Sony’s E3: PS4 announce, dozens of games, Sony takes on Microsoft about Used games and DRM


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  1. Developer says:


    • RageCore says:

      What an useless comment, seriously.

      Anyway, I’m quite happy with Sony conference. As to the ps+ subscription I don’t mind. They give you free software an if one one owns more than 1 sony console – i have a ps3, psv, 3ds xl, wii, and sold my xbox 360- is a great deal. 1 subscription for 3 devices + free games on each one? YES PLEASE haha

    • Lord says:

      I’ll pre-order a PS4 and buy 10 years PS Plus tomorrow.

    • Jeff T says:

      No PS Plus is needed to play online you XBox fanboy loser

      • mlc says:

        actually PS Plus is required for online multiplayer; it’s the worst news about the PS4 thus far, although it won’t be required for Netflix et al. as it is with the XBox consoles.

        But, yes, you will have to pay to play online, because a enormous number of idiots accepted it as a reasonable cost for the XBox(es), so now it is becoming industry policy.

        • JeoWay says:


          Please stop spreading rumours. These claims are invalid and Sony themselves said that the PS4 will NOT require a PS Plus Subscription.

        • Z says:

          No, it’s not because people were willing to pay for XBOX Live that Sony is doing this. It’s because buying and maintaining servers are expensive. Sony has been losing a ton of money every year because they don’t have a required pay-2-play-online service. You could say that if that was true, Sony would have added the service, but a move like that would ***-off many of their consumers, not to mention that it’s one of it’s strongest point over Microsoft.

  2. Lord says:

    Stop trolling *** hole.
    Microsoft should take this slave back to school.
    I’ll pre-order a PS4 and 10 years PS Plus tommorrow.
    Gooddddd Jobbb Sonyy.

  3. somthing something something light side says:

    Mr Wololo, Please take some time to play Kingdom hearts and you will just how amazing it is, i almost had a heart Attack when i saw Kingdom Hearts 3 announced, as a long time fan and guy who brought a 3ds for nothing but Kingdom hearts games in general, its such a great game

    • Arash Andalib says:

      Me too i had chills during the entire trailer and was about to explode from excitement !!! finally my childhood will be complete !!!! And wololo seriously Bro play the game its the best game i have ever played !!!!

      • wololo says:

        Should I start with the first one, or just pick the most recent one? How difficult and long is it? (I lack free time)

        • fate6 says:

          start with the “HD” release on PS3 that has 1 and Re:CoM then go with 2

          there are a few for DS and one for PSP but TBH those are only if you want some back story

          there not very hard BTW tho Sephiroth in 1 is one heck of a optional superboss

          • UE says:

            The birth by sleep game is one of the best games in the series man, infact my personal favourite… the DS game I totally agree with but birth by sleep is needed if you want plot and it has a better combat system than any of the other games (hence why it is being used in KH 3 or rather an evolution of it)

            Not sure how dream drop distance is, haven’t splurged on a 3DS

        • Alex says:

          +1 for wololo playing KH. Really a great game franchise. Sony’s won me over, I’ll be buying a Ps4 soon after launch. Here’s hoping that we’ll see some progress on a hack for the ps4, preferably one that doesn’t support backups. I’d be interested in the kind of Homebrew we’d be able to create for that hardware :3

        • UE says:

          Birth by sleep is a very solid KH game… but start whereever you feel like

        • Arash Andalib says:

          Yeah start with the KH Hd remake on ps3 it will come in september then switch to KH 2 on PS2 then play KH Birth By sleep on PSP then youre set for KH III πŸ˜€ and each game will take you about 3-10 days depending on how much you play per day and how fast you go through it because it has side quests too πŸ™‚

        • somthing something something light side says:

          if you wanna play in release order start with KH1, but if you want to play in Story Order, start with Birth By Sleep

  4. alpmaster says:

    Man what’s wrong with Microshaft SONY was smart I can already tell more PS4 are going to sell. I care about being a game console. I do not watch movies or tv like that. SONY you really changed my oppinion. πŸ˜€

  5. Yojimbo says:

    **** I agree with you to some extent on the pouting trend in Japanese society, though Final Fantasy is a pretty well respected title. People have been waiting for this particular one for 6 years, and it looks kick-***. Besides that, this is a great year for the PS4, not very many new features have been announced yet, but comparing it to the Xbox One, (which doesn’t look THAT bad IMO, but is getting a lot of criticism) it looks like it’ll be ahead of the game this year.

    • Chasez671 says:

      Honestly, that pouting thing *** me off too haha. I can’t wait for FFXV though.

      Being a Xbox user for the past how many years, I thought that I would stay true to Microsoft in the next gen consoles. But man, Sony really killed it and I have absolutely no doubt that I’m switching to PS this time around. Microsoft sc*** up big time.

