Clearing some confusion about ARK: PSX games


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  1. ryugi says:

    good clearing man, very good, coldbird come back and finish your work XD

  2. SF says:

    Wait so how do PSX games that you buy on the PSN store have sound?

    • FoxSevent says:

      They have sound cause they run on PSone emulator that’s on the PS VITA.

      PS VITA has it’s own PSone emulator that works natively on
      PS VITA.
      Thea reason we can run PSone games via CEF or ARK is cause PSP has a PSone emulator, this emulator was removed in PS VITA PSP emulator cause they wrote a new one for PS VITA itself but devs found a way to transfer this PSP PSone emulator to PS VITA PSP emulator, and why we have no sound in it is explained above.

      • StepS says:

        PS1 emulator on vita is still not native. only the sound part uses native vitaos functions, everything else is still in psp emulator (crappy vita pops as Coldbird said)

      • oO Flowzila Oo says:

        Yo dawg, I heard you like PSone emulators…. So I put a PSone emulator in the PSP emulator in the actual Vita so you can emulate the PSone while you play on the PSP emilator, even though the Vita’s PSone emulator is pretty much useless for pirates/hackers.

    • Noel Abercrombie says:

      They use a Vita-Native emulator, This is running inside the PSP’s PS1 emulator.

  3. Superman SP says:

    How come the Vita can not 100% run a SNES emulator. No matter which one I try, there is always issues with graphics. The Genesis games run perfectly!

    • quetz says:

      as long as i played snes9x i never noticed a glitch or graphic issue, maybe it could be by your roms..

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Because you are not using the 2GHz or the 512 MB of RAM and 128 MB of VRAM that the Vita natively has. If we had access to that much power we could do more than just SNES

    • kupomogli says:

      That’s because the Vita only has 32MB of ram for PSP emulation rather than the 64MB of the Slim.

      The thing is, I followed the scene pretty closely during the time and every time a new SNES emulator version came along I tried it. The SNES emulator I had on my Phat was the best one for it, but I no longer have it, just my 2000, 3000, and Go.

      The best SNES emulator is one Ruka’s Slim versions. I appreciate the dev support, but all the future SNES revisions suck compared to that one. I updated to Euphoria later on, but quickly changed back as the framerate was far worse.

      Unfortunately Slim emulators crash when trying to load up a game on the Vita, so Ruka’s best emulators are unavailable. I might attempt the HBL version I’ve found ported by Ruka in 2010.

  4. Danny_Howl says:

    Soon!! Keep going guys! Good work!

  5. quetz says:

    What Coldbird left behind could be achivied by some other so lets have hope 😉

  6. StanSmith says:

    The Vita can play PSX games so why can’t we steal some of that emulator?
    So when I’m thinking to answer my own question is the Vita has 2 emulators build in, the PSP and PSX. And I’m guessing the two wont talk to each other so in the PSP emulator you can’t use any part of the PSX emulator.

    An I right?

    • FoxSevent says:

      There aren’t 2 PSone emulator in PS VITA.

      PS VITA has it’s own PSone emulator that works natively on the VITA so they can’t steal anything from for many reason.
      1.This emulator is written for PS VITA not PSP two different systems.
      2.The files themselves are encrypted.

      Thea reason we can run PSone games via CEF or ARK is cause PSP has a PSone emulator, this emulator was removed in PS VITA PSP emulator cause they wrote a new one for PS VITA itself but devs found a way to transfer this PSP PSone emulator to PS VITA PSP emulator, and why we have no sound in it is explained above.

  7. cosmas says:

    Nice but please help me wololo! I have open cma,i transfered ark in my vita but when i run the exploit i got this error C1-2858-3.
    I had tn menu and everything was ok but now i only have access to the recovery!

    I even put TN Menu back and ran yMenu seperatly and it causes the same error! Maybe yMenu is corrupted but i used all the downloads you had! Please help!

  8. FoxSevent says:

    The next article you should write wololo is to explain the difference between PSP PSone emulator and PS VITA PSone emulator, cuz people are starting to ask dumb questions.

  9. stepenlu07 says:

    too bad… coz sound is what i really miss in psx games the ambience and music of the game while playing it. hope there will be fix soon. But Good Work!

