Mandatory Vita 2.10 Update Live and Blocks Apache Overkill Exploit

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  1. Hackinformer says:

    No good opencma5r on my pc it must have updated because plugged in vita and said sytem update. How about any of you? It was working fine before.

  2. stanley pain says:

    “sony has a grudge against people playing retro games?” h’okay…

  3. Norml says:

    My CMA needs to update and states “Could not connect to server” when trying to update. Bogus!
    I block it anyway but still! Now I have to restart my PC for the stupid install to finish!

  4. alvin says:

    now TN release the files to play psp backups for apache overkill please.

    • boriswinner says:

      The exploit is usermode, this is impossible

      • Keyblade Spirit says:

        Yes, but Kernel expoits require usermode exploits to work. TN found a kernel exploit in 2.06 a while ago, but is keeping it to himself for now, probably in the hopes that he can release after a major update like this.

    • FishSticks says:

      Noobs just don’t understand! LOL

    • bitch says:

      because this will totally happen.
      the exlpoit used is usermode only. tn uses kernel mode, so there will be no files for you stupic ***. learn to read

      • tinostar91 says:

        And you learn how kernel mode exploits works..

        TN already has his own kernel mode exploit but he has no plans for releasing it and if you want to run kernel mode exploit you need user mode exploit as launcher (like Uno and every older working user mode exploit)

  5. wartaf says:

    sony!! why you no pleasable

  6. Jomann says:

    So then should we update or not? need to know if the other hacks will work on this update!!!! or whether one will be released…

  7. tinostar91 says:

    I think that Sony don’t care about harmless VHBL, they just know that AO exploit can be later used for kernel mode exploit (if will be released)

  8. alvin says:

    are you sure that karnel exploite will be release on apache overkill?

    • tinostar91 says:

      If somebody will release kernel mode exploit it will work on every usermode exploit but I personally don’t think that it will be anytime soon.

  9. S0nYsUx says:


  10. drawerfloat says:

    I hate you, but I love you Sony.

  11. Greg says:

    So just to confirm, if I dont upgrade, I dont get to play games online?

  12. Quetz says:

    I think it’s time for me to update.. Mostly because i’m tired playing psp games again, i’d love to have back the ps store for psvita. I’m a huge fan of psp, but i played almost everything on the late 7 years. I was hoping for a bigger hack on the UNO Kxploit, or at least good ps1 compatibility, but looks like nothing is going to be announced<released. So i'm gonna wait a week and see how things are going with 2.10 and then update… Sure i will miss my TNV

  13. CapcomLegend says:

    All these updates and nick nacks but the complexity of adding MGS1 to the PSN for the vita is overlooked ,I payed a lot of cash on the PSN for my games when I had my psp ,Sony your a bunch of crooks. Period.

    • Terricule says:

      Seriously, Mgs1 has been available on the jap and EU store for the longest, as well as portable ops(unavailable NA) AND peace walker(just gotten here, only took a damn year.) yet the NA store gets treated like a second-rate citizen.

    • If you download metal gear solid to your ps3 and leave the install file (which means don’t install on your ps3) plug in your vita use the content manager go to applications /playstation and you can install metal gear solid on your vita I’m in the US and this works.

  14. Scott says:

    well, online connection is working for Urban Trial freestyle while still on 2.06fw for me, i havent checked other games tho.

  15. NaSty13 says:

    Yup looks like there’s also an update for Content Manager Assistant. So i guess it isnt just about finding another exploit, we’ll probably have to find a work-around for the CMA too. Oh well I didnt really use the usermode exploit, so dont care unless there’s gonna be a kernal exploit 😀

  16. pspfanMOHH says:

    I updated! Cause of the low compatibility, and I confirm OpenCMA works for me, with few glitchs and bugs.

  17. aure16XD says:

    yep I stay with 2.06 VHBL Apache Overkill on my ps vita because there will be a kernel fault that I expected that long because I missed one of the 2.02!

    Sorry i’m french ! 😉

  18. aure16XD says:

    yep I stay with 2.06 VHBL Apache Overkill on my ps vita because there will be a feat that kernel that I waited a long time because I missed one of the 2.02!

  19. jeffk says:

    Finally, now the Vita web browser isn’t a useless piece of *** that crashes every time you try to load a page with an embedded video on it!

    It only took Sony, what, 16 months to fix this?

    Also, why don’t the update notes describe which formats are supported? Gosh, what an amateur hour performance from Sony, as usual.

  20. Sal says:

    These exploits arent working for me! someone should introduce a new type of unpatchable exploit. come on guys! its not impossible.

    • wololo says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, it’s probable nobody thought of that before you. Sal, please find such an exploit and share it with the community! Thanks in advance.

  21. psp411 says:

    it´s sad to see the unrespect to speak of some users to noobs, I have my psp since it coming out, and y vita too, and never see a comunnity of “experts” calling stupid ashole and other tings to someone to ask a cuestion thant wants to clear in his mind, thats is the reason some hackers have left the scene, I love hombrews, love Wagic, love Quake GL, in my vita love them more, because the biger screen, but see a community of inrespectfull pseudo hackers, convincced myself, to not register in this page, I visit for long 7 years, and still will doing, but, not to read any coments enymore,

    respect always to Wololo, friend inothher comunity, to TotalNoob (the name dosn´t say nothing to “experts”?
    tnx Dark Alex the gratest wo allways have patience to tralk with respect to noobs, as myself seven years ago
    grat hacjers do not insult, but teach the new ones

    respect to all memebers of the comunity wo deserve it

  22. capcomlegend says:

    Im not one to “get mad”…yea I am,but why hasn’t silent hill 1,shattered memories,or Orgins be on the market…the have released peace walker but not portable ops…I shouldn’t have to go thru a PS3 to install games I paid for,it should be already on in the market ready for me to download if I paid for it with a compatable console…I see all the final fantasies in the market,im just saying Sony…lol let me stop…

  23. razor says:

    Now all we need is OpenCMA :/

  24. iamanthonypadillamaybe says:

    opencma works for 1.10 for me.

  25. iamanthonypadillamaybe says:

    opencma works for 2.10 for me.

  26. Atamos says:

    Am I the only one who’s okay with losing VHBL to get updates? I mean, I still own my PSP, and that has CFW.

  27. antonb12 says:

    how do I get him on that vhbl 1:12 I have on my ps vita are 2.60
    luk ge me not live I can not get him on that vhbl 1:12
    who knows it

    my system is 2.60