New forced Vita update 2.01 live

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  1. hard_boy says:

    This update is a bug fix for PS Plus. No update fore me :-/

  2. TheHollander says:

    Really?… Already?…

  3. turbo-tastic says:

    1st! well is it really a forced update? so if your vita is exploited you shouldn’t do any online activity in your vita?

  4. MaxiExtreme says:

    Hmmm… My niece just updated my 1.81 to 2.0 so dont have the choice but to update to 2.01 also 🙁

    • Stiffeno says:

      Oh man I would have whooped her *** LOL. I actually keep my Vita and PSP in a small steal safe in my house :), only me and my mother have access to it! She keeps her work money in it, and I keep my smaller consoles and valuables like jewellery in it!

    • >_> says:

      Always PIN protect your electronics if they have the option. XDDDDDDDD

  5. chingon says:

    dis some bull…

  6. n1nurt4 says:

    why do people STILL insist on posting “first”? its spam and makes you look like a tool when youre not even the first to post.

    back on topic though, im using my vita right now to type this, and i havent updated so maybe it isn’t forced? i also checked my friends list which is when a msg appeared telling me to update but i just backed out of it. correction: it wont let you sign in but at least i can use the browser… mystery solved.

  7. NakedFaerie says:

    I went to play todays mission in Unit 13 and it forced me to update. Refusing to even get into the game unless I update.

    These forced updates really suck. BUT if they bring bugs that we can exploit then ok. OR if it fixes previous bugs that break the system then also ok.
    They really need to leave a few holes for the homebrewers as there is nothing wrong with homebrew.

  8. Jeff says:

    I got the Blue flashing light of death after update, and holding the power button for 30 sec does not work! Does anyone have any ideas?

    • Jd8531 says:

      Hold it longer or Turn off your PS Vita and
      then press and hold “R” + Power + PS (PlayStation Button). Then restart the Vita in the recovery menu.

  9. shadowfire90 says:

    I think there is a huge vulnerability in 2.0 that would allow Vita level cfw.
    They probably got careless and didn’t see it and that’s what this little update is for most likely.
    Think I will stay on 2.0 for awhile just to see what happens in the scene.

    • sammy says:

      living in dreamland. the update was to make AUTO uploads work for save files. Why people keep saying some have problems with cloud saves I dont know. the AUTO save upload should now work just like the AUTO trophy syncs which worked fine on 2.00

  10. Vita says:

    I’m still on 1.81. You guys think the manual update to 2.0 will still work???

  11. Chezni says:

    I had been using SKFU proxy to use persona 4’s online functions, but as of today, it no longer works for me :(.

    But that lead me to an interesting question:

    If I use a proxy to download mad blocker, etc… will i be able to use the Total Noob custom firmware via exploits?

  12. fresno says:

    I am rely and truly happy of my 1.81. For the moment I will not change for any of their rabish.

    • facepalmingATM says:

      same, im happy with my vhbl and dont want to pay $20 for another game to play other games

  13. Coldstar says:

    The game to download for exploit is virtua tennis, go go go

  14. yobib34 says:

    stick with 1.81….

  15. filodude says:

    forced update does this mean im on 1.81 if i connect to the internet it will force me to update to 2.01?

    • Jd8531 says:

      Yes if you try to connect to the Internet, you’ll need to update or you won’t be able to use it.

  16. arnookie says:

    Forced update will NOT force and update to magically appear on your vita if you go online. It is a forced update by making YOU! “download” the update to get on ps network / store or to play online. It will not install itself unless you have auto update enabled in system setting. Hope that helps some understand better. :O)

  17. Matthew says:

    When can we expect new exploit for 2.01?

    • NakedFaerie says:

      Stupid question. They come out when they are ready.

      This update has done nothing I can see. There are no new settings so its all internal I’m guessing. Probably just a few bugs.
      But as usual Sony make a big deal out of it. Instead of patching the little bugs elsewhere they update the whole firmware risking bricks.

      My Vita locked up after the YouTube 2.0 update and it refused to reboot until I held the power button for about 3 mins.
      Its been ok after the 2.01 update but it will lock up.

      ALL Sony products bring nice new features eventually but they also bring some real tough stupid security which locks up the system a lot more often.

      I bet someone with a launch Vita and launch PS3 both with launch firmwares will have less lockups than someone with the current firmwares.

  18. GENERALhuhHow says:

    Stay away if you want use exploit until vhbl is made for 2.2 in a month howchachewcha!

  19. Jeff says:

    Thanks Jd8531, I had never heard of those bottom combinations. It worked like a charm!

  20. wartaf says:

    Hey, someone here wanna give me the “Raw Request” of psp2-updatelist.xml from charles proxy?

  21. Dj Android says:

    Not to brag or anything, but i have actually got the update downloaded to my PC and have modified it to do various things 😉 Ill send out a few FW: 3.00AD updates to my friend’s to enjoy.

  22. super mario bros!!! says:


  23. NaturalDIRTYSKIN says:

    DJ ANDROID link that vid on here i wanna see what your about!

  24. Skars says:

    Leveraging the subject, I would like to ask if someone know if it is possible to access PSN on PS3 with OFW 4.21??

    My console is a CECH:30xxA and I’m afraid of miss a chance on a expected CFW. SO I don’t want to update to 4.31, or is it safe?

    Thanks in advance.

  25. SupahLeecha says:

    I’m just here to check the changelog analysis. Much better to see it here at wololodotnet. Thanks wololo team!

  26. filodude says:

    just tried to transfer some movie with open cma.

    flight mode off. it will tell me to update if i wanna transfer
    flight mode on. dont have to.

  27. new says:

    hi and welcome psp psvita user i find simple and fast way to put iso cso games on hacked psvita when you have open cma v 4.5 and it work just put you iso cso in date expolt for your game and when copying it to your ps vita with psp filer put the games where it must be by moving it to be hoist i dont have psvit yet but just a try please if any one try tell me the result thanks

  28. BuckTOOTHASIAN says:

    This firmware is better than the last thank you sony!

  29. StrifeAsaakeezis says:

    The update has popped up on my vita and when I carry on to update it and select next it just freezes. *** is the deal with that? Feel like I’m the only one having this problem. I’m ready to see if I can snap this F’in thing in half in a deadly rage!
    Can anyone help?

    • wololo says:

      Assuming you *really* want to update, I would try the following things:
      – Cold boot your Vita (press on the power button for 20 second) and try again
      – if that didn’t work, reset your vita to factory settings and try again (this will most likely format your memory stick and you might have to redownload all your games. In some cases ou might not want to do that…)

      • StrifeAsaakeezis says:

        P.s. I don’t want the update but it seems I need to download it in order to play my new BlackOps vita game online.

  30. StrifeAsaakeezis says:

    I don’t want to lose any data on my memory card and vita as I have many downloaded games and I have produced a lot of beats on my vita via the Beatmaker program and am looking to use them on my next album.
    Thanks though. Any other suggestions that allow me to keep my data? I came across a link that suggested updating through pc via usb connection? Will this ensure a better and more stable update connection that won’t freeze my vita in mid-update download?

  31. StrifeAsaakeezis says:

    It finally worked after the 4th try. Thanks for your help Wololo dude. }B}

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