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Video : PSP Isos running on a 4.41 OFW PS3?


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51 Responses

  1. BahamutBBob says:

    This is relevant to my interests.

    I would definitely not argue against playing some of my PSP games on my PS3, but I don’t want to hack my PS3.

  2. Draven says:

    PLEASE let this work. I have to check this out the second I get home. Wow.

  3. kagaelus says:


  4. Hell says:

    I mean…would it work if i creat a VPN connection with someone who has a hacked PS3, and since we’ll be on the “same network” transfer it?

  5. jlo138 says:

    Once done I’d wonder if you could then transfer from the OFW PS3 to another OFW PS3.

  6. Notn4 says:

    How far fetched is the idea of using this method to run ps3 stuff, such as a cfw installer or a loader of some sort?

    Or is it like the vita and runs the psp isos in a sandbox emulator?

  7. donttrytofindmeillfindyou says:

    since this is about transfering in theory you could transfer psp games to vita using a hacked ps3 there are infomation scatered on the net first you need to read about param.sfo there are certain flags that enable transfer to vita,at first it was just next to impossible to do this since we can now decrypt psn stuff and know how it works its just a matter of time.note yes you need to have the same account and logged on to psn.there is a line there that on starting on 4.0 update the option to transfer in xmb was removed but the flag is still used they now use the bubble before you can transfer it but there are other ways around this one.since ps3 and psvita are almost identical “yes i know you know” im suprized no one is looking up ps3devwiki and read it contents.

  8. Byron says:

    yo habia hecho eso el año pasado con dos ps3 uno hackeado y el otro no pero lo hice con juegos como resient evil 4 y no me funciono donde si me funciono fue en los juego de crash para la ps1

    • Marko says:

      Qué tal; al fin n.n ; tu que se vé que sabes: Sabes si ya se puede downgradear de 4.41 a 3.55 o algúna forma de cargar isos de PS3 o al menos de PSP? o algún tuto explicativo que conozcas? Saludos.

  9. DeathOfChaos says:

    Pretty awesome, but the title is very misleading. Not so exciting anymore…

  10. StanSmith says:

    I said about that on another forum about a year ago and it worked then. Its nothing new the only thing new is the PSP Minis.

  11. donttrytofindmeillfindyou says:

    there is a similar method that i posted here but it is lacking something”im talking to you yes you” it is posted on your forums you might wanna get rid of it too.titled ps vita psp minis on security/homebrews section.

  12. sammer says:

    so can this be done on a ps vita? ( I mean same process and steps, requiring a cfw or ofw ps3), personally I condone piracy, but the vita is a powerful machine especially for homebrew emulator, hope the devs open the gates for more possibilities, and in turn not encouraged piracy

  13. linkedot says:

    i have tried fom cfw to ps vita via content manager, but showed as corrupted data

  14. chaos_star23 says:

    im definately following this, becasue while i cant play my PSP games on my vita becasue most of what i own isnt even on the Vita psp digital list (aka crisis core, FF3 remake, my tenchu games, Tales of the World Radiant Mythology, Phantasy star portable 1 and 2, Star Ocean. etc. and i dont have my psp becasue i upgraded,. maybe i could play my psp games by backing them up and putting them on my ps3. and i think it would be nice to be able to do Something! neat with my suuuperslim ps3 considering how much money i spent on it and the fact that its gonna last for probably the next 8 years. And to top it, I personally dont want to fork out 45 Dollars to have 3 of my my 4 Ys games back on my vita when i could back them up and and just play them on my console. And they dont even have Ark of Naphistim on there so i could play Ark too without having to but another psp. (im a student and father so no i dont have alot of money and my sons 3 and no i do NOT support piracy )

  15. chaos_star23 says:

    speaking of which why doensnt sony do thisfor the ps3? is the psp emulator software or does it include some certaintype of hardware? i would lik to see crisis core Ys and some other games on the psn soon for the Console not the handheld, as my quiet evening are spent on my couch wishing i had Ys to play on a bigger screen or at least a straight port of the pc version to ps3. hey sony! why dont you have these on the ps3 already? there are Pc U.S. versions of every single recent game except Seven! C’mon sony we’re not all a bunch of call of duty playing zombies!

