Mandatory Vita 2.06 firmware update live!

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  1. Tjoeb123 says:

    Well, there goes that 2.05 exploit!!

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Maybe not, no confirmation = no conclusions

    • JeoWay says:

      Just because a new update is released, doesn’t mean it patched it. The 2.05 exploit was never released. So its not patched.

    • pirate city says:

      And that’s why the exploit wasn’t released for 2.05, otherwise you kids would be crying.

      You lose because everyone is smarter than you. Congratulations.

  2. Rawr says:

    The update fixes the lag in Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 and New Little Kings Story. Tested both, NGSP2 is greatly improved

    • Tjoeb123 says:

      Hopefully it’ll fix some of those OS bugs too (and if you’ve encountered it, you know what I’m talking about – the one where everything stops loading and eventually makes you restart)

    • yondailan says:

      really?ive only tested New little kings story..doesnt fix the lags..the lags still there

    • Rawr says:

      Persona 2 Eternal Punishment PSP now works with the Vita as well

    • D-TeK-DeV says:

      Sure as heck didn’t fix the random booting and errors in Declassified.

  3. E says:

    I hate the lack of information on Sony’s part. During the early PSP days they would give a huge change log explaining what was fixed. Now, all we get is vagueness.

    • E says:

      Maybe their attempt at correcting past mistakes. lol

    • anon says:

      hi. Vagueness = security vulnerability patching. Please refer Nintendo they relied on the same terminology when updating DSi firmware to momentarily block flash carts at least 3->4+ times. When companies especially worldwide known companies clam up on details, it’s because they have made an executive decision for you to not know. A company does not want to admit it has hacked anything, or that it’s firmware can be manipulated when it’s meant to be a safely controlled enclosed system for commercial game distribution. It would also make them sound like idiots, like they don’t know what they are doing so badly that some guy can just PWN their safe secure system.

  4. SlutterSky says:

    I bet you idiots are going to wait until 2.07 comes out.

  5. zoraktorok says:

    Yeah on sigma 2… lks, waste of my 40 bones… okay game, but not what i expected.

  6. shadowchildknight says:

    ok so 2.06 another pointless update for the people on 2.05 what should we do

  7. mangosteam says:

    does ninja gaiden sigma plus works on lower firmwares?? like 1.80 or 1.81

    • Desi says:

      it does if u have a physical copy.

      • mangosteam says:

        tnx then will soul sacrifice work on lower firmware aswell if you have a physical copy?? im planning to buy one hehe not just sigma plus 2

  8. Darkenvy says:

    Your the best for keeping us up to date wololo! I get notifications to my phone of your feed. Thats how much I value your word 🙂

  9. SonyAreHitlerLovers says:

    ninja gaiden sigma plus is an old game, it most likely works on 1.81. Some even newer games work on 1.81. Just google and find the info.

  10. exploit2.6 says:

    Hi everyone im the firmware devs have been waiting to have fun with.Soon i will share my vulnerabilities and we once again have fun. *_*

  11. BrutalNarwhal says:

    Would you guys recommend just updating?
    Or well there be something release on the 2.05

    • gunblade says:

      think they said to jus update to 2.06 its alright still on the realses for ar.k i think for 150 2 202

  12. Germinator says:

    Just found out that Germinator is the new exploit.

  13. Adrian says:

    Seems that the browser bug is resolved, where nearly every page reloads infinitely.

  14. gunblade says:

    bumers i jus updated to 2.05 too.. C[V]a still working. was updated near wen had a update system on login in to psn…

  15. Acid_Snake says:

    it’s interesting to see how long they took to fix the javascript spoofing xploit, that could have cost people all their money and personal information, but they barely take a few hours to patch vhbl, which is harmless to neither sony nor the end user. So it all comes down to this:
    – harmless exploit that only lets people run homemade apps -> instantly patched
    – dangerous exploit that could potentially be used to steal people’s bank accounts -> took a while to patch, and not because it was hard

    I’m done with Sony, they have been buttraping us for a long time, the vita was the last console I’ve bought from them, and I’m starting to think I did a great mistake.

    • SofaKing™ says:

      @ Acid_Snake i am with you, i have always wondered why sony spends so much time and money “protecting” this device and stopping it from playing 10-20 year old games? that money could have been spent on making GREAT games for this nice piece of hardware. i DO regret purchasing this thing, it feel like $300 of broken promises, where is crash bandicoot(usa) where is angrybirds(usa) why cant i “remote play” RISK when a game carrys on and i got to go? “sorry you cannot remote play on the 3G network” why why why did i spend the extra $50 on that? 250Mb for $16 and all you can do is YouTube? why even offer the 5Gb if one can not use it all up? oh i could go on and on, thumbs up to you Acid_Snake, you have been here a LONG time.

