VHBL on the Monster Hunter exploit: Video


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  1. jvr1994 says:

    Can somebody tell me the emulators that work on the ps vita

  2. jvr1994 says:

    Wololo is there a list that tells us the compatible emulators

  3. jvr1994 says:

    Wololo is there a list that tells us the compatible emulators and names

  4. DrShockalypse says:

    wow jvr1994… calm down

  5. XHARO says:

    Yeah MHFU is still on the store in the us but one question is it able to run vhbl still or did it get patched over the maintenance

  6. Koc says:

    With the Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Essentials works?

  7. XHARO says:

    But i dont hav a ps3 i only have a vita i can get monster hunter freedom unite but im not sure if its patched or not

  8. PSPGHOST says:

    xmas will come and still no files SMFH

  9. Lightning says:

    Monster Hunter Unite is not avaible on EU store now, i hope that will help you out guys.

  10. XHARO says:

    I just wanna make sure if the monster hunter freedom unite on the psvita store is still able to run vhbl after the maintenance that just happened

  11. XHARO says:

    Wololo please reply

  12. PSPGHOST says:

    im going to bed hopefully when i wake up santa will leave the files under the tree …..good night …and thanks again wololo for having me on the edge of my couch…..

  13. martin says:

    In the netherland is the game down

  14. Yamatsukami says:

    so???? Any ideas bruh?

  15. XHARO says:

    Nope not a clue but i need one

  16. Trolololol says:

    Yes Monster Hunter is still online, but I wonder if it still works with VHBL or it has been patched …

  17. 00 says:

    im assuming that they cant patch it since the files havent been released, right? but if they are removing the games from different regions then they must be trying to patch it. if so the wait doesnt look long

  18. Shakazulu says:

    Ok *** I am calling your bluff where the files

  19. nachtvlinder says:

    2 essentials are still in the store, i cannot find the unite game anymore so i guess they pulled it (netherlands/eu)

    Take your time wololo 🙂

  20. wimmy says:

    sabeis si el emulador del spectrum funciona con el vhbl??? graciasss…

  21. wimmy says:

    spectrum queria decir, perdon

  22. un3gr0 says:

    Just downloaded now, but it was u$19,99… $ony Belive!

  23. someguy says:

    Hope you guys enjoy preventing legitimate customers from buying games just so you can pirate.

  24. sdfhskjdfhsdkfsdf says:

    How bout a Dissidia 012 Duodecim exploit.

  25. Jer21 says:


    Is there a Emulator that play pokemon that works with this exploit?