  6. Caio says:

    “NO KID EVER DOES THAT WHEN THEY ARE ANNOYED!!!!111111oneoneoneeleven”

    He didn’t do it because he was annoyed, he did it because he had food in his mouth

  7. x-eye says:

    too bad psv isn’t getting this kind of deluxe treatment from sony…

    • huh says:

      *** is a psv??

      • tinostar91 says:

        Playstation Vita, what a surprise

        • wat says:

          Is that like a PSP or PSP Go?

          When did it come out?

          • Z says:

            Oh. My. God. You are on this site, which has the word ” PS Vita” in it’s banner and has a lot of articles on the thing, and you don’t know what it is? I wouldn’t be surprised if this was another site which is not related to Sony or the Vita, since it isn’t that popular yet to become a household name, but we are on one of those sites.

            To answer your question, yes it is like the PSP or PSP Go, but ” successor” is a more accurate term. For more info, use Google

  8. psvitalover says:

    it seems like sony is giving up on the ps vita even though they announced 85 new titles πŸ™
    on the plus side maybe all the ps4 games are compatible with remote play πŸ™‚

  9. GuitaristMatt says:

    Wololo, how do you feel about the lack of Vita support at E3? Also, I want to point out that the PS4 is about the same size as the slim PS3 just a little thicker. It’s about 2 CD’s across and 1.5 back.

  10. Z says:

    Wololo, I think, like you said in the graphics that they are trying to make them realistic while keeping the manga/anime look, they are also doing it for the expressions. I think they know that it look sorta weird in real life, but still do it in games and manga/anime, since they are basically an escape from real life. Plus, they look cuter doing it anyways.

    On to that AC4: Black Flag bit. I think it was more of a problem with the still-in-development game and console, plus, if it was using an internet connection, plenty of other people using the network.

    And calm down guys. E3 isn’t finish yet, and Sony was hinting that they wanted to say more about the Vita during the conference.

    • GuitaristMatt says:

      So… about that lack of Vita?

      • Z says:

        Well, I can’t predict the future. I was hoping they would, especially since they’ve been giving some hints, but oh well.

        On the plus side, Planetside 2 and KZ: Shadow Fall have been confirmed to be remote-playable( and also Knack, in a way). Though it has already been confirmed by Yoshida that all PS4 games that don’t require a special peripheral are remote-playable, it’s still nice to have a confirmation from the developers themselves.

        Oh, and you should check out the Vita gameplay videos on YouTube taken in E3, like KZ: Mercenary and Tearaway. I know they were announced before E3, but it still shows that great games are coming.

  11. StepS says:

    It looks like two PS2 πŸ™‚ 2 + 2 πŸ™‚

  12. tonyuk73 says:

    You do know now after reading and watching this blog, you are going to cost me a small fortune.but its all good.:-D

  13. Justin says:

    I think the gameplay was actually freezing during Assassin’s Creed. If you watched during Destiny it was doing the exact same thing at the start (but not as badly.) While watching Destiny I think they had multiple people playing at the same time and I believe they switched the console stream while playing.
    For example when it was all black I think is a time they switched to avoid that issue again.
    Who knows though maybe I’m just crazy.

  14. DeathOfChaos says:

    If you were watching the trailer, you would have noticed that he didn’t want to eat something. I’ve seen kids do this in real life when they didn’t want to eat something gross. Also, FFXV is NOT new, it’s just Versus XIII. Square Enix cheated out and just used the Versus game as an excuse to show ‘the new Final Fantasy’. I’ll probably be still play the heck out of it, but I’m kind of scared at what they’ve changed and if they haven’t, then it’s truly not the next Final Fantasy, it’s still an iteration of the Fabula Nova Crystalis project.

    • wololo says:

      I stand my ground. Real kids dont do that. I am not talking about the pouting, but the “look at my cheeks, I’m a blowfish” act.

      • UE says:

        yeah I have seen it happen a lot, children that get away with things by being “cute” will do stuff like this.

      • FKurosF says:

        (the excess text should be hidden or something…this ended up being considerably more extent than I had previously antecipated… I apologize for that πŸ™ )

        I also have seen kids, several times, inflate their mouths when they want to show disapproval for something they have just been told. I have also seen western women, way past their 20th birthday, do it in pretty much the same manner (with the added effect of looking, or wanting to look, cute)… if this is the result of japanese media influence, I wouldn’t know, but I also don’t think it matters, since a good part of the world have, together with the language, implemented american habits and behaviours/quirks in their everyday life as a result to the constant exposure to american culture. I agree, that in that image Noctis “inflation” looks considerably more exaggerated than a kid would normally look in real life (maybe because he’s mouth was full?), but even then, I see nothing wrong with it, almost every game we see nowadays exaggerates, in one way or another, reality (exaggerated movements, feelings, human physical resistance, etc…).