      • pirate city says:

        I HIGHLY suspect that you are trying to pirate games. My pirate compass points directly towards you. Sony MUST spend time protecting their games. I fear the end of the world if Sony ever lets down their guard.

        But, most of all… I fear: PIRATE CITY

      • Fingloi_x3 says:

        F*ck you you sinnging one eyed porch monkey.

        No Asian love? huh? Wololo?

      • vextype-0 says:

        that was awsome

    • gopher says:

      I bet you’ll still buy a Sony console even after you said that. Same garbage with the PSP during it’s early days. Last Sony console purchase for the PSP owners, right?

      OMG! PS3. Take my money Sony.

      Now PS4 is being released. The same people that said they won’t buy anything with the Sony label on it just came buckets and jizzed all over their computer screens.

      B*tch, please. Don’t give me that.

      • Kyu says:

        *** PLEASE,I won’t buy a ps4 just as I did not buy ps3.

        • yolo says:

          gopher is correct.

          Also, be sure to wipe away the c*m from your computer monitor. PS4 is coming soon enough, but it looks like you guys did first. lol

        • yolo says:

          gopher is correct.

          Also, be sure to wipe away the c*m from your computer monitor. PS4 is coming soon enough, but it looks like you guys came f!rst. lol

  16. carlos says:

    did that fol just make a rap

  17. Kyu says:

    Sony pls
    Bring in the good stuff -.-

  18. nCadeRegal says:

    @acid AGREED! If $ony would quit wasting our time with these irrelevant updates or so called “stability” fixes and concentrate more instead on getting this drought of games we are and have been experiencing fixed. This would be the handheld of all handhelds! Its all there, but i have yet to see them even try to push the envelope with this device! That is why i call it the playstation beta, not vita. It seems as if were part of a friggin beta test since the release of this handheld. I love the device, i hate their terrible first and 3rd party support! Heres hoping that project shield will crush when it comes out, as that is on my most wanted list as of right now!

  19. Zyrkl says:

    Wow. Nice update (Not pointless at least). I’m glad to hear Sony still gives a rat’s *** about their portable.

  20. Fingloi_x3 says:

    f*ck! the japanese people always hava a new good game. thou i cant read japanese. *** sony?

  21. Castiel says:

    I’ve been sitting on the 2.02 UNO exploit since its ninja release. Now my Vita spends its days collecting dust in a drawer. I purchased quite a few games and was disappointed by the buggy network features and online play. I’ve been waiting for a new/better exploit or a meaningful update from $ony so I could start playing again. Which ever comes first is fine with me. This Vita was a waste of time. I was ecstatic when I first heard of the NGP and its potential looked amazing. But it seems all $ony cares about is making sure people don’t play a game-boy on their Vitas rather than improving their own platform.
    I’ve been considering purchasing the PS4 but the more I think about, the more I figure it will be another waste of time.
    I’m giving my Vita 2 more months, then I’m selling it. Wasted too much money on it and PSN to just have it sit around now.
    You’re doing a wonderful job $ony.
    Keep it up.

  22. dudes if i can emulate pretty much anything on a smart phone and hook up a controller i don’t know why i still have my vita, like the game line up kinda sucks atm

  23. African American deviant says:

    How many games did the ps3 have after its first birthday compare it to its apprentice the psv. Sony of jpan and of US better shape the *** up before the psv goes to *** by September. From what i can tell sony wants to save all the cool features of the vita that can be used on a exploit ps3 right now until the launch of the ps4.Thats a huge blunder by sony corporate of japan and america if they do that because by then gamestop ebay and amazon plus craigslist will have tons of ps vitas selling for 70 to 110 us dollars.
    If you go on some of those sites the vita sells alone as low as 80 us dollars thats madness.
    Thats why people rather have a tablet instead of the vita because it offers way more.
    Cheers to all my english muffins and a yo yo yo to my american peeps buyakasha!

  24. Epic_Dongweilder says:

    The rack city parody was DOPE. Acid snake and the likeminded are absolutely correct. A pox on the ps4. The only reason sony is getting away with (and all other consumer related companies) putting out sh*tty stuff is because STUPID PEOPLE WILL STILL BUY IT. They are LITERALLY BANKING ON IT. Those opposed will STEAL and/or modify rather than waste ANOTHER hard earned buck. Wanna spank em like I do? PLEASE STOP SPENDING MONEY WITH THEM. Watch them fold or change. ALL THE POWER is in THE SMART CONSUMERS POCKET! Watch sales drop and then the f*ckers will listen… heck they might even start asking. Bottom line: IT DOESN’T COST ENOUGH TO CARE YET. Do your part and tell your friends. Please.

  25. Epic_Dongweilder says:

    im not advocating theft either I mean a grass roots global BOYCOTT OF SH*TTY WORK! WRITE THEM TWEET THEM. IM JUST ONE EPIC_DONGWEILDER. IT TAKES A NATION. Or many nations….

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