PSVita OFW 2.02 Out

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  1. The Z says:

    some bug been identified. so we decided to released it on new year..sorry guys. U can come to my house if u want the exploit asap but it will brick your psvita.

  2. The Z says:

    When I mean the new year I mean in 2014.

  3. Losiento says:

    The Z?

  4. Losiento says:

    What do you guys mean with ninja Claus? I can not understand this? Ninja Clau? Santa Claus= Chrismas? What we have today? Why i wait from Yesterday to Today…. ??? I dont sleep the Night, because iam scared that Sony deleted the game and the chance is over… Ninja Claus dont come? If Ninja Claus dont come… iam very *** of…. because all the time on chrismas iam presh the f5 button for nothing.

  5. Losiento says:

    This is better to tell us that we must not wait on Christmas!!!! Ninja Claus lol???? Than we can go to us Family and lose not time for free…. With ninja Claus i thing to 100% that a release come today on Christmas!!! Because Ninja Claus!!!! This is to stupid. sry but its not cool!!!!

  6. Losiento says:

    i spend never again… because Ninja Claus dont come!

  7. Gamer says:

    We wont have any exploit! Merry Xmas all 🙂

  8. vgee says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments, and i understand alot of the frustration that is going arround, im not here to say:
    RELEASE it or anything..

    Im just hoping some1 can post an article that explains the situation about when its gonna get released or if it isnt and why, cause alot of people donated and they’re frustrated.

    Hope some1 can also speak in normal plain english 😛

  9. hex says:

    hope the game is < than 2.00 $

  10. DaTrip says:

    Looks like Ninja Clause isn’t going to come. The Z said that exploit is going to be released this month so even if they want to release it last day of the month they need to start ninja earlier.So ninja should be in 1-3 days. P.S Sorry for not perfect english 🙁

  11. Kenster240 says:

    Personally, I don’t mind the wait too much. I’d rather have a fully working exploit than one that was rushed to be released. Thanks again to all who were involved in the making of eCFW!

  12. Mrp3rf3c792 says:

    I Need Help Hacking My Psp vita 2.01 i spent 9 hours straight trying to do it i cant email me the stuff plz

  13. cesa says:

    AGORA SO FALTA COLOCAR SEGURANCA FORCADA NO exploit antes de lansar como senha (1) senha (2) em diante