  16. Del_Inferno says:

    Im sure this is a lot of work, but could it be possible to run a GUI from your PC connected to your PS3 to accomplish the same goal? As in emulate the data transfer utility software to make the OFW PS3 think that it is connected to another PS3? That would eliminate the use of a CFW PS3.

  17. NNNRT says:

    I want that now! 😥

  18. diesel701 says:

    On PS3 we can sign Edat file and make payed content like free stuff.
    What we can’t do is sign the PKG and sign the Self file.
    For PSP Minis we don’t need to resign, so no problem, but we must create a SIGNED PKG to install on OFW and for now we can’t..

  19. MrChunks says:

    PS3 update What is it for?

  20. Mitchell Hartshorn says:

    I can actually confirm this is true, I had installed crisis core then i accidently installed 4.01 OFW and crisis core still ran.

  21. Chris says:

    This has been possible with psn games for years. For some reason it never became widespread knowledge. It is probably still possible to get pirated psn games on to a super-slim ps3, but I have not tried it, so take that with a grain of salt. Also piracy is bad, just sharing information.

  22. YoRetro727 says:

    I can confirm data transferring Mega Man Maverick X psp2ps3 game from Regero 4.40 1.3v to an official online/non mod 4.41ofw PS3 system with the game still working perfectly.

  23. Monsterwuwi says:

    Is this realy right? i lose all Data´s on CFW Plate, it was erased!! can anybody confirm this??

  24. dan says:

    wololo why is your name wololo

  25. Thomas says:

    Does this work for PS2 Games too?

    And what is with the installied dlc’s?
    Does this work with the 2 Things?

  26. chaidi says:

    Does this work for PSN Games runny on cfw 4.40 ?????

  27. jeebs says:

    Lol! this is crazy cool xD

  28. BeastyX says:

    So basically after being tranferd from CFW PS3 To OFW PS3 The Files In Theory Say Its An Emulator could be hosted for all to download with the use for a CFW PS3??? But That Also Brings Me To What The PSV Scene Does With Thier Half Byte Loader Could Something Of That Magnitude Come From This Discovery?

  29. YoRetro727 says:

    It doesn’t run iso, it actually runs the psp2ps3 pkg file you created from the iso(you fools)
    Create the psp pkgs from psp iso with psp2ps3 app.
    Then install all psp pkgs from install pkgs on main menu. Then u can data transfer to an online OFW4.41 PS3 system.
    This THREAD need to be more clear on how it works also the
    THREAD NAME shouldnt state that a PSP ISO can be run on OFW.
    It should say PSP2PS3 pkgs are able to be data transferred to a PS3 on OFW and still works great

    • JeoWay says:

      Your not very bright are you? Obviously it is a pkg file! You still have to use the ISO data to make the packages. So technically, you are running an ISO. Think before you make yourself (look like a fool)

  30. decius says:

    I still think this is funny since it’s a psp game being used, like the ps vita exploits. Who would’ve thought that the PSP (Thanks to Dark_Alex) scene would haunt all their efforts to stop this kind of thing XD.

  31. ivo says:

    been messing all day and cant even get psp or ps2 or psx conversions to work on 3.55 cfw and all updates fail kmeaw
    dehash got me clueless toggleqa

  32. Scorinitron says:

    Here is another way to do it

    What if he backs up his ps3 over to a portable HDD then uploads the back up as a torrent file.

    Then we just download/transfer the backup to our Portable HDD plug it to the PS3 restore it via the portable HDD.

  33. Arewqfe says:

    good idea , post it on some forum or message it to wololo

  34. tfg says:

    I personally believe that all sony products should play on all sony products, at least if it has the specs to run. Corp a bunch of money mongrel$

  35. Pspmte says:

    Ok I will try this soon got loads of ps3s to play with
    I see a downgraded on the horizon

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