TN-V v3 Coming Soon

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  1. jvhellraiser says:

    hope he fixes the issue loading PSN Ps1 games
    that has TN-V v2 this is one of the reasons I am
    still in TN-V v1.

    • StepS says:

      why would you want this? if they’re from vita PSN you can launch them natively and have sound.

      • ColonelPanic says:

        I can’t launch Symphony of the Night anymore from the vita homescreen; I think it doesn’t like that my vita’s not on the newest firmware. I think launching from XMB might make it work.

  2. darkenvy says:

    Version 2 wasn’t fake? It was posted on April 1st so I assumed it did some sort of pranky thing.

    Woops :P. Late to the party hehehe

  3. kekeke says:

    Should i wait for apache overkill kernel exploit or should i just update to 2.10?

    • GuitaristMatt says:

      You should update. Chances are, the next major kernel exploit will be on a higher firmware.

      • Theredbaron says:

        Except that TN is saying that Sony is really trying hard to stop TN-V. Check out his thread in the forum’s. It seems 2.10 is blocking it, even with his personal kernel hack he uses for test.

        So I would stick with 2.06 if I were you. Might take time, but unless something changes 2.06 is the last one that is at least “easy” to do.

  4. GC says:

    Gravity Crash 1.81 Not Port ???

  5. WOLFRAMIO says:

    Please fix the issue that tn-v wont run if vita is setup in other language than english…

    • The2ndLaw says:

      have you seen they published a fix after this problem occured with the initial version of TN-V and UNO exploit?

  6. Gamer87 says:

    can we move on to newer custom firmware this year, it’s already April. This couples of months nothing but ongoing update from old custom firmware & vhbl. We need another custom firmware for the latest fm.

    • Jd8531 says:

      Good idea! Why dont you find a new rare kernel exploit and make another CFW and let me know when you’re done.

      • BATMAN says:

        nicely done mate. People think that Kernel exploits are easy to find, and on top of that they command other members to release them?? that is not right

  7. daxter100 says:

    i am fine in 2.02 so keeping in that and release a new xploit after ps4 came out

  8. alvin says:

    ill wait for apache overkill for kernel exploit so please TN make another give way for this one please thanks.

  9. wartaf says:

    nice!! 😀

  10. isy says:

    tn-v2/ when i start my uno exploit, sometimes, it resets my settings back to old if its my first time using tn-v, meaning, I gotta go through language-date/time-systems name steps again.. anyone know anything bout this?

    • sixastrix says:

      Try going back to the main/top menu of xmb (game,video,etc., where you can’t go back anymore) before exitting uno. It works for me. Hope it helps

    • Uncle Albert says:

      V3 is out go to system update I just did it and it fixed reset setting so far anyway

  11. mike says:

    Ah *** was Hoping the new update would be compatabe with AO… But I’m not complaing.. I don’t know *** all about hacking and u guys do..if there is any hope of making this happen in the future you guys would be the people to do it. wish I had your guys mad skills…

  12. Ivo says:

    Hi, i only use tnv for the radio player… Any charms i get to use it with libtiff sdk?

  13. User says:

    Yeah updated right now 😉

  14. jvhellraiser says:

    can someone pass me the Eboot.pbp of Update 3
    I don’t have wifi :\ I can only update TN directly
    downloading the update.

  15. Yazeed says:

    Respect to Total_Noob’s

  16. NNNRT says:

    I ban you because it’s called TN-V3 & not TN-V v3. 😉 :mrgreen: 😳 😆

  17. CJW says:

    Do either TN-V or ARK allow mounting of UMD movie .iso files like CFW on PSP do? I would really like this feature as I have a lot of UMD movies and have captured them to .iso file. They would look so good on the Vita’s big and bright screen. If this feature could be added it would be huge, don’t know if it could be done because not sure if the PSP emulator on Vita has supporting libraries or whatever to play UMD video, and also I notice when mounting I UMD video on PSP it must do a low level kernel type hack because it reboots the machine when mounting. I would just really love this feature if it could ever be accomplished!

  18. CJW says:

    Also for those stuck on 2.02/2.06 wanting to keep your exploits, remember if you have a CFW PS3 you can purchase newer Vita content thru it and transfer it to your Vita using the transfer trick. This has worked well for me and I am playing Sly Cooper and Guacamelee on my Vita while still on 2.02 with eCFW….best of both worlds….both those games are excellent BTW on both PS3 and Vita and the cross buy/play is something Sony is doing that I really appreciate and is helping me afford more games for both systems!

  19. aure16XD says:

    Is it compatible with the exploit of AO 6.02 ps vita?

  20. cscash241 says:

    Damn. The error gets fixed *after* I update from 1.67 to 2.10

  21. dan says:

    i have a question how did the testers for vhbl and ecfw become testers did you just pick other hackers or the first few who asked or what

    • wololo says:

      It depends on the mood of the hacker. Sometimes they’ll pick friends, or people they have known on the scene for a long time

  22. aure16XD says:

    hello sorry I meant 6.02 and I’m French so I retranslated my sentences in English ^ ^

  23. aure16XD says:

    sorry 2.06 ^^

  24. maxiori. says:

    does this one urbanix also work to 2.10 or it was stayed on its firmware?

  25. 9rockky says:

    current on 1.81 Urbanix 🙂
    This time you can enjoy songkran (water festival)in Thailand
    very fun 😀 don’t spend too much of time on the screen,relax!!

  26. Wrozen says:

    So I downloaded TN-V3 and in the installer it showed the change log for it and everything so I installed it but after the installation, I went to the system information and it still says I’m on TN-V2.