        I have not been around many japanese kids to know if this is something they would more often do (or at all) than western kids (I’m going to guess they do though). But again, if they do,nothing wrong with it, western kids also do their own things as a way to show disapprovement (hoping to get out of things by playing with others’ feelings), be it with their “puppy eyes” (which some times, concerning girls, it comes with a little wiggle, or rotation of the body) or as simple as just lowering their heads… my point is, japanese kids were raised with a different set of media and culture inflicting influence over them, so it’s only understandable that their idea of “cute” as a way of self-defense would be different.

        Just two more things.

        1 – Yes, although that little Noctis is a little exaggerated, and therefore a little weird, he is still very cute :p… XD.I am sad to realize that the kawaii side of the force is weak with you Wololo XD.

        2 – I agree, that video is brilliant to say the least, and it shows that Sony, at least more recently, have been trying to understand gamers, and have a considerably better understanding of how the internet, and its sense of humor, works, than Microsoft does… let’s just hope that this “understanding” is not something that just appears in E3s that preceed the launch of important systems, just like if this was some political elections (yes, even if just a result of Microsoft playing the “villain” part, my sceptical side is finding all this “hero” Sony that understands the people, very peculiar… going by recent past experiences that is).

        3 – Just play Kingdom Hearts already ^^. I mean, when I first played the game, I was still pretty much a teenager, so the music and the entire ambience got to me much more than it will probably do to you, but nonetheless it is still a great game with (at least after the first one) a considerable more complex story than you would guess by looking at it XD.

  15. Dave says:

    You sure wololo? It’s called Pouting, all kids do it.

    • wololo says:

      They dont blow their cheeks like that. Girls here do this to make their face look rounder, to look like kids. I wont pretend I’m a kid expert, but I have yet to see a kid do this in such an exaggerated way.

      • DeathOfChaos says:

        I’ve seen at least three small children do this in at least the last few years. I have the utmost respect for you, wololo, but you surprised me here, lol.

        • wololo says:

          Haha, ok… well, I’m not really known for my skills with people in general, so maybe I’m not a good observer of kids πŸ™‚

          • Z says:

            Is it wrong that I’m a 15 year old guy that does this? I don’t even do it because I want to look ” cute”, it just became sort of natural for me, LOL

  16. Mexicouger says:

    Sony, for the first time you have impressed me. Microsofts Xbox One has hit the gaming switch off for me. After reading this article though, Sony has turned it back on *Gives sony an applause*. It comes to show who really is the selfish one through the next generation consoles. The PS4 has just as good of specs as the Xbox one(To my knowledge, I could be wrong), it has many new features that are great to have, it’s a much more reasonable price than I had expected(And better than the XBox one), and it plays used games. And to think I have always been an Xbox fanboy..

  17. Tnutbutter says:

    Looks better than the Xbox One. The price does surprise me. The exclusives look promising. I just hope you can do more with the ps vita with the PS4. It would be sad for it to be forgotten.

  18. Someone Else says:

    This, to me, feels like the atmosphere from the PS1 days. The games actually look fun, and have that old “Playstation” feel back. I can’t even describe what I mean.

    Was for PS4 already but E3 got me like twice as excited.
    I don’t think I’m in the minority.

  19. Thrawn says:

    Well no buying before the first three price cuts for me. All good things are three. And also no buying before there is a customer base which writes reviews, error reports, negative things, positive things, all features detailed and ironed out on the cost of the userbase πŸ™‚
    No go my minions and preorder lots of ps4s so that you can report to me what is true and what is not. cl4ptr4p my hero, just to funny *rofl*

  20. derpington5 says:

    Not familiar with Kingdom Hearts?
    I climaxed at least twice when I saw KH 3 during e3

    • wololo says:

      Yeah, sorry about that, I realize this is a major franchise, but somehow I never played it, I didn’t want to comment on a game I only know by reputation.

      • aces says:

        Actually, you’re not missing much. It must be one of those like it or leave it franchises. Played 30 minutes worth, not for me.

      • DeathOfChaos says:

        To be honest, that’s much better than most sources react to something that don’t know about. The HD collection is coming out in September I believe, you could get that and play through the first half of the series and see what you think! πŸ™‚

  21. Online Gamer says:

    I’m down with an online subscription. This is actually a godsend for Sony Gamers and Fighting Game players on PS4. Why? For starters the online for PS3 now is ***. Period. Try playing any game that requires frame perfect timing in the heat of a match. If you’ve ever played a fighting game on PS3 online, you know what I mean. This is because Sony does not host dedicated servers for all of their online games.

    Meanwhile Xbox 360 has great online, for a price. This price is justified because Microsoft actually hosts servers for their online service to ensure minimal to no lag.

