VHBL on the Monster Hunter exploit: Video


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  1. mirko8054 says:

    in the store there is Moster Hunter Freedom 2 Essential, is also good this?

  2. Alulabxxx says:

    *** !
    Today i try to buy it on EU PSN but they don’t accept my prepaid credit card….now they have remved Monster Hunter from the shop….

    UFFFFFF !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Alulabxxx says:

    Monster Hunter freedom 2 is good for VHBL ? I want to play snes on Vita =((((

  4. Azio says:

    The game is still on psn.But we all cant download that game never.They are blocked game.well sony u r really realy late.
    now wololo whats gonna do?

  5. Matt says:

    They removed it on the UK psn store

  6. Azio says:

    But why sony got big time to remove the game? Why wasted time? sony still slept? Huh!!!

  7. quetz says:

    Removed from EU-ITA store, search function doesn’t find it

  8. Azio says:

    Yeah they are completetly removed the game.Well now what?

  9. Alulabxxx says:

    until VHBL will be based on individual games I think you should take better hidden the title, otherwise sony will remove it forever and ever faster from the store not giving way for users to buy it. It ‘s still this moster hunter freedom 2, you know if that’s okay?

  10. Terry says:

    can confirm that Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has just been removed from the Australian Store

  11. Ar says:

    Monster hunter 2 is still there on from uk store

  12. XHARO says:

    Monster hunter is still on the ps vita store it the us
    But we need a cheper exploit game like metal gear solid portable ops

  13. XHARO says:

    In the U.S*

  14. Alulabxxx says:

    Read on news
    “Similar vulnerabilities exist in Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and in Monster hunter Portable 3rd, for which we also have VHBL ports (although I haven’t personally tested these ones)”.

    I have bought Monster Hunter Freedom 2, now what have i to do?

  15. Addsy says:

    Its still on my australian ps store

  16. Alulabxxx says:

    On news i’ve read that: “Similar vulnerabilities exist in Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and in Monster hunter Portable 3rd, for which we also have VHBL ports (although I haven’t personally tested these ones)”

    I’ve bought Monster Hunter Freedom 2 that are present on EU PSN, i hope that it’s ok for next vhbl =)Can Someone confirm that?

  17. cosvel says:

    MHFU has been removed from spanish store… XD

  18. OciexGamer says:

    Mhfu has been removed from eu-sweden psn

    Not searching nor manually looking for it.
    It isn’t there.

  19. Genesis says:

    Same goes for the german store ^^

  20. Jeppe says:

    When will the files be realese

  21. Luca1299 says:

    I want the files…..

  22. PSPGHOST says:


    • Luca1299 says:

      What are you mean?
      Why no files when the us store
      is down? This isn’t a reason i think..
      No connection to PSN is required to copy the saves to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.
      I dont understand…?

    • Luca1299 says:

      I already have Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on my Vita
      since 2 days.
      I do not care if the game is gone.
      Now I need the files for HBL I bought the game
      just for the HBL!

  23. Azio says:

    At this time (17.41pm) i cant to log in EU psn store.They said this service currently undergoing maintenece.sony what the heck r u doing against wololo?

  24. jer21 says:

    Wow are you serious guys?? He does not even have to help us out with all this If you are *** off and cannot wait learn this *** your self. If not wait. Yelling at him is not going to make this faster. Nubs

  25. Luca1299 says:

    The VHBL is ready and can be used!
    But Wololo says he is waiting
    the game gets pulled or many people
    have MHFU. The game is pulled and
    many people already have the game…
    So why he isn’t upload the files,
    when they are ready?

    • martin says:

      True that

      • Gadorach says:

        I think the biggest thing is that the new protections in 1.80’s CMA need to be worked around before this can be useful. Even if he released the files, you wouldn’t be able to do anything with them just yet.

        • Gadorach says:

          Actually, I just missed the other news item about this being overcome, please ignore my lack of paying attention. 😛

  26. oOTAGOo says:

    I’m pretty stoked I already purchased this game because I actually wanted to play it. Thanks for all the hard work Wololo! You are a true man of the people!

  27. XHARO says:

    noooo i just got a psn card but the store its undergoing maintenance will the game still be there after or will it be patched?

  28. XHARO says:

    am i to late?

    • Jose says:

      Sadly I think so, Sony is stupid like that.

      They don’t even have to remove the game, It’s just hurting everyone. Removing the game does nothing, and it’s just a never ending cycle that will repeat.

      Sony needs to accept the fact that there will always be exploits and leave the games on the stores.

      Especially Monster Hunter I feel bad for the people that wanted that before this, now it’ll be off the store for weeks. You can only blame Sony though.

  29. Stifi02 says:

    Mhfu is down EU-AUT store ^^

  30. BigCockSurprise says:

    Hi, I already have MHFU but I’m running on 1.69. do i need tu use open cma to upload to 1.80 or i just need to update directly from the menu then use open cma to tranfer the file?


    • BigCockSurprise says:

      to *update* to 1.80

      • Gadorach says:

        For the love of god, don’t update. You’re one of the lucky few that can still use the transfer methods of the past CMA, which means you can actually use the exploit when it’s released and copy any files as necessary.

  31. Ventirius says:

    why do we have to wait so long?

  32. PSPGHOST says:


    • darkanubis74 says:

      I really wish you would learn to wait like everyone else. Flooding these comments isn’t doing anything for you, is it. We will have them when they are released. Take a chill pill

  33. jdubs says:

    Okay guys to retrieve the VHBL files you all need to spin in a circle 10 times, then blink 80 times, then wait for the night of the full moon when the eclipse rises and the heavens shine down the light into dark. Then, and ONLY then, will the location of your vhbl files be revealed…


    You can all shut it and learn how to be patient instead of acting like 5 year olds and demanding something that isnt yours to begin with.

  34. SonicTheHedgehog says:

    Hey Wololo! I just want to say thank you so much for all the work you guys have been doing. I’ve been seriously checking back every 30 minutes for the past 2 days waiting for these files to be released! No rush at all, release them whenever you guys think is the perfect time. I just wanted to say thank you and I’m looking forward to playing SNES on my PS Vita!!!


  35. DJ says:

    Id laugh if Wololo was hired by Sony and this was a psy-op just make them lots of money from the “homebrew/hacker” community. Counting the amount of comments, I’m going to estimate there’s at least under 10,000 purchases of MHFU in the last little bit. Let’s say 5000 instead. That would mean Sony made at least $100,000 in the last week or so. Thats cake

  36. psvita_user says:

    Thanks wololo and neur0n, good job

  37. Stormchaserr says:

    Just like to give a big thankyou to Wololo, Neur0n and all the people that have a part in this (help make this possible). You guys deserve so much for making this possible for lots of people to enjoy and thats what it’s all about, letting everyone enjoy the beauty of VHBL/HBL. I will be clicking the ad links on your page and supporting your guys work.

    Much Gratitude Stormchaserr

  38. psycho0152 says:

    I am so ready for this wololo are waiting for the store to come back just to see if the game has been removed to give up the goods? ps you and your crew or amazing thanks for all the hard work you guys do for us thanks again

  39. M3rror says:

    aww no Doom this time? 😀

  40. Manuelito says:

    Hey guys, Monster Hunter Unite is still available in the US store, i confirm it, the playstation network service is back, and the game is still there.