Happy Birthday Vita Owners! Free Games & More


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. Someone Else says:

    This sale actually enticed me into getting
    “Street Fighter X Tekken”.

    The 4 free games were all actually fun,
    even the puzzle game. That, along with
    the good sale prices won me over.

    Well played this time, Sony.

  2. Just an update says:

    Just mentioning everything (besides the hustle kings) is still up for free.
    On a side note, as I was searching for more free ***, it looks like ecolibrium for the vita is free right now…
    I don’t know if its any good but just throwing it out there.

  3. mlc says:

    MediaGo wasn’t working for me, but if you have a 6.60 PSP you can also use the PSP store to “buy” the games so that they are put in the download list for your PS3

  4. mangbhoy says:

    Last five games I bought from PSN:
    1.) Final Fantasy 9
    2.) Final Fantasy 8
    3.) Final Fantasy 7
    4.) Dissidia [012]
    5.) Jet Set Radio

    Don do-don do-don!

  5. swerg says:

    last game bought from psn: Uno

  6. Foxvirus says:

    Wait they have uno for psp at media go
    Can anyone confrim this? That can be transfer to vita?

  7. TheAtheistLucario says:

    Last I heard there was a exploit for Patapon on the OG PSP, anyone know if the exploit still works on the VITA?

    • TheAtheistLucario says:

      by that i mean, is a similar exploit possible on the VITA. Sega likes to leave known exploits for hackers. (their way of giving Sony the finger) so its likely that there is one.

  8. faezbarca says:

    Well..Sony should make It looked like this:4 free games-Ps1,minis,psp,psvita..I appreciate the free games sony give.Btw,Any change this free games would be exploit games..?

  9. NiKva says:

    3 out of the 4 free games start with the letter P.
    Playstation also starts with P
    So does PSP
    as does PS Vita.

    Conspiracy? I think so.

  10. weasal says:

    gave up on my old account as it was europe and never got anything free so created a us account because stupid america get everything free

  11. Je-Al says:

    are the games are still available i will switch to US now..my current is UK..

  12. Je-Al says:

    wow i ill just leave my ps vita while im sleep i hope soon they will find the exploit..now im loving this site..tnx..BTW when i read this im rushing to change back my region to US ahahah…so funny..im lucky that ive been here..TNX wololo…and sorry for bad english…>>>im living in philippines yeah..!!!

  1. February 20, 2015

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