Vita CFW leaked, Coldbird leaves the scene


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  1. ProgZ says:

    The real issue I have with this is the immaturity. One person proves untrustworthy and immature and releases completely non-functional work so another person proves immature and promises that no one will have the working version. It’s that act of punishing the innocent for the actions of a guilty party that I have a serious problem with and it shows a distinct lack of maturity and foresight as this seems to happen over and over and over in emulation/software hacking communities.

    • wololo says:

      Coldbird’s goal was not to punish anybody, he just needed the break after an intense amount of stress. Try to remember everything he’s done for the scene over the past 2 years before you judge. At this point it’s crazy there are still people who question his decisions given how relentless he has been in improving his tools for the scene.

      • Johnny Bravo says:

        I didn’t read his story as I dont have that much time to waste in my busy day.
        I’ve also just about ignored the PSP scene for a few years. If he’s done well and just needs a break then fine, good on him.

        I thought he was one of those *** that just had a hissy fit coz his exploit got leaked. I never cared for those devs. Looks like all they want is fame where they should be in it for the scene and against Sony.

        People know me, know what I’m about and know I speak my mind sometimes without reading before posting. I’m one for sharing for free and not one that wants fame.
        I’m out there in the public and I know what it wants. “In the public” as I work with a console repair and sales shop. everyday people come in and ask for things so I know what they want. These days they are asking if the Vita has a CFW and if it can run backups yet so thats what the public want.
        We help them the best we can but it ends up with you guys finding the exploits and releasing them. I dont direct them to HBL/VHBL as its useless as it will only work till the next firmware. Same thing goes for tethered iPhone jailbreaks.

        Well, thats enough from me. Good luck Coldbird in whatever you chose to do.
        I am with the public and waiting for an ISO/backup loader to be released.

  2. trecenters says:

    I gave the wrong person keys to my house and someone has taken a bottle of my wine.

    I was saving that wine until it was old enough to drink.

    I will never drink alcohol and never let anyone in my house again.

    I had the cork glued though so good luck opening it.

    When would my wine ever be old enough? That is the question.

    There will always be one more year that I want it to age.

    It is humanity’s fault because that one person couldn’t be trusted.

    Goodbye World.

  3. vampirex says:

    To be honest, PSP drama has been going on ever since i can remember.. Back when M33 CFW bricked PSPs when eboots were edited… my point is… im sad that the psp scene is dead, but also happy that maybe finally people will learn to respect these amazing people, and remember the things they have done. Good luck Coldbird.. tbh, i was actually hoppin he’d keep working on and release the Prometheus Online for PSP-1000… seems like that dream is down the drain as well.

    Good bye PSP-Scene, may you RIP.

    • StepS says:

      he is still working on prometheus online

    • shadowfire90 says:

      yes scene drama lmao
      leaving the ‘scene’ is pointless.
      about as pointless as hiding your head in the sand with your body sticking out and thinking your hidden from the world and no one can see you or the problems around you.

      If sony wanted to go after this person, the proof is already there so leaving the scene is pointless. (which I really don’t think they would do)

      Sorry to hear your work was leaked but thats the risk you take when you put files into other peoples hands.
      Hopefully this is just a temp set back as I really don’t want to purchase all these psp games again :/

      Even when I had custom fw on my old psp, I still bought all my games. I just liked and enjoyed the ability to do more with it.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      Remember when those eboots were getting edited. I was the one that stood up for everyone and I ruined the forum of the guy that did it. 😀 It took him months to get his forum back up and running again and he lost about 6-12 months of posts. LOL. That’ll teach him for bricking peoples PSPs and editing files he shouldn’t be editing.
      Still I get abused for sticking up for the public.

      Since D_A left the scene there has always been drama in the scene. Nobody is as good as him and everyone that tried just copied his work but couldn’t do as good he did.

      Now its just full of *** crying when leaks happen because they sit on it for ages and dont release it to the public. OF COURSE it will be leaked if you dont release it and its something the public really want.

      Doesn’t matter how good they are, if they dont release anything they are as useless as the next troll.

  4. Quarterback says:

    since Sony knows what game has a kernel exploit. goodluck

    • Gadorach says:

      Kernel exploits usually have no reliance on the game its self, it just requires a way to execute the exploit, so a usermode exploit is just the way in. As long as we have a usermode exploit, we can run this kernel exploit, right up to the point at which it’s decrypted and released, and therefore patched. Never think that a kernel exploit is always reliant on a game, as that’s simply not the case.

      • Quarterback says:

        my point is the game will be patched next firmware update.

        oh well i dont have enough knowledge about this thing.

