Wololo.net turns 5 years old, and I have presents for you


We are constantly looking for guest bloggers at wololo.net. If you like to write, and have a strong interest in the console hacking scene, contact me either with a comment here, or in a PM on /talk!

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  1. JiachengWeng says:

    I was firstly introdused about PSP 5 years ago and the first game I saw was ACECOMBAT X. My school mate showed that amazing game to me and from then on, I dreamed of having my own PSP. My parents didn’t allow me to play games, so I spent about half a year to save enough money to buy that console. Ha ha!

  2. Mubu says:

    first of all CONGRATULATION to you wololo..as a bro & friend iam proud of you & your accomplishment & iam confident that you will continue with even more success..Good luck in your next adventures..Once again ” Congratulation “..Bro. <3…God Bless you..!
    about ma ps vita scene : I got a ps vita as a gift b4 10months..& after a long waiting & searching i found this site and got ecfw for my ps vita.. 🙂 Because of you i hacked my vita
    & stil running gravit crash exploit…Thank You so muchhh…

  3. isnizal says:

    happy besday!!!!

  4. somthing something something light side says:

    Happy anniversary wololo!, i got started on the psp scene after i got a PSP-1002 for christmas, after getting it, i wanted to no if i could do more with it so i went looking for Hacks and emulators, thanks for your wonderful website wololo

  5. tryonmydream says:


    its mine~* lol

  6. bivolt says:

    I was trying to emulate some snes games at my brand new psp device, than i discovered something called “pandora battery” haha. My life changed after that. PS Scene forever!!!

  7. roman18 says:

    I got my psp 5 years ago as a birthday present. After a week ive become addicted to hacking and installing different homebrews, firmwares.

    And then in 2013 i got my psvita as a birthday present again. Since then ive been wanting to know how to exploit and install homebrews on the psvita. Thats when i found this great and helpful site. I want to thank you for creating and giving us information on how to hack psvita.

  8. drawerfloat says:

    Everyday the before I login to Facebook, i will browse this site first.

  9. dementor says:

    yeah.. happy 5th bday. 😀

  10. Archaga says:

    I first got introduced to the scene when the PSP 2k version came out. And of course my first thoughts were “How do I hack this thing?” And since then I’ve been the go to guy in my group of friends to install CFW in all sorts of devices.

  11. Damari Gee says:

    I was introduced to the scene when there was an exploit where you put some file in your pictures folder and it crashed out or whatever the more technical term is from there I moved into the OE firmware cause I was scared to lose my hack for m33 which I soon found out was the stuff! It wasn’t all good tho because I bricked my friends trying to give him the hack I did I felt so bad I eventually read up on a way to fix it the pandora battery I couldn’t be a better day for the scene. ultimately I’m still rockin a psp1000 with the 6.60 CF but I do now have a psvita as well. thanks to this site i have the gamocracy exploit and been playing wagic hardcore and it’s fun to watch it follow the footsteps of what I guess would be its dad!? Am I the first to think that? Nahh I couldn’t be 🙂

    • trey says:

      Ahh, are you talking about the good old ChickHEN with the Tiff image exploit? That’s the one that got me started. I started on 3.40, updated to 5.03 and then downgraded to 5.00 for the permanent m33-6. Oh the memories…

  12. DrDOA says:

    I was introduced through the DS :p I really got into hacking with CFW and stuff but the DS felt limited to me so I moved on to the PSP and it had way more freedom than the DS IMO. That’s how I was introduced. And I’m glad I was.

  13. Yifan Lu says:

    When I first got a PSP, there were no current exploits out, and I waited and waited, and two months later, the Luminous exploit came out. I looked everywhere for the game and it was all sold out, until I found a copy at the local Gamestop (used). I quickly hacked my PSP and resold the game on amazon for twice the value. A month or so later, the pandora battery came out.

  14. Liviu says:

    When i got a psp i dont knew how to hack it

  15. Jaime Torres says:

    I got introduced to the scene when I was looking around the internet for some psp hacks and I came here and fell in love with it ever since . About 2 years ago . Happy 5 years and I hope for many more to come .

  16. Taro says:

    Oh man, that was long ago. I began looking into the psp scene during a time when exploits were scarce, and tool batteries were required. Since, then I’ve branched out and soft modded nearly every console I’ve owned. It’s been good, and it’s allowed me to keep playing my favorite games over numerous console generations.

  17. spokmoppa says:

    Congrats Wololo, heres to another 5 years!

  18. biglittlesps says:

    I got introduced to here when I bought my Vita and this community helped a lot technically to better understand the hardware of Vita soft hacks for personal uses.

  19. Dan says:

    I always wanted a PSP, so in 2008 I got one, was hacked when I bought and started playing almost any game that was released, enjoyed the little *** very much.
    When the Vita came I always craved it since day one, so I got it half a year later when it did in the US, haven’t been so pleased to buy and support game developers in my life until now : D

    And thanks a lot for the gift Wololo!

  20. stOneskull says:

    I started on dashhacks as a psp noob and they would often (and still do) link to you. i think it was wanting custom themes that eventually got me to sign up to /talk.

