Team PRO still cares about the PSP

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  1. k3nn says:

    oh boy! i can now get the costumes and extras for my dissidia 012 in my Vita! gotta hand it to the devs 🙂 real thanks!

  2. Quhark says:

    beats trellis now free in psm store

  3. dot dot dot says:

    PRO-C2 has issues with “PSN PSone” games…

    • Thrawn says:

      Which game/s did you test? pls post.

      • D3lta says:

        The official Chrono Cross fails on my 3000 when Pro-C2 is enabled. Error FFFFFFFF

      • dot dot dot says:

        All of PSN PSone games that i currently own (doesnt happen on PRO-C Fix 3)

        the only to bypass the error is to use popsloader LMAO

      • dot dot dot says:

        All of my PSN PSone games gives the (FFFFFFF) error

        unlike in “PRO-C Fix 3” you can bypass the error by using “popsloader” but that defeats the purpose of purchasing PSN PSOne games since it doesn’t need “poploader” XD

  4. KuroRyuu913 says:

    Does this fix the Remotejoylite problem people have been having where if u access or Load a large chunk of data, it would crash?

  5. fresno says:

    Thank you for these news bau my question is:

    Do we realy need these today, when every game works fine on all PSPs?

    Now, we have the PS Vita, we concentrate our neurons to develop new ideas for it.

    Of corse the PSP was, is and will rest in our minds, but soon it will become a collection object.

  6. wartaf says:

    is it only me thinks that the title of this blog post looks sarcasm? 😀

  7. kuagelo says:

    There was a NoDRM problem? I’ve always been able to play with DLCs without any problems…

    But thanks for the update anyway! 🙂

    • Thrawn says:

      Jepp there is a no DRM problem in Pro B 10 and Pro C. Non owned DLC’s are not loaded during gamestartup as they are not decrypted due to the fact there is no license key, to circumvent that there is a plugin called nploader v0.9 from codestation.
      However, if you use that plugin it is advised to deactivate the pro cfw’s built in NoDRM engine, as it causes issues (i.e. crashes and freezes). This is all from my own experience. -_-

      Well, I haven’t tested pro c 2 yet, but will asap with disgaea 2, gladiator begins and dissidia 12, as they are very picky from my experience.

  8. Buu-San says:

    I’d also like to know if the issues regarding RemoteJoy Lite have been addressed too. I use it quite often so better stability would be much appreciated.

  9. gunblade says:

    thats nice still play the psp at times

  10. meler-andy says:

    after pro update to newest PRO ,ps1 games doesnt work,error ffff0-2 or something …games do work but without pro update.. without the cfw… fix it please 😀

  11. 007 says:

    Use Pro C fix 3. does all u need it to without problems. not sure why pro team removed it.

  12. gunblade says:

    dis is good even with sony newest psp the one that jus has umd saport think last they sold fo about 70 used or sumthing a hundred sumthing i think ..probly get cheapper if anything the psp gos was alwaye the smallest of the psp models phone like tiny but no number pad..dough

  13. John says:

    Easy update but….does anyone know how to get Prince of Persia The forgotten sands to work…..Thanks in advance.

  14. Randqalan says:

    Figured I would post this here PRO source is fine but PRO-C2 that is for downloads has a PSN PSX games bug If you want the update but not the bug get source get nightly or look around 🙂

  15. rien says:

    i cant play FF VIII and Prince of Persia revelation after i updated my psp street with pro c2. help me please..pleaseeee

  16. m!k says:

    There is a custom version of PRO CFW 6.60 c-2 that works with all PSX/PSN games here:

    It’s legit, just get the newest one (Update 3) and install it like you would the normal 6.60 PRO c-2 CFW (might need to uninstall current CFW if using, first).

    Source code also available on that page.

    The makers of this CFW apparently disappeared (maybe the Sony Yakuza took him, lol) so a community member took it upon himself to fix the problems with PRO C-2.