PSVita TN-V Update Coming, Possibly New Kernel Exploit Release Soon

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  1. Zan says:

    when will we get a CFW

  2. icyheart says:

    I wash it on 2.60 thanks…..

  3. rico says:

    I hope this update will have PS1 working with sound…

  4. Dmaskell92 says:

    Frankly the RAM patch is scary! If I don’t update, and keep my GOLOR exploit, I run no risk of this patch correct? Basically what I’m asking is: Will TN-V run on GOLOR with unrestricted RAM?

    • mlc says:

      barring some unforeseen problem with that particular exploit, yes. the high memory support should work on any exploit below 2.60. 2.60 exploit will just be normal ECFW, though the newest version. (TN-V4)

  5. terry says:

    question is there a way we can get a notification when the new game is re-lease because i miss the other game i just wanna play mario and sonic and pokemon

  6. arielber says:

    Im probably dreaming but just in case:
    Great work,i wish you goodluck with it!

  7. ivo says:

    i want patapon2 on vita xD

  8. Darrell Vital says:

    Men i cant still wait for the isos of vita games 🙁

  9. tangra87 says:

    great work :))))
    It will be great play kingdom hearts on the ps vita :)))

  10. Car says:

    Sony probably checks Wololo every hour of the day for such updates and goes into prepare-to-counter-firmware mode.

  11. 3D2Y says:

    So this is my story, my 14 years old brother wanted to use facebook in my vita and needed to update and that crazy brat updated it from 2.02 tn-v to 2.60, can i do something…. give me tips should i kill that *** or hang him to death SHISHISHI xD…But seriously im in trouble

  12. Seto says:

    this news has me desperate, i would like to play again gow or dj max in my vita

  13. CHEN says:

    WOW! That’s GOOD NEWS! Thanks you ALL! Miracle Exists!

  14. phil87700 says:

    Hey Jd8531, Wololo… just one question to clear my doubt..Is this going to work on any ps vita with 2.12 or just the once which already have CEF 2.02 TN-V??????????
    Please reply…
    Thanks for the good works guys…

  15. jiang says:

    please tell us ,the game will come out in which one place , US,EU or Taiwan Hongkong ,wo can buy it from where ???thanks you all!!!

  16. sdf says:

    I hope the time comes, vita will be able to read vita/psp backups

  17. whackm says:

    It would be nice to run MAME again on the Vita, although you can do most everything on the PSP already, some games (most notably Robotron 2084) just work MUCH better with two joysticks….

  18. jiang says:

    thanks for wololo ,wo have hope to see more,maybe from psv , from the Homemade software ,not only psp ,emu ,but also Android ,ps2 ,nds
    even psv have no enough soft or app ,wo still can though transplant

    Android and get more
    and game also have chance play ps nds game by hackers gods

  19. Colorless-Scream says:


    I would think that this exploit would be through one of the programs located on the Plastation store like the last one, right? Well, if that is so…then how would be someone be able to access them if people can’t get to the Store without updating their Vita.

    Sorry if I sound like some kind of *** or something. I have to admit that I’m new to ‘exploits’ and the sort so I seriously don’t know.

    • Jd8531 says:

      The exploit is universal, so it would be ported to those that already have a usermode exploit on previous firmwares. But if they dont have any exploit, they could use a PS3 to transfer it.

  20. asdfasdegf says:

    please stop caring about that psp kernel stuff and aim for the main thing, there is no intellectual gain in doing this over and OVER AGAIN

    • Jd8531 says:

      Thats some good advice there, you should do it.

    • ... says:

      I don’t know if you read half the articles on here about attempts to hack the Vita and run native Vita code, but if you had, you would know that yes, people are working on it, and no, it isn’t as easy as you seem to think it is.

  21. phil87700 says:

    Somebody please tell me.
    Im on VHBL – GOLOR 2.12 Vita… Will i need a PS3 when this TN-V expolit is ported to GOLOR-VHBL.??????
    Please reply…coz im planning to sell my PS3…

  22. Mike says:

    Got voucher for early access public beta for Killzone™: Mercenary that begins on August 20th. But I’m on Vita 2.12 VHBL. I knew this would happen. Or should I update to 2.60 and get less memory when xploit arrives. Decisions, decisions.

  23. Leon Soryu says:

    Hello there.
    Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I would like to ask:

    How is the progress on the PSX Sound Plugin for Vita?


  24. antonio says:

    Sorry to post the same question, but after the announcement of 2.60 exploit for vhbl, I was afraid about the possible impact of it on tnv4 release: my question is… the publicated exploit games are possible candidate for tnv4 or can I ignore them? Thanks a lot..

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