    That said, I hope Sony upgrades their online to the same level as the 360’s. As a competitive gamer, I want this and I am willing to pay for this for $50/year.

    • fate6 says:

      lol MS does not host any servers for the X360

      well TBH I have never actually looked into it but I do know for a fact that all Halo games and CoD games are P2P
      BF3 servers are hosted by EA BTW
      (same goes for all EA games)

      oh and same Gears of War

  22. twigg says:

    Sony just *** slapped microsoft

  23. Mr Koolaid says:

    Youre a nerd bro. what the heck do you know about getting laid and *** LOL xD

  24. LuKe_AA says:

    Don’t worry Microsoft, keep playing with your Used Game block; a hacker will sort the issues for you.

  25. wololo says:

    Do explain, what makes that game a non typical fps, because the demo did not show me much, besides the fact that the way weapons are attributed is going to make a great excuse for expensive DLCs.

    • fate6 says:

      actually its more of a MMO
      and yes I am a Bungie fanboy πŸ˜€

    • GuitaristMatt says:

      It looks like borderlands meets halo right?

      • fate6 says:

        not exactly but yes that is one way of thinking of it ^__^

        its like they took everything people liked about Borderlands and Halo then put them together
        best part is it seems to work really well 0__0

  26. wololo says:

    We’re also gamers πŸ™‚
    The news on the vita hacking front are slow, I’m not gonna make things up just to fulfill your crave for hacking articles.

  27. shades says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more on Final Fantasy XV, wololo. The whole “emo” thing FF has had going since Cloud was fresh and neat back in the 90’s, but nowadays it’s cheesy, dorkish, and oddly downright creepy. Every time I saw one of the characters with their bangs flying in their face I stifled a laugh.

    Either choose reality or anime-ality, or mix it up in an INTERESTING NEW way. I really couldn’t take it seriously.

    On the flip side, Kingdom Hearts 3 made my jump. Too bad knowing Squeenix it’ll be six years until it’s out . . .

    • Kazu says:

      Whoa, the emo thing is over, every person who has long hair isn’t emo. If you look back on the 2011 trailer it shows he has a very loud and cocky personality. Can’t look at someone’s appearance and determine if they’re emo or not. I don’t see how you can say that’s childish and dorky, when you got excited for KH, which is the dorkiest game in history (Good, but dorky).

    • DeathOfChaos says:

      Just an FYI, this is pretty much the norm in Japanese pop culture; Meet the GazettE

      These are the less frivolous fashions explored by Japanese artists. Look up other bands like Alice Nine or Ayabie and you’ll get an even bigger surprise, lol.

  28. zakaiya says:

    Quick question guys, any updates on open CMA? Does it work with firmware 1.12 or not? I need my privacy :/

  29. Sharlock93 says:

    One of the reasons I love sony is because they made the PS Vita, PS3 and now the PS4 region free….this is important as i live in ME…and this way my money will help the game developers, where for the PS2 i had to buy pirated games and mod the PS2, god that was a headache..

  30. srk1634 says:

    People give this a read, as Sony America’s CEO Jack Tretton clarifies or elaborate about sony’s policy about used games and DRM


    • Thrawn says:

      Interesting yep, but still it’s not all that bad. Imo used titles are a part of the market system, if thy cut that out it would be all over. On the pc, the developers and publishers already killed the “used game” market, consoles were the last stand. If sony would let them do as they want to, publishers would kill the platform out of greed, leaving no difference between a pc, ps4 and xbox.

  31. gunblade says:

    final fantasy need tactics n more warcraft a fighting system like derge n vangrant story dissidia ooh n serqueal to there old games (like ffv3 v2r)

    • DeathOfChaos says:

      I half way understood what you said, but I agree with everything that I did πŸ™‚ A new Tactics game would be awesome! πŸ˜€

  32. gunblade says:

    wandeing what ps3 acesseries work with the ps4 wana use my bluetooth keyboeard… on the ps4 so i can play games from my playstation ps3 thats on my ps3…. since backword play on the ps2x2 for the ps3 like streamed how does that work with the ps3 hard copies i have…guessing my ipad works with the ps5-4+1Γ—3.. i guess ps plus be alright if u have to subcribe to network service..

  33. omnipotent says:

    I agree with wololo about ff15. Ff13 was a huge failure and not like any other ff. If they want to do this ,create a new game line and call it a rpm ROLE PLAYING MOVIE. Just press x button until next video clip

    • DeathOfChaos says:

      Funny you should say that. Tetsuya Nomrua specifically designed an element with XV that makes it to where you can play during in game cut scenes so that you can interact with the world during it.

  34. Loketar says:

    I use this site as my main source of gaming news, keep it as it is please.

  35. gunblade says:

    the ps4 reminds me of tron and a bunch of 80 s reobot moves

  36. fashion says:

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