Missed the Urbanix exploit? TN has something big coming for you


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  1. Koal says:

    That is the game 100%

  2. Mad says:

    Im totally mad at all these fake trolls, im an alpha though and will block them from my mind

  3. s7ypher says:

    I mean really…you all are stupid if you dont think sony dont have someone who is registered on this very site just waiting to get the name of the game. I retire all my codeing and what not for psp a while back. I seriously rather just enjoy new content. All these 14 year old who cant afford games line up praying for iso loader, while site trafic spikes. So much fun to watch =]

    • Batman says:

      They probably don’t, many of us didn’t have accounts to the forum on here until recently. Plus, only trusted Members are accepted. Even if they did, they can not do nothing about the possible game or games that may have the exploit until the files are released to the public.

    • rodman says:

      your a coder? ya rite, coder is a hobby just like games, you dont just retire.

      • s7ypher says:

        lol…just goes to show you your ignorance. Its not like i do it for work or anything. You think any developer who actually does any form of coding…heck anyone who works with computers…Sure it started as a hobby. But let me tell you guy…its the last thing you want to do when you get home. I dont devlop and release publicly you ***…it doesn’t mean i dont give valuable input on open source codes for other home brew that you yourself have probably ran in the past. Tell me hobby when you have your degree in programming with all your certs to back that it up and thats what you do for a living. But meh, i have no time for people like you. meh too much wine to argue any farther. accuse me of w/e dont think i care honestly..

  4. Batman says:

    Did you idiots not read Wolo’s recent posts? Any one who posts false games, or possibly the real game, can and will be banned from here. Seems like a lot of dumb people are going to be banned for not following the rules, unless Wolo is nice to you.

  5. KillerBeeCan says:

    i got ps vita backups running from a ssd hdd using my new cfw i will release it tomorrow. The exploit runs on GTA Vice City Stories so grab it before it gets ripped away from PSN 😉

  6. Diceaurora says:

    I love reading forums 🙂

  7. Doug says:

    Missed urbanix.. but now i’m ready… To make my vita my main console. I love you people, and this dojo.

  8. ruguer says:

    When are the hour from release that game??

  9. Stiffeno says:

    KillerBee i think you should delete your post about the wrong game GTA, you may be joking but someone might think its true and use their only $20 psn card/money on GTA and then when they find the REAL name of the mini they wont be able to buy it coz they will be broke.

    Also you say that nobody would believe it, well not everyone reading ur message has English for their first language, and Sarcasm doesnt transfer across in text very well to these members!

  10. DeathOfChaos says:

    Is there any way we could conveniently get an update to our email when the article containing the next exploit? I was like 2 days late on the Urbanix one, I’d love to catch it this time!!

  11. cybic says:

    The only real problem is, that you loose the possibility to update your console without loosing the exploit after releasing it 🙁

    I think it would be really interesting to make at least some exploitable games known just by a really small amount of people + a normal ninja/public release lineup 🙂

    • wololo says:

      That’s already the case. The people who need to know about other kernel exploits are the ones working on them. These people have access to several user exploits, etc…

  12. neverthewiseone says:

    will the title come up today? and is it vhbl compatible?
    sorry for the noobish question.

  13. momtaror says:

    It is Mad Block Anpha , EU store has been remove

  14. Sven says:

    Sony has removed the game from the store.

  15. Armookie says:

    Works well on the new firmware 1.81 with the new game. not sure if the release today will work better or be the same as the release I got. Anyhow its all good. Total_Noob thanks for your great work.

  16. deathscythe says:

    what the fck where the heck is the ninja release it is almost wednesday whats up??????

  17. anton85 says:

    Guys, I can still see urbanix on my psp Mexican account. Can I buy it and then transfer it on ps-vita??