SKFU interview details more on his native Vita hack

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  1. Aneudi says:

    This is just a vita native user exploit. Imagine a vita native kernel exploit. It would give us more power for emulation than a user exploit

  2. Rasheem says:

    No system in history, that I know of, has “died” due to piracy as a result of hacking/unlocking In fact it’s my thoery that user-friendly hacks that allow someone to access thier purchased device without restrictions (as it should be) gives a lot of incentive for one to purchase said device. Also, someone mentioned in one of the comments that those who usually pirate games were never planning to purchase those games anyway which I think is true in most cases. I’ve never heard of anyone who wants and can afford games pirating them.

  3. Andy says:

    I’m afraid Dark_AleX has secured the PS Vita… It seems unpenetrateable!

  4. altorn says:

    I can donate to SKFU right?
    His comment about the cat&mouse is reassuring. I don’t want to keep downloading and reapplying hacks. i just want a fully hacked vita, playing vita games and psp games.

  5. Frank says:

    I completely agree with SKFU. If holding off on the firmware to determine its vulnerabilities, so be it. I personally can’t wait for the Vita to be hacked. I don’t want it for backup vita games, but for the homebrew. I bought my old PSP Slim with CFW in mind. I still bought UMDs of the games I wanted. Granted I usually spent most of my time playing emulators, but my point is, not all “pirates” are actually pirating. I really like my Vita, but once I can play some N64 on the go, I will love it.

  6. Jake says:

    ^ then r u pirating N64 games? Jks, but i would love a console that can emulate games from other consoles. It’s too bad tekken 4 is on ps2, i could’ve had the whole collection legall! 😉
    I’m wondering if these exploits are still left in the US store because then people will buy it for homebrew not piracy so in a way sony gets the big bucks for user exploits:D

  7. Omnitrix152 says:

    Its funny actually when wololo informed me a couple of years ago that davee hacked my PSP 3000 for a downgrade, i was literally over the moon, but now im going to get a vita in august and i don’t see why other people don’t understand this but personally i don’t want the vita to get hacked because Sony will get so *** off again and then just discontinue it just like they did with the GO in 2011, and what will happen? our money will have gone down the drain.

  8. squally2000 says:

    skfu is thinking intellegently, why “play” cat n mouse with sony… better play it safe

  9. psvitfreak says:

    cant wait for the native hack !! how long until it is released ? take a guess !!

  10. dEnSaSleW says:

    any news about the native exploit ? anything would be good