  5. Yes says:

    I have extra respect for developers who actually takes responsibility for piracy issue. This seems to be the case here. Instead of just releasing it at once, it is nice to see that they concider the outcome of the release.

  6. INFINITY says:

    Wait! What about UVLOADER is that still going or is this project based on that.

  7. Green Ranger says:

    Won’t support this guy ever.

    It really sad, that a talented Developer like Coldbird are leaving the Scene because of such a Douchbag…

    Every Dev outta here should not support this guy or even try to reverse the files.

  8. shadowfire90 says:

    Wow, Sad that every time Wololo posts something about homebrews, there are only 30 comments, but when Wololo talks about ColdBird leaving, it gets a shitload of comments. Why weren’t all the people here saying thanks to all the homebrews? That’s sad and you know who you are you greedy ignorant ***.

    • alex says:

      That because we all come to his site, and every body knows wololo is the man. He is an awesome dev, and he keeps us all up to date with his site. He knows hes the man. Im one of who know how many people on this site. Even if I sat here all day parsing wololo, I dont think he knows im here. Im grateful for his, and all the devs hard work, but most of them do it because they love it; not to get props from the community. Most Devs know that their work is GREATLY appreciated by most of the users.
      I say most because we all know there is always some son of an onion that is selfish, but what can you do.

    • Asukafag says:

      Why should we comment every single homebrews and news on this site? And we talking not just about coldbird leaved the scene but about leaked CFW as well, you uneducated swine.

  9. alex says:

    WOW!!! I just read Coldbirds explanation on his page and judging from Sam’s response to Colbird’s fair warning, I have to say this Sam kid seems like a complete sociopath.
    His response almost sounds quoted from some action movie strait from the villains mouth.
    Whatever this Sam kid gets; he totally asked for it, and deserves whatever horrors are coming his way.

    Honestly I feel a bit bad for the kid. He’s probably one of these guys that tries way to hard to be liked by people, and only gets on every bodies nerves.

  10. Hi guy, the trick for have urbanix and Jewel keepers free run always in FB !

    Enjoy !!

    P.S : sorry for my bad english but i’m french !

  11. 2die4 says:

    some one else will come forward theirs way tooo much e-fame to let it go

  12. joseph says:

    can any one get this working im not hacker but im going to keep messing around with my vita maybe i will fine something

  13. raikov2006 says:

    Me and my friends have got the necessary skills to get this working. Even a uni teacher said he will help. The only thing is that they don’t no the ps vita functions and how it runs. And they don’t have time to learn. I’m not asking for anything jus how would I go about doing it my self. What files are encrypted and what files are. Needed to complete this?

    • 2die4 says:

      You will need to look for the exploit you already know 50% its in urbanix its in the savegame so that means something was edited in some it’s as simple as changing the number of letters in the name if the name is 10 digits and you change it to 11 then the memory might not be able to handle it, the first step is a usermode exploit after which u do the escalation to get a kernal exploit to get the code into memory

  14. PkmnCenter says:

    Would this exploit work for the super collapse 3 vhbl if it gets cracked?

  15. n00neimp0rtant says:

    In the event that Sony decides to block transfer of the game between devices via their auth server, I cached their encrypted lists. Even if they change the lists, we can use the old ones since we don’t have to modify them. Email me if we end up needed them

  16. Gourcuff says:

    So what do we do? Do we stick to 1.80 /1.81 waiting for a hypothetical something to be released (and maybe wait for ages)? Or should we upgrade to play future hits such Call of or Assassin’s Creed and access PSN when the exploit is patched with firmware 1.82?

  17. joseph says:

    i know alot of people are dying for this kernal exploite right now im up day and night researching and trying stuff
    on my vita with vhbl and monster hunter going threw all the files i hope i can come across something if anybody wants to help me email me

  18. Charles Velazquez says:

    I’m not saying what he did was right, but at least he acknowledges his mistake and gave an apology in the video. Maybe coldbird might come back to the scene one day, me personally from a programmers perspective. If you really love doing something, you don’t let anybody stop you from doing such. Their Encrypted and probably won’t ever be usable. They were even being cautious about the whole privacy thing, which is a huge step. Look at how jailbreaking the iDevices went in history.

    • vampirex says:

      lol apology videos… more like sarcasm to me.. notice the latest video, he puts a slideshow of dead birds… to me, he is mocking us..

    • Casavult says:

      You serious? He posted another video of dead birds… Obviously mocking Coldbird. I think Coldbird deserves a huge long break. The guy has worked so hard over the past few years making amazing stuff for many users.

