(Video) Is an iso loading version of VHBL running in the wild?


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  1. Darkanubis74 says:

    Makes you wonder. Maybe we will see something soon.

    • me says:

      fake you can see the screen cut at 0:16

      • Skyymiles says:

        There IS a reason why this was filmed in the dark… at least initially, you are absolutely correct. Psychologically speaking I find it also suspicious that this time frame is exactly when they switched watermarks from the top left to top right(notice the authors’ prerogative to choose that time to do it vs. another possibility). 16 seconds must have been a ‘significant’ point in this clip.. hmm wonder why? ๐Ÿ˜› “CUT”

  2. iRainbows says:


  3. KuroRyu913 says:

    I wish for this to come out only for getting the games that one cant get in the US, like Digimon World Re:Digitized or Kamen Rider Climax Heroes, etc. It would be nice to get those games in the US store like how on the PS3 u can get a few PS1 games from JP on the US store. Oh well.

  4. Cheesethief says:

    I swear that that video is fate6’s. He has a kernel exploit which has ymenu as a way to launch things. He posted a “proof” video a week or so ago, not sure if it is still up. This video looks like his….

  5. dacalo says:

    Yea this looks like fate6’s video he posted.

  6. Darkanubis74 says:

    It’s definitely becoming more apparent a lot of people have these kexploits, this may get out sooner than later if a leak occurs

  7. auron says:

    well this is great news, I don’t have VHBL but I hope see a cfw wither it be a vita cfw or a psp cfw.

  8. qwikrazor87 says:

    I know this isn’t exactly the right place to post but it’s related to VHBL. Someone got a working version of scummVM in the /talk forums.

  9. Pat says:

    So im a American in Afghanistan and board out of my mind hear. I have about 11 months left lol but im thinking of geting a PSP go or a vita. The games I want to play are ps1 FF7 ps1 FF8 crises core KHBBS jet set radio. I like the Vita because its not a dead system like the psp but the vita has none of the games i want to play right now. I know the second I by the PSP the vita will get a iso loader but if i buy the vita a psp iso loader will never come out. lol witch one should i get?

    • qwikrazor87 says:

      Personally I think you’re better off getting a PSP if you want to play some ISOs. For now the Vita will not let you play ISOs, and it’s very unlikely that the people who have the ISO loaders for the Vita’s PSP emu are willing to release them to the public anytime soon, I could be wrong though. But why not get a PSP on which you’ll definitely be able homebrew and ripped games?

      • Pat says:

        I wish I could pay for these games. The devs wrok hard on these games. I just don’t see why Sony wont sell them to us on the Vita. The Vita has such a weak line up of games. well ty for the reply qwikrazor87 I think you are right though I will go with the PSP because it has games I want to play. I only wonder how many times Sony has lost a Sale of a Vita to a PSP for this reason. They are only competing with them selves… O well I guess that’s why im in Afghanistan and not a Sony CEO

        • Darkanubis74 says:

          If you are able to buy a PSP in the first place you are able to buy games. If you’re going to be a pirate at least be honest. Are you a part of the us armed forces? I couldn’t see another reason for an American being there, it’d be quite dangerous >_>

          • Pat says:

            I am prior service working as a civilian contractor working with the military. I will get the psp go and will buy the games online. I was just saying I wish the Vita would give us the option to buy all the games we loved on the PSP that way they are not competing with each other. But If the Vita had a working ISO loader I would buy it so that I would not be stuck paying for a system that they are no longer making games for. I would never pirate a game that if I had the option to pay for.

  10. EFUS09 says:

    Nice, this is the only way i have to play mgs: peace walker (not is in the us ps store )

    • Cheesethief says:

      The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for the Vita has Peacewalker, and it looks a whole lot better than the PSP version on that 5″ OLED.

      • Darkanubis74 says:

        It doesn’t include peacewalker on the vita version actually

      • Chozzehnwahn says:

        Peacewalker is not included. I just bought the collection last week for my vita. Still well worth it IMO.

      • nachtvlinder says:

        oh reaalyy??? I suppose you dont recall the news right before mgs:hd for vita came out??? PW is on the psn-store, so go buy it there whas said to us. NO PW in our mgs:hd collection (eu). The ps3 version (not that one you can download right now from the store, but the one that came out on disc) had pw, as well as the x360 version…

  11. CYDeviant says:

    I refuse to buy the exact same PSP games for my Vita, I have like 30 games on UMD. This would be huge ๐Ÿ˜€

    I could see something getting released sooner than later..
    there are many hackers out there who honestly don’t give a damn about piracy.

  12. Thommo says:

    Any one else notice that every video of VHBL loading ISO/CSO files depicting a game that can be bought from the PSN.
    Maybe not in every country but I have found them all on the NZ Store.
    We need a video of someone running an actual ISO that is not on any Store.
    I can (and im sure everyone else can) run PSP games bought from the Store via VHBL.

  13. Sakuryu says:

    o_o interesting….. maybe I can play my games that aren’t in the store! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. b2p1mp says:

    I think the games being played are playable only for those who purchased them in the first place. The license is needed for the system. These guys arent releasing it because you can only play purchased games. It may be just a bit of old school license transfer/ps3 trickery at play. It allows for psp games that arent available on vita to be played, but these games were purchased or shared by the person playing them. That kinda defeats the purpose of iso loading… if you had to buy it on the psp to play on the vita. This is just a theory.

