided by ninja releases in the forums. Sign up and in time you may get notified of the next ninja release. The best way to not miss the next exploit is to sign up on the form and check regularly.

      if you are notified of the newest exploit you should get that game as soon as possible, if not instantly. Sony will pull the game once it is known to them. so to answer your question it is hours to a few days.

  15. pspfanMOHH says:

    @Lennyvita vHBL is limited source to amount of vita/psp games and minis there are

    @Acid Post the leak reports have to have proofs or else for example some can randomly point to me

  16. joey says:

    wi11 thi5 p1ay i5os?