2.0 OFW update live now, not forced but blocks ALL exploits and Open CMA

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  1. JMQMOfficials says:

    1 😀

  2. JMQMOfficials says:

    Hotmail 2.00 won’t work on the incoming btw :S Works on the outcoming!

  3. Poec says:

    I missed all exploits, so I’m updating, ain’t even mad lol
    I live in Mexico and update 2.0 is available.

  4. JMQMOfficials says:

    NVM Got them working 😀

  5. JMQMOfficials says:

    It takes a while to get the incoming :S Tweet feature doesn’t work well, won’t let me sign in with my email or my username.

  6. Ukdna says:

    I always wondered why they never attacked open CMA, seems like the weak link, no doubt

  7. MousE0910 says:

    Just now, I tried accessing the PS Store but couldn’t – the update is forced.
    I repeat, as of now, THE UPDATE IS FORCED!

  8. The Budds says:

    They might have re-written the psp emulator, when I first checked to see if eCFW was blocked…I got a message that popped up is as if I used it for the first time.

  9. razor says:

    I’m on the update menu right now.
    To update or not to update is the question.

  10. Qaisar rehman says:

    its force update! I tried to access the PSN on vita! its asking for update! US! :\ Damn! not updating!!

  11. AshTerra says:

    OMG im an hour too late!! can’t buy Monster hunter on my 1.81 anymore.. PSN ****blocked me with the stupid update! How am I gonna do the exploit for the game now??

  12. hard_boy says:

    Update is available in Italy whit the online game of Everybodys Golf (lobby mode).

  13. Mr MaGoo says:

    Ok so I updated thinking I would check out ps+ and do not see an option on psn store any where. It looks exactly as it did before

    • Jd8531 says:

      PS plus on the store should be coming when the ps store gets updated which is usually Tuesday or Wednesday.

    • Mr MaGoo says:

      On a side note, the browser is extremely fast and definitely does wonders to bridge the gap between the vita and a tablet. On playstation.com it states that you have to download the games via the ps3 store.

  14. calm down people the store looks exactly as before cuz sony still dont update the store .wait till tomorrow

  15. razor says:

    I won’t update till there’s an OpenCMA for v2.0
    Don’t want to be connected to the internet when transferring files to my Vita. X(

  16. itsMeMimi says:

    what FW 2.00 have glitch? hmmmm not to update yet…i will stay 1.81…hehe

  17. wartaf says:

    its a relief to have party and the friends apps! sony should not be harsh about requiring it on 2.0

    also the trophies!

  18. richard_sampana says:

    Force download here in philippines.I dunno if ill go with ofw 2.0 or not?

  19. Maxilus says:

    Hey.. Lucky me.. I still can access PSN store even 2.00 has released. Im still on 1.81. Wee~ 🙂

  20. ogogo says:

    Same here in EU forced to download cant access anymore
    PSN >.< MEH CRY ,!, FU SONY

  21. Jose says:

    It’s forced now for me, I’m in the U.S.

  22. SpikyHairedFreak says:

    The update is indeed now forced : P

  23. Moi says:

    High time to go out and grab a crystal Assasins’s Creed bundle, given the news.

  24. Josh says:

    Confirmed to be forced in US

  25. Skars says:

    It is force, I’m on 1.81 and can’t access PSN without system update.

    • youbadboy says:

      That’s funny because i downloaded a couple of add-ons only yesterday and i’m still on 1.81. You must be doing something wrong, or not doing the right thing. Either way

  26. Hellinferno says:

    I wonder why they block Open CMA,what happen if we dont have a ps3 or a pc but without internet?.Its stupid i was using that because my internet sucks as heck 1mb imagine that,they want to see what videos or music we are uploading to our consoles?.

  27. rep says:

    i know this may have already been answered somewhere but i cant seem to find a straight one. this is my question, i run 1.81 and tn-c with open CMA, can i still use my vita like i have been ? copying my ISO/CSO collection to vita via open CMA? copying my mp3s and mp4s to vita via open CMA. if the update isnt forced then i should be running ok and not worry about it right? i just dont want to accidently update, which stops my eCFW and my psp collection being playable. i sold my psp cause of the vita i got but i have copies of all my games and its awesome that i can still play them. but i dont want to accidently mess everything up. thanks for your time.

  28. carsauce says:

    Is this forced or what??! IF i buy a new game Persona 4 Golden is it forced update?

    • Jd8531 says:

      Right now it has become a forced update. Persona 4 will not require an update unless using online features.

  29. carsauce says:

    Yes confimed, did not update and Persona can be played offline=)

  30. keyz16b says:

    It looks like Sony flipped the switch and made 2.0 firmware a mandatory update (for US customers). I’m running 1.81 firmware with the MBA game exploit. I just turned on my PSV to get on PSN and got the update message in order to proceed. Same message popped up when I tried playing COD: Black Ops -Declassified online. This was done Nov. 21, 2012 @ 1240p EST.

  31. optimus says:

    i have NOT updated my vita to 2.0 FW but i cannot open CMA or use psn on my vita what do i do

    Please Help

  32. klyde blind says:

    my ps vita v2.0 works on opencma r3. 1st i updated my OFW to 2.0, then i downloaded latest version of cma. after that i connected my ps vita to the cma then run the patch, then i had to uninstall my cma, then i deleted the remaining patched files on the root folder of cma and install again the cma and to my surprise opencma works for my vita v2.0. this not a joke just try it.

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