  10. icyheart says:

    I hope coldbrids is back think u

  11. N0TR0LL says:

    A port of PEOPS was being worked on (and made awesome progress), but it stopped because Coldbird left.
    Anyone else can do it ?

    • stOneskull says:

      he’s back.. but that still doesn’t mean he’ll do it.. it isn’t easy work.. it takes passion to program.. and there are other areas he may feel passion for at any time.. value and appreciate what has been done, it’s better than to crave for what hasn’t been

  12. Veskgar says:

    Ahhh, so this probably explains why the best SNES emulator for PSP (Snes9xmecm) won’t work on the vita. ‘mecm’ must in some way refer to the media engine which is not present on the Vita. DAMN, there goes my hopes of running this emulator on the Vita… 🙁

    The Vita is a powerhouse. A lot more under the hood than the PSP. Hopefully someday emulators and homebrew will be able to tap into that power.

  13. Weno says:

    so is it possible to download psx games from the psx store like you can on a modded ps3 just like the “eboots” where if we have the direct link you can download the stuff… so what i am trying to say is.. say i wanted spyro from ps1 and its on the psx store for ps3 but not for vita can i download it somehow and install in on the vita since its hacked?? like you can on a modded ps3?

    • eighthdayregret says:

      You could use your PSOne Classics on your Vita if you have the KEYS.BIN files that your PSP CFW creates when you load them.

  14. c-zero says:

    Just a quick question: Is there not PSX/PSOne emulation in the PSVita software? I would think it would be easier to use ISOs of PSX games instead of eboots, or is there other issues to that?


    • stOneskull says:

      interesting question… i think it’s about how to read the exploit crash when it happens.. to be able to see how to use the exploit.. i wonder if that is how our friend with the developer model got in

  15. Kyu says:

    The emulator we use for non-psn eboots is inside another emulator…emuception.

  16. theknox1992 says:

    how do i get the right analog to be used as the r3 analog stick for psx game

  17. HULKER says:

    Thanks i learn alot from this page i love to see that there is really smart people that can do amazing things.

  18. Arcanjohack says:

    We can not use tools to convert psx games or use the ones that already exist on the internet signed for psp?
    we just transfer via ftp psp / games

  19. Seallux says:

    Have faith guys its up to us to give em support for this *** handheld that sony pretty much gave up on to give it life with emulators and games we all we loved to play have been ported to this awesome HD psp2 version of tech. I have faith in decrypt. that you guys can do it =) just ask for help u need it

  20. fatman01923 says:

    Thanks Wololo for the clear, concise post. I couldn’t get PSX games to work on ARK from my personal rips (user error on my part most likely) but this post gave me the confidence to try again. 😀

  21. chris says:

    Im so confused on how to install PSX games on the ark. nothing i do works it don’t show on the menu. i did everything it said on a tutorial on the forum still nothing.
    can som1 tell me step by step on how to do it. would be much appreciated

  22. XenoKail says:

    Hey do you think it’ll be back ported anytime soon?

  23. alvin says:

    just face trueth psvita hack is dead before be cfw cef you always buy game to psn to exploit cmon lol

  24. ThatGuyWithSixMagikarp says:

    Is there a way to play PSPmini ISOs with the ark-release?

  25. GlueGun says:

    Simulating playstation portable, 😀 ? Can It Install Updates When You Add Path To The Root, Ms0:/SIM/Flash0:/Folders Same DIR And Some Sony’s Regular Firmware Extracted, Be nice For A
    Reverse Enginerd Developer to Get The psp’s hardware patch for those keys to be extracted… :(.
    Top News! CFW!!!!

  26. Dimitris says:

    what i don’t like about ark and pro-team is that they take the good job total noob mayde and they use it as their own

    • wololo says:

      This goes both ways. Tn also reused other peoples work at some point, and in addition, the community had to insist a lot for him to make his code open source, since he was using gpl code. You should also have a look at pro source code, you might realize theres not so much work coming from tn. In particular for ark, i can tell you zero work comes from tn. Ark was fully functional weeks before the z started talking about tn hen, and months before its release.
      So if you are willing to talk about pro taking others people work, you better have verifiable proof, otherwise you are just spreading rumours.

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