Sources for the Monster Hunter VHBL uploaded


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  1. vita says:

    :(((( ~!!!!

  2. tiago_tommy says:

    anyone run picodrive?….i have put a question….”snes run fine…but picodrive, gpsp dont run…here is my folders mydoc…UCJS101040001>(4 files and INSTALL.ZIP total 5 files) INSTALL.ZIP>picodrive>eboot etc. wath is wrong? the zip file is CAPSlock and store compresion metod…in vita i enter in folder..but only have 4 files..the zip archive is out,and nothing install automatic,help…

    • jdubs says:

      Did you get the gba.bios? I installed gpsp just fine. I have not been able to download the vita ready picodrive to test it yet.

  3. HaYNigloo says:

    I got gpsp to install using the cavestory vhbl ready download, and creating the INSTALL.ZIP archive from a psp gpsp already in use. Of course installing from the wmenu or ymenu savegame folder and choosing to install the zip fron there.

  4. Jd8531 says:

    If got something in the works, probably will save it for 1.85 or 1.9

  5. tiago_tommy says:

    ok people….i get cavestory folder and replace eboot and put the eboot of gba emulator(gpsp) the game install and run normal…send the files in gpsp zip archive to cavestory INSTALL zip file… have other game to i istall picodrive?

  6. celcodioc says:

    Noob question. Do you need a PSP for compiling or testing or can it all be done with only a Windows computer and a Vita?

    • wololo says:

      You don’t need a PSP, but it would be extremely useful for debugging. Debugging on the vita is a nightmare.

  7. MrPotaDos says:

    I don’t understand why Sony is against VHBL.It doesn’t let you pirate any games or hack the store,it just lets people play some games by other people.

    • blackhunt says:

      If you were an investor and saw that the product you’re putting big money down for has a lot of “holes” for third parties to explore taking the attention away from the first party publishers and developers ….wouldn’t that turn you off from putting money into that product? I’m just saying. I’m all for VHBL, it opens up more potential for the Vita, but you also have to look at it from Sony’s POV too. They do have a reputation to uphold and they are trying to make money themselves so that they can get investors to put money into dev teams to make more games and etc. I personally don’t think Sony’s against VHBL, they just want to look spiffy for their investors so they have to take measures. (:

  8. miguel says:

    the game is still up on the usa can i still put vhbl on it


    so once you open the INSTALL.ZIP file with in vhbl, you can delete INSTALL.ZIP FILE?

    • Wonder Bread Head says:

      This is my question exactly too.
      Install Files take up double the space when app installed right?

      Or is it just a shortcut pointing to the install files from the Game folder?


      • wololo says:

        It takes double the space, but once you installed you can delete the savedata from CMA, it is not useful anymore

  10. amin7500 says:


  11. darksaid says:

    hey, i have hot motor storm RC , can it work with it? thanx

  12. INFINITY says:

    Thanks for this. Im guessing that ill have to get my PSP 2000 out again. 🙂