VHBL Running on Vita 2.01


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  1. bighead says:

    omg people. cant you tell what game the exploit is running on? lol its clearly obvious based on the color flashes reflection of the screen. duhhhh.

  2. GoldieTheAznMACK says:

    skark is right what we need is a solid team that will focus on what we have now until the vita portal is completely open.

  3. wow says:

    @bighead so true it is not hard to guess lol

  4. Odysside says:

    This is awesome, you can always count on The Z for the vids.

  5. assitch says:

    skark wheres the vid?

  6. fatman01923 says:

    I simply only truly want homebrew on my ps vita. I do even want it to get fully hacked, Vita is such a nice peace of hardware, homebrew should be enough for anyone to enjoy the system. Wololo, please get in touch with your peers (fellow coders) to take steps to prevent a totally open system! 😀

  7. pinkskinpigboy says:

    lolz at all you fools

  8. Krasy says:

    lets see if i can grab this one. couldn’t grab a game exploit til now they alway remove game befora i cam grab it.

    ps. wen will psvita europe have youtube.

  9. solala says:

    well it depends on the “scene” aswell, if people dont care about vhbl then the qualified Developers (also not SKFU)have more energy for actual vita hacks

    they do it for free they do it for you (and the challenge)

  10. skullclamp says:

    hey wololo i miss your wagic/magic the gathering related post

  11. Matthew says:

    When can we expect exploit for 2.01?

  12. Dario says:


    • darkness says:

      im on 1.81 n i think that its the best feel no need to upgrade unless something new really come out

  13. Hidude says:

    Is this exploit game related??? If it is couldn’t sony just look at the account associated with his MAC address and check the games he has downloaded/registered for any vulnerabilities? If not please do not yell…. I was only wondering.

    • Hellgun says:

      yet sony would not know in wich of his game is the flaw, or how he does access it. so, there would be nothing to patch, unless sony upload his save files from psp games, then, they try each on and find the one that works.

  14. Se7EN says:

    keep up the good work! looking forward to release!

  15. Frosty says:

    The game is out for the 2.01 exploit. It’s GTA, hurry up and download.

  16. AFRICANamericanBLACKMUDFACE says:

    Dis gots to comes out soon cuz I was wantin to get a vita but I wont 1 with it customized wit dis tiipe of hak.

  17. LOSTuser says:

    I had the old PSP Slim and loved it so much with all the mods. I recently got the PS Vita and i’m on 2.0.1, but all these videos and tutorials on customizing the firmware has me LOST. Hope something clear comes out soon, cuz i’m contemplating just taking it back and sticking to Xbox and using my iPhone for mobile gaming.

  18. Lucas says:

    I have to go with LOStuser, what’s with this? I don’t get it. We waited and waited and nothing again but videos. I know it’s not as easy as it is but this is making us wait for so long. Oh is it true about the GTA?

  19. LOSTuser says:

    It’s hard to even find a website with consistent and organized information about the history of hacking the various FWs on the Vita, and the different types of hacks. Why some people call it jailbreak, why some hack, why some homebrew, and if its all the same. Need a site for noobs to explain all this. On PSP Slim it was so easy… I’d rather just pay a lot of money and find some sorta mod chip, but even that I don’t know who is reliable to get it from.

  20. Dev0 says:

    Please be calm we are working hard on releasing a stable exploit were getting close to one so be patient.

  21. FatIRISHprick says:

    *** been kinda slow around here aye?

  22. Zafar says:

    com on u hve done enough work on it plz release

  23. Glenn0451 says:

    we have to be patient guys. these things take time and if they just release it without doing everything necessary, our vitas could get bricked or something. if they haven’t released it yet, its only because they want this to be the best it can. just do what i did, and bust out the old cfw psp.

  24. working on a gameing engine . a portable first person shooter version of the pmw nation the video game engine im working on for the ps3 cfw. this engine is the portable version of that engine. and the basic game ill pack with it takes place in the storyline of the first. i have two versions one with support with a open gl lib and another with out opengl but pretty dame good stilll.. they are both ready to port and ill use ither or but pref. the open gl one depending on if i can use it when i go to port this to the vhbl. i know it will work i had it runing on the half byte loader for my psp back in the day with a help of afriend. at any rate im haveing trobles figureing out what sdk set up deal i need to have set up and how just is it i port my engines source code to the half byte loading interface… i know how to use psl1ght to get it up and runing under gameOS on a ps3 but whats the steps for the vhbl? ? ? thanks for any help

  25. Arcanjohack says:

    Ohh man, tanks for excelent work

  26. Edward says:

    I love you Wololo! I can’t wait to run psp homebrew on my ps vita! When will vhbl 2.01 be available for download?

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