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Release: TN-V v3

72 Responses

  1. carsauce says:

    Getting sick of the hassle to keep updating or not…IF anyone can confirm, Does this exploit work with emulators? or the rest od the homebrew properly this time? I’m on TN-C and enjoying it and the last time i switched to TN-V I had problems, and just errors, so does this fix those problems???, can someone please confirm?

  2. pupong21 says:

    can someone tell me if they are going to release a 2.06 kernel exploit?i have tons of psp games but my vita is in 2.06..i dont want usermode…i want a kernel exploit!please wololo help me!!!tnx! ^_^

  3. SERGIO says:

    dos it work whit apache

  4. emulation says:

    I don’t know what happened but FCEU emulator does not work with this new update… in the version 2 FCEU worked correctly :S

  5. Rob says:

    I have FTP crash too 🙁 Please help!! I was on Tn-v yesterday and I ftped about 3 gigs and today after 20 secs, I get the same error message everybody’s talking about 🙁

  6. Help says:

    I wonder. I just bought the Vita and it came with FW 1.61. I’m thinking of updating to 2.02 but from what I gather, TN-V v3 won’t work unless I own UNO (which isn’t even available anymore), so does that mean I won’t be able to hack the Vita? Am I forced to update and just wait for an exploit to be released and buy the game right then and there? That seems to be the trend so far.

  7. Sean says:

    With the version V-fix, I was able to run (UNO) with PSX-saga frontier, but ERROR on verion V-3? does anyone has the same problem?