Lower PS Vita Firmwares for Dummies

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  1. TheGamer says:

    I have an PlayStation Vita Phat (1000) and i wanne play good old psp games that arent on psn store and i have firmware 3.12 but i only have motorstorm artic edge so my question HOW TO DOWNGRADE TO 1.61 (sorry for caps just to atrack you and it works you see :P) so when i downgraded how to i play PSP iso’s CSO’s (i have the games on UMD like sims 2 pets).

    thx already for reply :-).

    (and again sorry for caps only to attrack attention AND IT WOKRED :P)

  2. Darth Agnon says:

    Is it possible to do any of this without a PS3 or PS4? e.g. with Media Go, or something on PC? Any help would be appreciated.

  3. aka says:

    21 July 2014
    It worked for me.
    PSVITA 3.01 – paid and downloaded Pool & Snooker – downloaded on PS3 and left in the bubble (do not open game on PS3).

    downloaded last version of CMA from Sony
    downloaded OpenCMA 5
    Put into the same directory, run .bat and dll.exe

    Put PSVITA on Plane mode and wifi turned off.
    Turn off wifi on your laptop
    Launch OpenCMA
    Turn on PSVITA
    Connect PSVITA to OpenCMA
    Launch CMA on your PSVITA and connect to PC
    Disconnect cable from the computer but leave it on PSVITA end
    Connect PSVITA to PS3
    Transfer game to PSVITA using CMA on PSVITA

    Reconnect PSVITA to computer
    Transfer savedata with exploit to your PSVITA
    Launch game on PSVITA
    go to multiplayer, tournament and then click on Player 2
    Here you go !

    Took me quite some time to be succesful so I am sharing step by step 🙂

  4. josh says:

    out of curiostiy i have the 3.01 ben ten exploit with no intention to update. however there is a psvita game coming out very soon (called sword art online). would i be able to use the above methods and be able to play it on my current firmware? cause if i recall if i were to buy a cartridge it would force me to update and i dont want that. any advice is helpfull sorry to be noobish

  5. ishygdaft says:

    Thank you so much for the vita activating trick with the ps3, I would have been seriously SOL without it. Thanks man.

  6. Bollafa says:

    As @ishygdaft said THANKS A TON for the ps3 activation trick, 😀 you saved my life.

  7. uchenna says:

    pls I need urgent help I have a psn account I bought like 5 Ps vita game 4rm store I have use the psn account to activate 3 Ps vita game console. then I have reset the account and activate another 3 different Ps vita console with the same account. now I try to use open CMA+ps3 trick to activate another Ps vita console but the game won’t transfer from the ps3 to the Ps vita.what do I do guys?

  8. Kris says:

    PS3 activation doesn’t work anymore? I put my 3.35 Vita into Airplane mode, rebuilt the database, and I disabled my PS3’s network connection. The PS3 won’t let me connect to the Vita while offline and when I turn its wifi back on, the Vita tells me a system update is required when I open content manager. EAFD Sony. A gd river of D…

  9. Oli4 says:

    My psvita phat with firmware 3.15 just updated itself to 3.60. I was trying to update it to 3.18. Aparently after step

    “4. Go to System Update and click “Update Using Wi-Fi”.. It will show the Latest Version then click “Next” and “Yes” Then “Do Not Accept” and “Yes”.. This will give you the Link to the PUP file it will download and install..”

    it downloaded 3.60 in the background. So when i clickd update it did just that. Was unable to stop the update when i saw no change in the logs tab. Watched helplessly as my beloved vita slowly sunk into sony’s walled garden…………..

  10. Matt says:

    On 3.60 is any of that possible? Am I fudged out of play my gow collection which was too big for my sd at the time 3.61 dropped?

  11. Mpl2014 says:

    If we make vita think its on lower firmware than 3.60 (or the .pup file on highter ver.) will be possible to “Downgrade upgrade”?

  1. March 12, 2015

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