(Video) Virtuous Flame introduces Vita eCFW ARK

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  1. Czarcasm says:

    $&@$&@g troll.

  2. The Z says:

    i accidentally deleted the exploit..noo!!! what im going to do..OMG..***..LOL

  3. Frostrogue117 says:

    I really hope you guys deliver toniggt :] Ive been checking the site literally every 1/2 hr today hoping, patiently waiting.. until then RED DEAD NIGHT

  4. The Z says:

    sory guys, i really accidentally deleted the exploit. well i guess bad things really happen when u want to release something..im really really sory guys, i really want to release it, i want too, but now i cant.

  5. Frostrogue117 says:

    well… I think morale has gone down a bit :/

  6. Czarcasm says:

    All these *** trolls!

  7. TelgarDrakore says:

    You all do realize anyone can use any name they want at any time in the comments. To believe anything that any of the fakes here are saying is hilarious.

  8. Kenster240 says:

    I’d like to say “thank you!” to all of the people involved in any cfw over the years. By looking at these comments, I can’t see too many people that are grateful. So I’m gonna just say it! THANKS!

  9. DEZAN says:

    i see no one get to see the exploits yet..well x’mas almost over & devs, dont use ninja claus term anymore if u dont want to release it on x’mas..so us will not waste our time to wait for it on x’mas. Dont gove any false hope like saying ninja claus if u dont plan to release it coz it’s very annoying to us..

    • james says:

      i 2nd to that. just saying that no exploit released in x’mas & will release at the end of the month or maybe not..is it really difficult to do that?. I wonder if frost & others like to see us like a stupid waging our tail with something that might even be released..*** U ALL..

      • wololo says:

        2 things:
        – first if you were not replying to yourself you would have a bit of credibility
        – second, if you can’t be patient, find your own exploits and feel free to distribute them or not. It’s not rocket science, and this is largely documented.

  10. Dean says:

    guys the z said the exploit will be released 5 to 6 days from now..so dont waste ur time waiting anymore. It’s not ninja claus anymore so in summary it is at the end of this month, maybe the last day in December which is really stupid & annoying.

  11. Banksy says:

    The Z is a piece of sh@it liar

  12. The z says:

    hi people calm down

  13. Frostrogue117 says:

    Well if it is released 5-6 days from now, im sc*** cuz i dont think ill be in a place with internet………damn -_-

  14. Frostrogue117 says:

    Oh! One of the devs should post a thread/article explaining this xmas event to ppl…maybe that will calm some down. :/

  15. page101 says:

    I hope the rude people posting comments on this site don’t ruin my chances of getting this exploit considering that i actually donated money in support.

    You can either be patient and wait or try to find your own exploit and learn patience that way because im sure its not a quick process.

  16. rafael707 says:

    coldbird is back, check out his blog xD

  17. crypto says:

    cant wait 🙂