Vita: Hello World on OFW 2.0 by Frostegater (PSP emu)


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  1. bosanovaX says:


  2. JustBryan says:

    question… if I updated to 1.81 is it possible to vhbl my ps vita? 🙁 i don’t have urbanix, gravity crash or mad blocker T_T … help

  3. Minimur says:


  4. ryan says:

    due to these exploits released by brainy devs we will one day loose psp compatibility with vita much like other os on ps3 and I cant blame Sony!!!
    Those interested in playing psp games buy the *** console its so cheap now and every console is hack-able.A request to the devs Just leave the vita alone until you find a exploit within the vita not inside psp emu!!!
    You guys will find a exploit Sony will patch it and this goes on and on forever!!!!

    • wololo says:

      The day Sony removes PSP backward support will not be because of the hackers, it will be because it costs them more money to support the psp on the vita than the money they make selling psp games on the Vita. If you look at the history of consoles, every console that supported the previous generation removed support for it eventually. Support of the previous generation is just here to attract early adopters with an existing game library, but then always gets removed for cost reasons.

      Also, the fact that Sony removed otherOS support on the PS3 because of hackers is a *myth*, the support was removed because of contractual issues between Sony and IBM. Hackers just happened to be a nice excuse, with perfect timing. Believe what you want, but I think you give way too much credit to hackers for Sony’s business decisions.

  5. nCadeRegal says:

    Wow i thought we were posting repllies to congatulate the devs on their fast work. Way to go frostegator. Keep it up man, thanks theres always a silver lining in the scene!

  6. carsauce says:

    Persona 4 Golden works on 1.81, do not update if you want your E CFW!

  7. tracer22jhayahr says:

    Hopefully this will release soon.. I wan’t to run homebrew on my vita..

  8. SARS1983 says:

    ok ~!!! perfect

  9. Insane says:

    Thanks for everything

  10. durson says:

    That is great and everthing, but where can you download it? Or has this not come out yet?

  11. grunfire says:

    hey guys has this happend yet or still in the works cheers.