    • Crispy says:

      Love Coldbird very much but this part of the scene he wont be seeing again me and him agreed that making a family is more important. He will be still working on his pro online though which he enjoys.

  19. Helder says:

    This makes me remeber the time of iPad 2 and jailbreakme, when a YouTube noob had hacked comex server with brute force attack and leaked the pdf file that jailbreak only a old os version 4.3.1 that is only installled in first iPad 2 units

    This makes comex work many ours to finished the jailbreak and release it before Apple patch it

    The differece betweeen coldbird and comex is, comex had released their work and worked hard to finnish it, and couldbird no, do what is more easy, left the scene.

  20. Zanor says:

    Is it just me or are 80% of the people in the PSP hacking community whiny, selfish, 12 year old aspies? Every time a post is made on this site a bunch of little faggots come in and *** DEMAND these kind people to release tools that they know would ruin the Vita at a very early time in it’s life. Have some *** class or a little restraint at the least.

  21. 91 says:

    Sam bitchass jordam. -Location US Atlanta Ga. Ip-

  22. Jared says:

    I can’t believe this… How can someone be so ignorant? He took this away from so many people…

  23. w7y7a7t7t says:

    man, sucks coldbird left, i’ve kinda been quietly following the psp scene for the past few years. i remember when pro cfw was first released, and there was the whole total_noob vs pro team thing… damn, to bad he’s leaving he was a really talented guy. well, all i can say is, good luck to him with whatever he purses next. i’m sure his wife is happy though, she probably get’s more time with him haha 🙂

  24. NakedFaerie says:

    Anyone get the leak working? I cant get the long filenames to copy to the Vita. I’m on 1.81
    All the small files if you make the uppercase and make sure they are in the 8+3 files system they do copy over but the long files dont.

    I’m guessing all the future hacks will need to be changed to fit into this file system.

  25. srk3461 says:

    F**k U!! sam jordam! I hope sony gets him real hard… and Good luck Coldbird, you’ve done enough. And thanks for your handwork and time to the psp scene! we’ll really miss you allot!

  26. Axido says:

    Today someone else published a working CFW for the Urbanix Exploit on a German Playstation Forum. Now ISO/CSO and everything else possible on the PSP is also possible on the Vita. PSV is going down like PSP was. And now you can imagine why Coldbird left the scene.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      Got the link?

    • Gourcuff says:


      • NakedFaerie says:

        Awesome. Thanks. 😀
        This is what we’ve been after. The next thing is to stop Sony from taking it away.

    • ProgZ says:

      No, I really can’t imagine why someone would leave the scene because tools they were working on to hack a device were released by someone else in working form. The Vita is already floundering by all standards, there have even been entire articles published about how third parties just aren’t really ‘interested’ in the device..and before you whiners start crying about hackers that has nothing to do with it at this stage. As nice as the handheld is, I’d much rather be able to use it for emulators and my old library of psx games than be stuck with 2-5 vita releases that are actually promising IN A YEAR.

  27. ananomus says:

    sound like a baby to me. who cares? cry all you want baby! ;(
    Like you who ever did this keep going you have a follower anonymous wont give my name out dont like *** thrown @ me. Postive feedback from me! :0

  28. David says:

    I am always so impressed with peoples knowledge in the scene, and it is such a privilege to use their tools. I have a beginners knowledge on programming and it really needs to be your passion to reach levels like I see on these sites.

    To see Cold Bird need a break is nothing out of the ordinary. My passion is art and there are days I’m so sick of the idea of creating that I can’t lift a pencil or brush much less create.

    I just want devs to know out there that there are people who really appreciate your work and don’t feel you owe us a thing. A passion is for you and you alone and I feel privileged to be allowed to use the result of your abilities. Thank you.

  29. agonishadow says:

    huh…now can’t get the “Urbanix” from PSN,good job sony.

  30. gr8n00d1e says:

    Sh*t!!I just hate this kind of guys! They never thinking the result of what they are doing. How many hacks are wasted like this. Damn…

  31. david says:

    It’s too bad,all of this because of an immature man…

    Wololo “everything he’s done for the scene over the past 2 years”

    i didn’t knew that,

  32. Gaoban says:

    You know those files that were leaked by that *** sam whatever his name is. I downloaded the leaked files. They contain Vboot files. They did not work when I first tried them, but then I changed the vboot to eboot ad they worked. I am not sure if they can run full speed psx games, but from the comments I heard that it can. Does anyone know where they can get the leaked files. If not I can upload a link to them. But it seems just like a VHBL to me.

  33. guisadop says:

    Let’s hope Coldbird doesn’t back out again on the scene and releases his ARK port on 3.60 soon.

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