How to switch your PS Vita to a US account (or any other country)


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  1. Fougeta says:

    I was planning in buying other memory card just to create an EU account to acquire some games that don’t have neither in BR or US PSN. But after that rumors i’m afraid to get blocked >.<

  2. ZeroSkys says:

    Question – If i have two memory cards can I set one memory card to one location and then set the other memory card to another location?

    So I could just switch memory cards to switch Locations.

    • wololo says:

      Yes, that should work.

      Edit: no, sorry, I misread your question, see discussion below.

      • Max7731 says:

        Hi is that the playstation store canaidiens (amérique North) is the same as the U.S. playstation store?. thank you

      • kuagelo says:

        Actually, I have to disagree.

        Suppose you have a US memory card currently inside a US Vita. Then, you have an EU memory card. Once you insert the EU memory card, the US Vita will tell you that it isn’t your memory card and will reject it. You have to manually switch the location of your Vita, as described above.

        It isn’t just “memory cards from another location”, actually. Anyone else’s memory card will be rejected.

        • wololo says:

          I think that was not the point of the question. What I meant is you dont have to format the memory card if you have one per account. You still have to do the rest of the process though, obviously.

          Edit: yeah, I clearly misread the question, my bad

      • kuagelo says:

        From what I can tell, your complete account information (trophies included!) is stored in the Vita, while memory cards simply store which account ID / username they are tied to.

        I wish they stored the complete account info inside the MC instead. That way we can switch accounts just by swapping memory cards. But it’s bad for business (e.g. your entire family can share a Vita and simply have your own individual memory cards). The PS3 can do this because it’s expected that it will be shared by the family. The Vita is more of personal device.

        Then again I could be wrong.

  3. A thing that everyone know.
    Its stupid because if you have an US Account a a EU account and have on both games you need everytime to reset to play the other games and redownload everything.

    Btw this news wasnt needed cause i think everyone know that if you do a factory reset that everything is erased 😉

  4. Obito says:

    Wish I had a PS3 to avoid doing this xD.

    • Rodpin says:

      Even if you buy it ith your US PSN account, you won´t be able to use on your Vita if it´s registered on other PSN… This means that if you want to play the games you already have on your other PSN account, you won´t be able.

      That´s one reason why you must think twice before changing you region.

  5. The Z says:

    About the rumor:

    It can happen, when you restore your PS Vita device, that it wont “sign out” of your PSN Account and wont deactivate itself as one of the few devices you can use your PSN Account with, but that is actually not a problem, unless you want to sell the PS Vita!

    Even if it does not remove itself from your PSN Account, it wont take a second slot of your 2 mobile devices, PSP and Vita, (or 3 console devices, PS3/4), if the account and the device are the same. So its really just a problem, if it isnt your device, or if you intend to sell it. Same applies for the account. If you share an account or sell it, be SURE to remove (deactivate) every device to free up the slots.

    Nothing is more frustating than a PSN Account / Sony device, which you cant use with your Device / Account.

    I hope this clarifies the rumor about the “blocked” slot.

  6. EJ says:

    This was so much easier before. I don’t even bother now.

  7. hahah says:

    has ninjA started

  8. CycloneFox says:

    You can skip step 3, if you remove the memory card when the video starts to play.
    The vita will say “memory card was removed. system will restart”. Put in you new memory card (wich is formatted or should be formattet for the other) region and click on ok. The system restarts once more but it goes faster as you skip the introduction video.

    • Death_489 says:

      Step 3 comes with step 1 for me , i only watch the video and put the account in the end..

  9. stavrosomo says:

    First of all i would like to thank wololo for the guide and also Qwikrazor87 for the exploit.

    I have got a problem when it comes to the point where i have to either log in or register. It does not actually gives me any choice to register rather than logging in. Can you please help me? Thanks!!

    • huntenrich says:

      Eu can download it from the PlayStation Store (PS3) and copy it over to the vita afterwards no need for us account

      • stavrosomo says:

        Thanks huntenrich for the answer.

        Is there any guide shows how can do this process?

  10. SloXreS says:

    When you creating your US account, i recommend you to set your state to Alaska, so you will not pay any TAX over the price of the game(s).