  21. white-side says:

    i got introduced to here when sony announced ps vita

  22. fadpoly says:

    when I brought my psvita, still on 1.80.

    congrats on 5 years.

  23. Kazumi says:

    Don’t expected cards but just want to say Congrates! Thanks for the work you’ve done in these years! 🙂

  24. x-eye says:

    Happy birthday wololo.com. I wish i could do what you guy’s do. People are always dissing minimur’s blogs but I’ve always wanted to write a blog and i know how hard it is. To stay fresh, to stay interesting to stay informed etc. it takes focus and commitment, two things I’ve never had lol. So best wishes to all of you! Keep up the good work!

  25. hellkm28 says:

    Great news!!

    Well i’ve wanted a PSP, i’ve always been a geek :p
    When i turned out 16 i started working and was able to buy a PSP1000 which was very expensive, i got the bundle some years later i had the opportunity to buy a PSP3K.
    By the time i was already a homebrew user and i used my PSP1K for emulation, mostly GBC to play Zelda Oracle of Seasons which i had the physical cartridge, but the battery of it died and i was no longer able to save game…

    Well that sums it up, the rest of the history’s a cliché (got deeper and deeper into the net to find new ways to use my PSP, used CFW…)

  26. jin says:

    I was introduced trying to find homebrews for the vita and was told by other forums that this was the place to be for quick exploits on vita !!!
    I have since joined up !!!

  27. ryan says:

    Basically I was just looking around and how to make use of my PSP aside from a paper weight. And I found this amazing website. 😀

  28. arielber says:

    I was first familliar with this website about a year ago
    among with the Uno exploit.
    fair to say,I was shocked from the fact that someone
    could find an exploit for the legendery sony defences(or atleast thats what i thought…:P)
    I had some fun with exploit and as I visited this
    website more often I learned more about homebrow,VHBL and more
    So yeah hope you enjoyed creating this website
    I sure did hope reading it 🙂

  29. Moss says:

    Yay, hope I win!

  30. Hellbelial says:

    I just need a 10usd card because i want to buy Castlevania,shame that psvita doesnt release ports of Castlevania games from Nintendo Ds console,i have them on my pc and they run just fine,but you know,is not the same that in console.

  31. Hellbelial says:

    I follow wololo since i know all about VHBL was allowed in Ps vita,sadly im not lying at all i always miss the exploit games,i still dont know how to make them work XD,last time with the last exploit i was going to buy it but jajaja i had in my wallet only $3.86 what a *** bad luck XD.

  32. psYos says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOLOLO!!!!! May many more come your way!! 🙂

    now random question Wololo. any chance of making wagic native to the vita so exploit or not we can enjoy this lovely piece of game?? 🙂

  33. Razor says:

    Congrats Wololo! 😀
    Been following this blog for a long time since the PSP and now the Vita..along with all the ups and downs in the scene, It has been fantastic! Let’s go for another 5!

    Grrrrrr I hope I’ll get a card bcoz I can’t find one in my country 😛

  34. immson says:

    in 2009 i got a psp go, it was awesome and i loved it. ive been following wololo since the first hbl came out. it was the only exploit for the psp go.

  35. VictorWei says:

    In 2011, I planned to buy a music player, but my friend told me psp go was better, so I bought GO which I never used for music. XD

  36. psvita-freak says:

    thanks to this site i found a way to hack my psp 1004 by my self (5.50 [some words here]… instead of paying 20 euros to a stupid noob… ;P
    so that was the trigger to keep me at this site…. And people, this is the only cfw/vhbl/hbl/ect. site that i trust… so does the virus scanner of windows 8… 😛

  37. Tyreethetruth4 says:

    I have been a follower of wololo since early 2009. Back when I wanted a PSP so badly. I finally got one in christmas 2009 and I really wanted to put CFW on it because I seen videos of it and what it can do and it was hopeless because at the time 6.20 was impossible to put CFW on and then my idiot brother updated to 6.31 when he stole my psp and tried to play it. Then I learned about HBL from wololo around 2010. So that was my workaround until a CFW was made for 6.20/6.31. There finally was a CFW for 6.20/6.31 by total noob and PRO team. Back then you had to use HBL to use the CFW but there was a update to it where you didn’t need HBL anymore but everytime you boot your PSP you had to enable the CFW again until someone made a permanate patch so in essence you had a actual CFW rather than CFW enabler. My PSP is broken now but I had a great run with my PSP.

  38. Francois says:

    While searching the web for informations about PSP hack scene, I found a website (pspgen) who was talking about something said here. I rapidly found your website and find it interesting to look at your news. My day is not complete when there is no new news here 🙂 Congrats for your 5 years, happy five years !

  39. Luis says:

    Oh well, I first started paying attention to the scene right after the GTA exploit. Around 2006 I guess? Oh I did so much to my old PSP…
    It also made me want to start develop apps, and understand more of the coding world, what then, by the end of 2009 led me to buy a Nokia N900, and dive deep into all of these!
    I learnt and experimented coding and new “languages” like never before!
    Thank you comunity, thank you wololo, guys like you made my entire digital life a complete joy!

  40. xlovenuggetx says:

    happy anniversary wololo. thanks for giving the public your time and energy.