    • Cheesethief says:

      Err, the video is by fate6, a mod on the forums. It is a kexploit in the PSP emulator which allows loading PSP ISOs. No license required. No editing of the ISO required.

      • b2p1mp says:

        and he commented right before he made teh video that ftp was involved in the transfer of the game, pspftp ported for vhbl? ftp ps3 action? Something smells rotten.

  15. Mr-Shizzy says:

    I wish a PSP iso loader would be released for the Vita… I *** you not, I have bought Fight Night Round 3 for the PSP 3 times now!! Twice on UMD for my PSP (I lost the first copy) and the third time was when I just had to buy it again from PSN for my Vits!

    What a load of ***. I have other PSP UMD games (e.g. GTA,ect) that I refuse to pay for again just to play on my vita.

  16. jamesssss says:

    fingers crossed this gets released, would love to get some Star Ocean and Kingdom Hearts on my Vita.

    At the moment the Vita’s line up is pretty poor and I have not seen a single game in the line up for the next few months that remotely made me not regret buying this device!!

    Sony, get your act together and at least get every PSP game loaded on to the store and then let us outside Japan do the UMD transfer thing, maybe then we won’t need to rely on hackers to play games we already own!!

  17. Sabertooth says:

    I don’t know. I think that PSP iso loader on Vita is ***. Why? Because I had bought Monster Hunter 2 through PSN and you know it looks awful. Controls is good because of second stick but nothing more useful. I’d better play PSP games on my PSP than on my Vita. For Vita it will be great to have homebrews, that doesn’t work properly (N64 emulator for example) or didn’t published on PSP instead of PSP iso loader.

  18. Asdfjuma says:

    Twenty Sixth.

  19. quetz says:

    i want it……….. ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. FORvictory says:

    Bah, when will people, learn that it is impossible, to load iso’s via user mode exploit? It always, comes up but, unless they find a way in the future, or the people in the video have. The fact of the matter is we know, of no such way to do this. With that, being said. I hope no kernal exploits get released ever. I am happy with my vhbl and future hbl for, PlayStation suite. Let’s keep this anti piracy and nothing more.

  21. Norml says:

    If you watch his other videos, you can see games he owns on the Vita come up in the menu. I noticed that since he does go to the Vita XMB, which shows Medal Gear and Fight Night.
    These both were seen when he scrolled through playing emulators, he just did not click them.

  22. F says:

    The user who uploaded the video claims to be in spain. Could we be seeing the rise of Dark Alex again?

  23. Darsien says:

    I saw something similar in VHBL for monster hunter unite, when you enter in the VHBL you press th button “O” and you can see the menu but I dont know If it works like this or if we need something more

  24. freddy_156 says:

    If you can decrypt the iso before running it (with the keys found in the ps3 emu, for example) you can load it, but it would be still limited to the imports of the exploited game. The hard part is decrypting it, I believe what’s shown in the video is an iso loader with kernel access though.

  25. aethun says:

    Can you run an iso loader or dax loader with VHBL?

  26. Jd8531 says:

    Let’s say this was theoretically already done, would it be ideal to release it or wait? I don’t see any repercussions of doing so but jw

  27. hammer says:

    idk why people with kexploits are releasing these videos. Its just them saying “I’ve got a kexploit, and you can’t have it na na na na na”
    Now I know they don’t want to release the kexploit because sony will just patch it and they will no longer have iso loading, but with so many kexploits out there you would think they could sacrifice 1 for the cause.

    • Jd8531 says:

      We don’t have an exact tally on how many different ones and there’s more behind the scene than just that. Optimization, ease of installing, bugs ect. And taking one for the team isnt bright either, if Sony patches it, it could indirectly block the others.

  28. Volts says:

    Wololo have you ask to Yifanlu & Davee?

  29. b7 says:

    Will someone please, login to a secure VPN connection or at an internet cafe and upload the code. Stop with the teasers. ๐Ÿ˜›

  30. droyd66 says:

    Just looks like a VHBL wallpaper to me ๐Ÿ™‚ This is definitely another exploit. But whose?

  31. xoombie503 says:

    Lbp PS vita came out already ..gamestop is selling them here in the us and that’s a big AA title tight there.people that says vita has no games,go buy that and create your own mini games

  32. plinker says:

    it’s still a long way to go till we’ll be playing iso on our vita. by then there’ll be a new PS Vita. remember how long we’ve waited to get homebrew in our psp? Davee already showed us that it isn’t that hard to hack the VITA. Every person who knows this is keeping silent. what we need is a young kid eager enough to launch an exploit for fame and power. TN hen anyone?

    • Pat says:

      ” remember how long weโ€™ve waited to get homebrew in our psp” Yes I do lol it was like weeks. they had to come out with firmware 1.5 to fixe the issues just a few months after the US launch. I remember running emulators before the PSP was launched in Australia. So I think every thing you said is wrong sorry plinker

  33. Anon says:

    Up i put hands on one from a chinese forum…

  34. jotax says:

    seems … a beta tester leaks, is a painful situation, I have some PSP games, that I want to complete in Vita

  35. jazneo says:

    but still they using the same exploit you guys use to run your homebrew soo you cant rule out saying your homebrew wont stop priacy you help them out alot. then what you think

  36. it’s not fake guy’s it’s real you can see how he touches the screen to configure or change the psp

  37. Pspmte says:

    Anybody tried Devhook?

  38. J3LACK--EAGLE says:


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