  11. Fran says:

    I switched accounts but when i would like to go back to my previous account would that delete all my data that i have on the first memory card ??? I didnt back up anything from the first card and i am afraid to lose all my save data and video clips when i plug it back … Somebody have experience with this ??? Thanks

  12. Frostee70 says:

    What if the PSP is exploited? Will I be able to recover the exploited game after I reset to factory settings and formatting the mmc?

  13. hotsei says:


    i’m registered to Asia psn and i’m planning on switching to a US psn account.

    my questions are:

    ==i only have 1 mem card (32gb) when i change region, is it alright to use the same memcard? (will be formatted of course) and back-up all my files to my pc?

    ==and when i want to play my digital games on my asia account, it’ll be like formatting the memcard all over again and vice versa?

    customer service on asia psn sucks, lots of titles are missing, and release dates are all over the place, we waited 2 whole months to get totori+

    • wololo says:

      – Yes, it will work
      – Yes, you will have to format it every time you switch accounts. I suggest to buy a second memory card if you plan to switch regularly

      • hotsei says:

        i have a 4gb one that came with my vita,

        thank you for answering my question!

        much appreciated 🙂

  14. giorgimeskhi1 says:

    will the restore delete my games saves? hope, i won’t

  15. jon10 says:

    if you have to reformat ur memory card evry time u switch, whats the use of having 2 MCs?
    from what i understood, in order to switch account,you must format ur MC since d account is tied to it. so whats d use if formating ur memory card when you have 2memcards?

  16. Musouka says:

    With the new PSVita, it is more of a hassle to switch accounts because of the built-in memory. You HAVE to format the internal memory card each time you switch since it’s linked with the other account. This add a couple of steps.

    1) Switch off Vita, remove card
    2) Switch on, do the system restore (plus formatting)
    3) Set up your Vita to the other account
    4) Switch off just as the welcoming video starts playing 🙂
    5) Insert memory card and switch on

    I have timed it and the process takes exactly 5 minutes so not to shabby.

  17. wmehanna says:

    Hello Guys, I got a PS Vita TV from Korea updated to 3.18 firmware. When I login with my Canada account I get the message “This service is not available in your country/region”. Can anyone give me a hand ?

  18. Eric says:

    Not only that games are cheaper in US psn, but PAL-region PSone classics sucked as well. (very bad selections compare too the US)

  19. echuck says:

    i have 1 mem card (8 gb) i want to change on asia ,im scare to delete my account

    question: if i follow the rules to change account my files will be deletd right???

  20. Greg says:

    Quick question, I have bought some games on EU PSN. Also have PS4 on this account together with PS+.
    If I will switch how described above, will I lose all bought games and PS+ ? And what about PS4 in this case ?

    • Tony says:

      On a PS3, if you switch to another account, you can still access those games you’ve bought with your original account via XMB. Not sure if PS4 is the same.

      Bare in mind the game you want to play NEEDS TO BE INSTALLED ON THE HDD unless you have a disc of that game.

  21. ann says:

    my vita doesnt show my country.what should i do?

  22. Yattoz says:

    Update : Now you can de-link a memory card (ONLY A MEMORY CARD ! NOT THE VITA ITSELF) without formatting it, thanks to the EML File Trick.

  23. nalo says:

    la pregunta del millón como descargarlo sin actualizar tengo 3.18

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  25. Daniel says:

    question if i buy something say a vita game on the us store can i simply send that to download to the vita that isnt using that account or would i have to manually reset the vita and switch in a new memory card and login with that account and download it manually that way? ad if so would switching back to my uk account delete that game i really want a psp game that never made it to the uk but made it to the psn store.

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  27. mattsouce says:

    I don’t no if anyone no this I have 3 accounts I switch all the time.i use account switcher u have to reset your vita I don’t format my memory card.when it start up I active henkaku and active my vita.i will say that if u don’t deactivate your vita in setting and you use safe mode that is how the slots get more thing is all my games I dumped so I have games from my 3 accounts on one memory card.

  28. Theres no reason to use the old method at all.. hidden applications + this guide: = account switching for all.

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