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What’s going on with the Prometheus website?


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33 Responses

  1. Roshan says:


  2. Randqalan says:

    It is a bust for me too Ohio USA
    been thinking was my ISP this at least let me know not me 🙂

  3. Randqalan says:

    Looks like I can get on with GEB thou so only web resolution problem 😀

  4. qwikrazor87 says:

    Communication with the server failed.
    A DNS error has occurred.

  5. Alex says:

    Works from New Zealand

  6. Tonakai says:

    Not working in Wales or England. Unsure about the rest of Britain.

  7. Tonakai says:

    Just got someone to confirm that it is NOT working in Adelaide, South Australia.

  8. Luzifa says:

    Not working in Germany

  9. mohsin says:

    see i told you nobody listened to me!!!!!!

  10. HeroKing says:

    cb posted in the pro cfw topic of the new link. hop over to pro.coldbird.uk.to or forum.coldbird.uk.to

    • Randqalan says:

      These should work for everyone but people besides me
      need to check thanks heroking still over there helping out 🙂

  11. LOLZ says:

    work in my place though.

  12. jlo138 says:

    Not working in Texas, U.S.

  13. Randqalan says:

    Well these work so good to know 😀

    pro.coldbird.uk.to or forum.coldbird.uk.to

  14. meep says:

    Portugal is a no no.

  15. LooneyTunes says:

    Not working at Kerala, India.

  16. svenn says:

    not working belgium, however dns can take up to 48h to update.

  17. Jvhellraiser says:

    Not Working in Puerto Rico.

  18. I dont know what the *** is this!
    I just want ad hoc work on the vita

  19. w7y7a7t7t says:

    big ol’ no from saskatchewan, canada

  20. wistine says:

    No working in Europe for me!

  21. pploco1996 says:

    Venezuela… Down 🙁

  22. ZgamerR says:

    U.K Virgin media

    http://www.prometheus.uk.to is unavailable or may not exist.

    under the search results are :

    Top suggestions for failure


  23. Randqalan says:

    [B][SIZE=5]pro.coldbird.uk.to or forum.coldbird.uk.to Try these report back others are offline now[/SIZE][/B]

  24. Razorbacktrack says:

    Not working in Italy

  25. openvita says:

    germany, not working

  26. HIMFan says:

    Not working here in Topeka,KS,USA

  27. XSpalter says:

    doesnt work for me on google chrome, opera, internet explorer (Germany)

  28. toBsucht says:

    http://forum.coldbird.uk.to/ pro.coldbird.uk work thanks HeroKing 😉
    not working http://www.prometheus.uk.to/

  29. whiteguy64 says:

    not working seymour missouri usa

  30. Jaypee says:

    Not working for me in! Oakland california!