Wololo.net turns 5 years old, and I have presents for you


We are constantly looking for guest bloggers at wololo.net. If you like to write, and have a strong interest in the console hacking scene, contact me either with a comment here, or in a PM on /talk!

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  1. nOu says:

    I got a psp and a vita… I love em – I google … then I found this site n’ lovin’ it

  2. Rahul Vyas says:

    I got introduced to the scene when I was looking around the internet for some PSVita hacks.

  3. Daniel Peters says:

    late in 2011 it just came into my mind if it’s possible to play all my favorite emu games on PSP without heavy crackin’. and yea my good old friend mr. google recommended your site! and god bless I found it!!
    from that time on I was playin all the retro stuff on & on with my PSP. I’m still checkin’ you site for updates.

    great site, great guy! hope I win lol =P

  4. STLcardsWS says:


    Congrats on the milestone!!!!!

  5. ungarok says:

    for the last three year you give me some good time with your site, and some good help for vita hbl. i can more enjoy my vita, merci 😉
    thanks wololo

  6. NakedFaerie says:

    I was introduced to the PSP scene at the very start as I got my PSP with firmware 1.50 installed it so I was there as it evolved. I’ve seen lots of homebrew and lots of CFWs. I saw the rise and death of Dark_Alex.
    I’ve made my own homebrew and ran lots and lots of homebrew.
    I’ve even got banned for life from a few forums and I’ve stood up for you bastards on one occasion and I killed a forum for you people.
    I’m still around doing my thing and doing it well. Mainly in person jobs these days and everyone I do a job for is happy with my work. Nothing of what I do gets released online anymore as I got so much abuse none of you deserve my work.

    Nobody knows what I do anymore which is good. I bet some of you still use my homebrew as I released it under another name and someone stole it and released it under their name and they’ve taken all the credit for it but I’m still happy its getting used.

    So, I’ve been in the PSP scene since the start and still going. I dont know anyone else that’s been in it as long as me and still going.

  7. NakedFaerie says:

    Oh I didn’t say, I’ve saw the rise of this site too. I didn’t join at the start but I knew of it and visited it a few times.

  8. Bronson says:

    I first got introduced to this site July 20, I was lucky enough to be just in time for the legend of robot 2.12 VHBL. I’ve heard the name wololo be used in videos about jailbreaking ps vitas and I picked the rigbt time to google it. I really like this site not only because the jailbreaking and homebrew but bow there are posts about upcoming games and systems and the great community

  9. BigOLDick says:

    The worst of all posts the more you delete my regular posts the more i will will write back to you making that nerve in your brain react.