Frostegater updates the UNO exploit, fixes crash at startup


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97 Responses

  1. DoombringerLucifer says:

    This exploit is able to run the Psx game in EBOOT.PBP? Because i’m trying with Castlevania and always appear the C1-2858-3 error.

  2. carsauce says:

    Its still shows US language for me, so meh Im fine but to be safe I will download the update.

  3. Jon Huebert says:

    I’m using the latest version of the UNO exploit for my US PS Vita. I have a copy of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix that has been translated to english. The problem is that even though it’s now in english, it’s still a Japanese game and won’t play on my US Vita. This isn’t a problem on my psp though. That’s a US PSP but it plays Japanese games just fine! could someone add support for this to the UNO exploit?

  4. Yojimbo says:

    Nice release! Though I tried running my backup of Dissidia Duodecim and it just gave me a blank screen, when running it from the TN menu. Im guessing it still needs some kinks to work out? Or maybe the kink is me?

  5. Silverh@mmer says:

    Any idea why my emulator homebrew stops extracting on my vita at 0%? Besides that, my ISO/CSO stuff works fine.

  6. andreea says:

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  7. exequiel says:

    my problem now is where to download untouched iso.. to play my dissidia duodecim.. help me guys where to download duodecim.. ^_^

  8. Qhryszchan says:

    After copying the savedata, i run the UNO game it goes like this:

    “An error has occured.”

    What should I do in order to play ISO/CSO games?thanks!

  9. l.o says:

    how to put the gba emulator on the exploit?

    • Laserking7 says:

      Easiest way is download PlayStop Network, download the emulator you want, extract the .ZIP from the .rar file, and merge whatever roms you want into the .ZIP file before copying to your vita. I just zipped the gpsp kai emulator I had on my PSP Go with all my roms and saves, works just fine too! 🙂

  10. l.o says:

    tekken not working what to do?

  11. Asch901 says:

    Is it possible to install PSP’s EBOOT.PBP to my vita? I got Dissidia 012 eboot… With the whole folder of course.

  12. Asch901 says:

    So a modified ISO/CSO can’t be launched with this emulator? It must be clean?

    • Laserking7 says:

      So far, it seems to be that way… DLC’s for games and CFW plugins don’t work either.

      • satyrangeluz says:

        dlc works, i have mhp3rd, phantasy star portable 2 and final fantasy dissidia dlc running fine, just copy it via ftp.

  13. Pronwan says:

    The Crash at startup was solved by setting the language to english.
    Is it possible – with this patch – to keep the system language as it was? (in my case german)

    • Kori says:

      “Frostegater quickly investigated and updated his work. You should now be able to launch the exploit independently of your Vita’s language settings.”

      … I REALLY wanna be a *** and say no… but just read what they wrote mate…

  14. Erikson says:

    Everything works just fine ,but i cant run no ISO games ,only CSO ,and not all of them …:(

    • satyrangeluz says:

      check where u get that isos, i have isos running, dont know about csos cause i dont like the format, try using full isos, mhp3rd runs patched. BTW tested all titles from A to G and all running ppl

  15. Pichaku1 says:

    Is it possible to make this exploit available for a free game? Like frobisher says or jetpack joyride?

  16. Shippo says:

    with this one i getting an error code (C1-2858-3)

    what does this mean ?

  17. sharam says:

    I tried dissidia 012 but it gives me a black screen

  18. sharam says:

    Dragonball tag team black screen why????? some games work some dont

  19. Skars says:

    Guys I have a little problem, will be grateful if someone could help me with that.

    My girlfriend got hooked on this game, I make a backup for her savefile, but now with the exploit, It can’t switch profiles, and if the game is run after the exploit, inside TN menu, crashes.

    ATM I have two choices:

    – Transfer her savefile to PSP 6.20 TN-C, or
    – Switch between savefiles (exploit and her one) everytime I’m or she wants to play.

    There is any other way to make her savefile live peacefully with my exploit without all this hassle?

    Thank you.

  20. dudebro420 says:

    Sup bros the only game that is giving me problems right now is Valkyrie chronicles 2. Every time i boot up the game i get a black screen any tips?

  21. Crizizcor says:

    Any one can say me if maybe who have the gravity crash exploit can update to 2.02 and use the gravity crash exploit ?
    thanks and sorry for my bad english

  22. Nani says:

    I missed my chance this time, luckily i found UNO from Indian PSN (even being ASIA), I have a japan credit card and it dint accept .I deeply regret from my Heart. Could you please tell me that there would be any exploit in future for me n users who dint get it unfortunately :'(

  23. dejera says:

    The games “Patapon 3″ and “One Piece Romance Dawn Bouken in Yoake” for example, don’t work. These are some games 5.00 M33-6 or higher that don’t work…

    Anyone know how to make it work?

    • satyrangeluz says:

      oh please, just get the full unpatched iso, not that 300mb patapon. i know that 1.4gb hurts but i have tested over 100 games and no problem. u can google BAHAMUTH releases torrents

  24. chen says:

    I have tried to exploit my psv and the first time I was successed, but after i cant use it, please help!

  25. Vitality says:

    Looks like I probably got some kind of problem that I can’t get to fix now. So, I need solutions from the admin and the others

    >I did everything mentioned here and the exploit runs just fine
    >The first time trying the exploit, I only have Wagic Homebrew, no ISO/CSO files yet, but Wagic can be played
    >I read some posts here that it’s better to use FTP for Vita to transfer backup PSP games
    >So, I inserted FTP Vita application and I can get it to run perfectly fine
    >I have one game to test first, which is The Sims Castaway and it has been renamed as SIMSC.ISO in my PC
    >In FTP Vita, I copied it into MS0:/ISO folder
    >Once copied, I exited the app and it turned into black screen and then error
    >Then, when I tried to launch UNO again, the BLACK SCREEN APPEARED
    >I have deleted, copied the UNO save data + exploits from the fresh start and the exploits is never happened again; I’ve got black screen

    Now, what should I do? Could the problem occurred because of the game that I put in ISO folder before? Now, I can’t find a way to access ISO folder in MMC and delete the ISO.

  26. Leona says:

    Just a note, FTP isn’t the best option because I’ve had failed transfers twice in a row now, and when an incomplete ISO file is in the folder the exploit will not run.

    I am still getting that error with the patched edition, what I seek is a version that allows me to FTP delete the ISO folder and start over, possibly a version that does not read the ISO folder on boot at all.

    Just a request, if anyone is willing to help me fix my inability to run TN-C exploits any more.

  27. riku580 says:

    Uno exploit still up, it’s under Uno PSP. I’m impressed it’s lasted this long in us Stores.