Wii U has been fully hacked, claims modding team WiiKey. Nintendo responds. Then Wiikey responds back.


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. #18 says:

    Well, this is new.


    • StanSmith says:

      No, its not new. There are many wankers here your just the first one in this thread.

    • aerinas says:

      You could’ve converted “FIRST” to hex and post that, but no, you ruined it :<

      • Minimur12 says:


        a message for you;


        • tinostar91 says:


        • aerinas says:


          • Minimur12 says:

            try figure this one out 😉



            i double translated it.

          • aerinas says:

            I can’t reply to you anymore, cause it’s getting too long xD


    • troll says:

      base 64 message to the first: ZnVjayB5b3UgLnwu

    • -X-77 says:

      This is not new! this is exactly what happens with their home consoles. they get hacked. but for wiiu All i can do is ***!! i hope this is real. nintendo needs to wake up and make better home consoles. i honestly believe this could of been avoided with simple bluray support/bluray games but oh well. they chose to go cheap again, but this time ask for more money. smh. Nintendo needs new leadership! #FireIWATA #FireREGGIE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4nYjBvzM_I

  2. Chasez671 says:

    Now only if we can have a full Vita hack.

    • LoveSony says:

      it seems Sony always did it better at security than Nintento, even it’s just a bit better 😀

  3. MarSprite says:

    Now I want a Wii U even more… I guess I’ll wait till I can actually get my hands on the hack before I go buy one.

  4. Inicuo says:

    It is funny that both PSVITA and WII U are being compared on sales, as people think WII U is a portable console, lol

  5. mlc says:

    While this is interesting, I’d probably wait a while to see if it’s real and where the scene goes. There weren’t any WiiU games I wanted thus far, so even though I like to get in early in case of hardware changes preventing future hacks, this isn’t going to get me to rush out to buy a hackable WiiU.

    Also, paying to hack a console is generally lame. I’d much prefer a hack that doesn’t require a hardware element and isn’t monetized, though this obviously isn’t going to always be possible.

    • StanSmith says:

      The Wii is a hardware chip, the PSP had a hardware chip, the PSP had a hardware chip, the 360 is a hardware mod (You need hardware to mod it), the PS2 was a hardware chip, the PS1 was a hardware chip, the PS3 started as a hardware chip, the xbox was a hardware chip, just about every hack starts as a hardware chip then if your lucky someone else finds a software mod. The PSP started as software as Sony had no protection at all on that console so it didn’t need anything to hack it.

      I very highly doubt the WiiU will ever be software only.

      And for all the others, the WiiU isn’t really that good. It locks up more than the PS3, its got a LOT less games than everything else, the controller is really uncomfortable, its slow, it doesn’t look that good. I think the Vita has better graphics, and its overpriced. If you have a Wii then wait for a huge price drop before wasting your money. The least wait till this WiiKeyU is released as that will make it look a lot better.

      • nyrol says:

        What are you talking about? The Wii U’s graphics capability are second to none in the currently released market. Also, everything had a hardware chip, but most things were softmoddable. PSP, Xbox, 360, Dreamcast, PS3 and Wii all require zero hardware additions (other than the standard things that everyone has, like memory cards and access to a computer). So far, Nintendo’s track record seems to be the best when it comes to fighting against hackers, they just happened to really screw up with the Wii.

      • mlc says:

        I guess you got me there. I was thinking of the easy Wii software hacks, and I didn’t remember that there was a hardware hack prior to those. Other than that, you’re mostly right, since the major software hacks I can think of were things like the PSP and Dreamcast that either initially had no protection against code execution or never had any copy protection at all.

  6. Reshiràm says:

    I knew I was right about it getting it hacked, everything needs something and I bet they will go broke and stop making more of them. The PS vita ppl should just try and get it. I don’t see nothing bad on it. And maybe the prices of both soon be dropped.

  7. migueltio says:

    who would want to work on a Vita hack? there aren’t enough games

    • Zimond says:

      There are people who couldn’t care less about piracy. I want a hack for homebrew!

  8. BeastyX says:

    Quit Comparing Condoles To A Handhelp I Love The Vita And The Wii U Will Never Live Up To The The Feats A Vita Will Acomplish In The Near Future Even Without Hacks Maybe In A Year When The Vita Picks Up A Head Of Steam And The Wii U Drops Dead In An Alley Lost And Forgotten Then You Will Realize They Should’ve Never Been Compared Even If It Is Sales The Two Are Completely Different Plus They Branch into a dangerous market that mobile devices have on lock down the Wii u is disappointing but I find myself when I’m using my Iphone Trying To Use The Rear Touch Input lol It’s Definiate A great Touch The Wii U Dosent Have

    • GonjaT says:

      I agree beastyx they should not even compared! That’s like comparing a 3ds to a top notch Pc. The vita will own all hand helds unless Microsoft pulls something outta their ***. WiiU should be sitting with the ps3/xbox or even the soon released ps4. Ps vita is a hand held, WiiU is a home based console, no comparison end of story!

  9. jlo138 says:

    So is this a USB device or a solderless chip? Maybe I missed something here…

  10. Ivo says:

    Wiiï chipped

  11. HaunterZeroX says:

    Now I’m definitely getting a WiiU now!!!

  12. svenn says:

    The Wii U is a great console
    Comparing Wii U and Vita is wrong. I doubt your opinion is shared among many …

    Anyway interesting, but they make it seem “easy”, and its never that easy.

  13. Raziel says:

    even with my Wii hacked out of the water i really dont play it much. i plan on buying a Wii U soon but this makes me want the Wii U even more. I mean the US never gets good games and with it hacked at lease i am able to play games from japan without buying a second system.

  14. sdmon says:

    though it cool that it may be true if it is they sc*** us the system has had trouble selling and now less developers will make games cause they wont make money due to game piracy they should have waited a year or two so that they can at least have some game base the system will now croke and will have like 20 games for a hack that could have done more

    • GonjaT says:

      Well said sdman

    • reaper527 says:

      sdmon, you are joking, right? did the x360 stop getting new games after it got hacked? how about the psp? the whole “if it gets hacked, it won’t get good games” argument is ridiculous.

    • Zimond says:

      I don’t give a f§$% about 3rd party game for the WiiU. I bought it for Nintendo Games and not for CallofPuky ect.

  15. BahamutBBob says:

    I was already somewhat interested in the WiiU, this makes me more likely to buy one.

  16. reaper527 says:

    now if only the 3ds could get a (publicly released) hack capable of breaking the region lock

  17. Zimond says:

    a WiiU Homebrew Channel would be awesome!

  18. Roland says:

    Aww man, this article popped up here too…
    At least I know that for the most part, people in this scene can understand why it is way too early for the Wii U to be hacked to this extent.
    On other sites people are actually happy about this. So far I might be the only one deeply depressed by this news…

    • Roland says:

      I just noticed this article doesn’t go into the Wii U dumps popping up.
      So unfortunately, proof has sprouted up to it being real…

  19. yslemaire says:

    If the hack is real, must you have New Super Mario Bros for it or do you only need the chip?

  20. Tnutbutter says:

    It doesn’t even have that many games on it yet. They should hack something like the Xbox 360…or atleast make it easier to hack a ps2.

  21. Christopher Nelson says:

    I have a feeling, that we hackers have started a war that we can win, if we get more players to hack!

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  23. Mark says:

    3 years later and still no evidence of the WiiKey U ever being released. So much for all of WiiKey teams bragging. Lame

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