New Exploit in the PSP Emulator?

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  1. Shura says:

    wow O.o

  2. Yololo says:

    prolly real

  3. zxz says:

    seems like it’s just usermode exploit within psp emulator…
    and AFAIK finding usermode exploit in psp save data isn’t that hard, you just need to be lucky (to some extend).
    although it’s still good to have spare exploits anyway.

  4. boriswinner says:


  5. Its UNO. I downloaded the video and slowed it down a lot. so when it came down to the very second when it swapped. i saw uno.

  6. wartaf says:

    maybe fake? it’s the Uno exploits 😀

  7. Edzo says:

    i hope its not fake i missed uno 🙁

  8. Nani says:

    Will there be any chance of getting an exploit again for me n thousands of others who missed unfortunately. I feel depressed from the bottom of my heart :’(

    • >_> says:

      You guys *really* need to pay closer attention. >_> There’s been what, seven exploits released now? Sony is starting to take forever to take the affected games down as well, due to the fact that each new release is a mini cash cow for them. Where were you when the Monster Hunter release came out? Urbanix? Uno? These kinds of posts are starting to get a bit tiresome……

      • Gradon says:

        Maybe people just weren’t ‘here’ when those exploits came out. These comments are inevitable with every release.

        • oreo says:

          The trick is to make this site your new “facebook” and check it weekly or daily if you want. The release was long and if you would check it every week you wouldn’t miss it.

          • >_> says:

            What Oreo said. You want an exploit bad enough you’ll check this site at least daily, and have enough money available to buy the game.

  9. Nani says:

    I found UNO in Indian PSN ( even being Asia) but I have a japan credit card which it dint accept.I missed it even I was following wololo site since long back.

    • Allan says:

      How did you find UNO on the Indian PSN network..ive been searching it but still cant find it..:(

  10. huz says:

    Hello,I luck Uno exploit
    PSP emulator really 😀

  11. ISmart says:


  12. jazneo says:

    uh i can do that with uno psp game. he should show it load up from the psvita dashboard

  13. Dnsdies says:

    I hope this is true.
    I bought a vita for the uno exploit, and due to a shipping problem I didn’t receive it until the 5th, when Uno was already removed from PSN.

  14. NoOne says:

    It’s fake.

  15. Mare-chan says:

    I hoped it was real because I missed out on the UNO exploit and I was hoping a new one came soon.

  16. Acid_Snake says:

    lol theres like 20 of these

    • hgoel0974 says:

      All I can say is that I haven’t gotten a reply for the message I sent him, maybe he doesn’t plan on releasing it? or maybe he thinks I am another “What is the name of the exploit game?” person, I had asked him to get in touch with some of the experienced guys (like you) who would check to make sure that this was real and not a hoax.

  17. PlayerGG says:

    My PSV on 2.02
    Volume “-” works but “+” not working,
    and PS button light wont turn off!
    Reset, Restore, Format. Nothing works.
    Help Please.

  18. quetz says:

    let’s save this for the next fw update 😉 grazte newss

  19. ponytheone says:

    Missed the exploit aswell, really hope somebody finds a light at the end of the tunnel!

  20. ZIMIRO says:

    new video

  21. Sl1tf1re says:

    For me, I think, it’s unnecessary,
    work on psvita, already have a hack from the psp emulator !

  22. Kevin says:

    well can this confirm its true

    also i just looked on PSN (UK) and Uno is not on the PSN any more…..

  23. stOneskull says:

    it is true there is a uno exploit.. that is old news.. what seems to be a false alarm is this post, that there is a new exploit

  24. sin says:

    cant wait ive been sleeping on the others