PSVITA Mandatory OFW 2.60 Now Live

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  1. Sergio says:

    OMG, sad notice, because I want to update, but I dont want lose my exploit !

  2. Tnutbutter says:

    Turned my vita on to transfer content and this update caught me off guard.

  3. icyheart says:

    We want Kernel exploit on 2.12 and psx with a sound …

  4. man_of_power05 says:

    here’s hoping they fix the store bug. if you don’t know what i mean one sentence: “preparing to download”

  5. IXia says:

    still not DLNA compliant right ?

  6. rafael707 says:

    Maybe Its time to update from 2.02 and lose TN-V… nah just trolling I dont think its still worth updatin

  7. Nick says:

    So can the exploit still work ?? And am I able to transfer games still? I’m sorry I am very new at this I really need help Thanks!!

  8. Nick says:

    Will the exploit still work and can we sill transfer games?

  9. Vitality says:

    If I want to update the firmware, how to delete every homebrew contents in my storage? Right now, I have tons of GBC and NES rom games inside, but I’m pretty sure I could not delete all those ROMS file after updating, other than formatting the card.

    • D-TeK-DeV says:

      Try using the “Xplora PSP homebrew” app. I PSP Filer is better, but there’s been rumors that it doesn’t work on this HBL.

  10. phil87700 says:

    OGM! Let me Toss on this! … Oh k im saying on 2.12 for some while… 😉

  11. SakkeMO says:

    I let it to update, streaming from pc to vita is something i wanted for a long time, haven’t used much of vhbl since i still have a PSP Slim with 6.60 pro.
    And top of that i have lots of games on PSN and PS+


  13. Eligio says:

    How do i get in on this ninja release? I missed out last time.

  14. stOneskull says:

    i like this update..

    especially being able to watch video off my pc

  15. Kyu says:

    From 2.1 to 2.6?
    Damn those firmware numbers.

  16. Sky Yuki says:

    I update it straight away
    Because Gamocracy robot is not available in my country

    Too bad even new firmware still nothing new in store

  17. BVWeirdo says:

    Finally they’ve added anti-aliasing to the homescreen bubbles.

  18. x-eye says:

    Meh. I really got into the whole scene when i was into psp; even though i don’t know anything about hacking/programming it still felt kind of cool going online, reading all the forum posts, faqs, instructions etc and then implementing them. Now i find i just don’t have the energy any more. I’ve noticed some of the stuff HBers were doing eg the ability to play music while playing games, has been implemented on vita. So Sony got the idea from the hackers, but did they say ‘thanks’ or even acknowledged them? No. Instead like the rest of the software industry they continue to treat these talented people with scorn and contempt. Never mind that they are helping to harness the potential of the product and increase its popularity, they’re still treated like scum of the earth. Bad I-karma if you ask me. Anyway i think i will update even though i bought (and enjoyed) gamocracy. And even though they’ve given us zip in this update. I just don’t care anymore…

    • fatman0`912 says:

      You’re right and also it seems like PS Vita homebrew devs are the ones pushing Sony to make a new firmware. New firmwares only come out it seems when VHBL or E-CFW has been released. I will wait to update until Killzone Mercenary comes out!

  19. NNNRT says:

    Not available yet in some regions including mine.

  20. isnizal says:

    i am dying…

  21. x-eye says:

    So Sony what about:

    The ability to add ‘read later’ Web pages in the browser

    Improved browser functionality and speed.

    A file manager so i can tell what’s gobbling all the space on my memory card.

    The ability to create folders for music and videos and rename files including pictures.

    Callender, word processor calculator app

    A real equalizer including normalizer like psp had.

    …and other issues

    Are we being to greedy Sony? Does any or all of the aforementioned compromise the security of the device? Or is the vita another “experiment” like pspgo? Or maybe you guy’s really don’t care about your customers as has been suggested on other occasions.

    I’m just saying…

  22. Liviu says:

    Should I update?

  23. be0ut says:

    We wait for a new firmware to release exploit lol Sony waits for an exploit to release a new firmware

  24. Jdub says:

    Must be strong. Mustn’t update to play Dragon Crown…
    No! Must play dragon crown! No wait, must keep my ability to play psp Isos. OMG! This is gonna take some willpower.
    I hope there is a new K exploit in the works cuz I dont know how much longer I can hold out.

  25. ReapersRage says:

    Also, the low battery notification flashes about 4 times instead of one time, I don’t remember seeing this in the prior firmware unless I don’t pay attention that much to it 😛

  26. GuitaristMatt says:

    You forgot the anti-aliasing of the bubbles!

  27. Razor says:

    Features doesn’t sound much for an upgrade.
    I wonder what these Sony guys are doing, why can’t they give some real good apps and settings and stuffs to make the Vita alive n exciting ? X(

  28. kojo a gen says:

    is patapon 2 a vhbl

  29. UraniumDude says:

    Update mine because of Killzone Mercenaries.

  30. Vegas Ace says:

    Why is it that I cannot transfer with CMA it asks to update system why is that?

  31. Ar says:

    Help! me i am on firmware 1.81 and accidentally i factory restored my PSV ,now i cant access my memory card cause it ask me to go on PSN and PSN says to update..

  32. Vegas Ace says:

    Why is it that I cannot transfer with CMA it asks to update system why is that????????????????????????????

  33. Vegas Ace says:

    Why is it that I cannot transfer with CMA it asks to update system why is that?HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  34. Ar says:

    i updated to 2.60 Sony your shirty security sucks and i am going to sale my Vita for sure ..

    • lennyvita says:

      i would still keep the vita, there may be a future exploit and it will only get better. hang on to that vita, even sony is improving its features. there will be another exploit in time and then you can have the best of both worlds. it will be always a toss up. exploit or full sony psn update and access, atleast sony are adding features despite people disagreeing. for me i am happy with the exploit, dont care for psn access. my ps3 is for that.

  35. schmief says:

    lol opencma doesn’t even work. every time i use it it says to update the vita firmware. at least i got a bunch of homebrews before it was too late.

  36. JiachengWeng says:

    I predict that SONY had already developed the update and just waited the release of VHBL so that they could block it immediately. Maybe SONY has finished the next version of the frameware~^_^
    In addition, there is a slection device in the setting. I guess that there will be some extra device like HD camera and flash or TV output cable. That mystarious outer joint on the top of the Vita can finally be used!!!

  37. LaidBackBlack says:

    I am still using the uno exploit.

  38. owanef says:

    Ny is so smart. They wait until a vhbl has been released then the y send out a update with features wee can’t resist just to teap us in lol.

  39. Eduardo says:

    Excuseme how can i connect to the PSN if im on 2.12 firware using the charles proxy

  40. ?!? says:

    Where is coldbird?