Release: yMenu for CEF 6.60 TN


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36 Responses

  1. Mikebeav3r says:


    just to wind some one up :p

  2. Andalia says:

    Are the issue with the ISO loading fixed now?

  3. Mikebeav3r says:

    in other news….awesome, thanks for the updated info and to the dev’s for their continued hard work 🙂

  4. nichikoro says:

    Monster hunter and vhbl for ever ! 😀

  5. Doug says:

    I missed the Urbanix.. I’m so disappointed.. because it had more than vhbl at a smaller price and I waited so long for something like this.. Darn.. now this site is on my bookmarks widget on the homescreen of my one x.. I will wait patiently again. Good luck to all of you (:

    • Same here man, I check this Page maybe 20 times a day and I can’t (censored]} believe I missed this apportunity to fully take advantage of the vita’s capabilities. Also the exploit was made in a “FREE” game. Everyone had a chance to get it. Darn this im very very mad at this Sam JordanQueer guy. If i lived close to him I would go up to his house and beat the living *** out of him. Gas is expensive to go and kick this guys ***.

      • wololo says:

        Guys, stay tuned, something *good* is coming for people in your situation. The main issue for you now is, if you missed Urbanix, are you 100% sure you won’t miss the next one?

  6. 2die4 says:

    sweet going to go test this out on my other memory card

  7. Nicky says:

    Can using in monster hunter vhl ???

  8. Scott Dunt says:

    I tried changing the wallpapers and the vita locks up. I hope this gets fixed.

  9. G0l3m says:

    For all those japanese people. Good news CEF 6.60 TN-A has sucsessfully been ported to the japanese version of Urbanix.

  10. slimjim3k says:

    Does using this stop all the freezing when the Vita sleeps or when using the Vita home button?

  11. gliitch says:

    i cant get this homebrew to show up at all. Ive FTP’d, packaged too i hope im not the only one -_- baah and on a random note ive just finished a kilo of cola bottles in less than 24 hours O_o

  12. gliitch says:

    scrap that – got it to work 🙂

  13. mike7500 says:

    can it be used on the monster hunter exploit?

  14. quetz says:

    whats wrong with original menù? i find it easier… 😛 shows more icon in grid, i think it’s better.. don’t care about background.. 😛 i see TN menù just for 2 seconds before launching apps..

  15. chingon says:

    so i insyalled Ymenu and my homebrew showed up but not the isos that were already installed…any one else with that problem?

  16. Wolfang says:

    Hi is ther any way that with this menu can load the iso due to do not have another exploit or CHBL or FTP or sdhoc due to is firmware 1.81 with no other exploit than urbanix, tryed already with open cma but can not see the isos, any hel or guidence will be really appreciated due to im kind of new in this, thanks

  17. Wolfang says:

    VHBL instead of CHBL, sorry tipping error

  18. nico says:

    same problem with iso.not showing on the the TN menu back…

    • chingon says:

      same here i hope it gets resolved, oh and psp filer 6.6 sends erorr code when initiated. im reinstalling OG TN till it gets resolved…

  19. HIPHOP78 says:

    @chingon: I did the same thing I am back on the original TN until a better and stable version is released!!

  20. Delux says:

    ISOs are shown in the proper directory (by default is ms0:/PSP/GAME). u have to change it by pressing /\ (up), then select the right folder (ms0:/ISO); Or u can simply put your ISOs in GAME folder, which I think it’s better.

    As to me, I’ll stay with yMenu mainly because IT ALLOWS TO PAUSE AND RESUME the game or the homebrew we’re running (with TN menu it freezes).

    This menu is definetly better.

  21. chingon says:

    Thanks DELUX, problem solved…

  22. asmodeus says:

    i have it
    i get it
    forever happy

  23. CharlieLafd says:

    mine keeps freezing every couple seconds, what did i do/am doing wrong?

  24. Azio says:

    Hey wololo i need to know how to change background pictures on Ymenu?Plzz can enyone help me?

  25. bootyhuntah says:

    It would be nice to see some better backgrounds like girls and skulls and cool stuff like that.

  26. redcero says:

    I hope yMenu adds ability to change from M33 to the sony driver. yMenu is so much better than TN menu because I can put my back up isos whereever I want and launch them.